TrackingMore API

TrackingMore API

Get API key

To use this API, you need to generate a TrackingMore API key at API Keys.

The base URL

Note : "http" is also supported.


In order to verify and authenticate your application (e.g. your site), all of the requests that you make to the API must include your unique TrackingMore API Key header (Trackingmore-Api-Key), which you can generate and/or find in the API Keys.

Content-Type: application/json
Trackingmore-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY

List of Package Status

Status Description
pending"Pending" means new packages added that are pending to track.
notfound"Not Found" means there is no package tracking info available yet.
transit"Transit" means package has tracking info and is on way to recipients' address.
pickupAlso known as "Out For Delivery". It means package is about to be delivered or is ready to be picked up at local sort facility.
delivered"Delivered" means package has been delivered successfully.
undeliveredAlso known as "Failed Attempt". It means unsuccessful package delivery attempt or failed delivery.
exception"Exception" means package returned to sender, receiver refused delivery, package damaged or other exceptions.
expired"Expired" means package carried by Express Company has not been delivered in 30 days or Postal Services in 60 days.
Notfound SubStatus Description
not found001Information Received/info received. The package is about to be picked up.
not found002There is no tracking information for this package.
Exception SubStatus Description
exception001Tracking number added more than ** with no tracking info, marked as "Exception".
exception002Package in transit for ** with no marked as "Exception".
exception003Tracking number added more than ** but not delivered, marked as "Exception".
exception004The package is unclaimed.
exception005The package was sent back to the sender.
exception006The package is retained by customs because it's prohibited goods.
exception007The package is damaged, lost or discarded.
exception008The package is canceled before delivering.

API Response Data

messageMeta status description
idA random data generated by Trackingmore to identify a tracking
tracking_numberPackage tracking number
carrier_codeCourier code
statusPackage status
created_atTime a tracking number was added
updated_atLatest time a tracking number was auto tracked.
order_create_timeTime an order was created
titleProduct title
order_idOrder ID
commentYour remark to a shipment
customer_nameCustomer name
customer_emailCustomer email
original_countryOrigin country name
singed_byRecipient name
lastEventLatest tracking info
lastUpdateTimeScan time of latest tracking info
destination_countryDestination country name
itemTimeLengthTransportation time of a shipment
stayTimeLengthTotal days no update since the time last tracking info appeared
origin_infoTracking info from origin courier
ItemReceivedTime of a first tracking info appeared
ItemDispatchedTime of departure from outward office of exchange
DepartfromAirportTime of arrival at airport
ArrivalfromAbroadTime of arrival at destination country
CustomsClearanceTime a package was handed over to customs
DestinationArrivedTime of arrival at delivery office
weblinkCourier official website link
phoneCourier phone number
trackinfoDetails of package tracking info
DateScan time of a specific piece of tracking info
StatusDescriptionMain contents of a specific piece of tracking info
DetailsLocation of a specific piece of tracking info being scanned
destination_infoTracking info from destination courier

Typical Server Responses

We will respond the following status codes.

200SuccessThe request was successful (some API calls may return 201 instead).
201CreatedThe request was successful and a resource was created.
202Bad RequestThe request was successful but exceeding the limit.
401UnauthorizedAuthentication failed or user does not have permissions for the requested operation.
4001 Unauthorized Invalid API key. Check API Explanations
4002 Unauthorized API key has been deleted. Check API Explanations
4012Bad RequestThe request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.
4013Bad RequestTracking_number is required.
4014Bad RequestThe value of `tracking_number` is invalid.
4015 Bad Request The value of `carrier_code` is invalid. Check Courier Code
4016Bad RequestTracking already exists.
4017Bad RequestTracking does not exist.
4018Bad RequestDue to overload risks this feature requires custom activation. Contact [email protected] for more information.
4019Bad RequestYour balance is insufficient, please recharge in time
4020Bad RequestUp to 200 at a time
4021 Bad Request Your remaining balance is not enough, so you can not call the API request data. Purchase here
4031 No Content The request was successful but the response is empty. Please try POST /trackings/post and then GET /trackings/get
4032 No Content Cannot detect courier. Assign your shipment a courier instead of by auto detection. Get courier code
4033No ContentThe value of `package status` is invalid.
402Payment RequiredPayment required.
403ForbiddenAccess denied.
404Not FoundResource was not found.
405Method Not AllowedRequested method is not supported for the specified resource.
409ConflictThe request could not be completed due to a conflict.
429Too Many RequestsExceeded API limits. Pause requests, wait two minute, and try again.
500Server error
503Service UnavailableThe service is temporary unavailable (e.g. scheduled Platform Maintenance). Try again later.

API Request Rate Limit

We do have a small amount of rate limit. Please be aware that if you exceed these limits, you will receive a 429 error prompt..

  • POST /trackings/realtime        Real-time tracking: each account, maximum 3 requests per second.
  • GET /trackings/get                    List all trackings: each account, maximum 1 request per second with up to 2000 trackings.