USPS reviewed by ISC CRANK

Serious Customs Delays are ridiculous!

I generally love USPS and while they do sometimes make mistakes, so do I. My problems is whenever I order an International Parcel or Letter from Western Europe, UK, etc. Tracking from Royal Mail is normally excellent until my items arrives in ISC ( NY, Chicago, etc ) where all international mail is reviewed for further inspection. Fine, but the fact that once it enters the black hole of ISC, you are unable to track, keep progress on for anytime between 15 minutes ( rarely ) to 2-10 days! Once they kick it out of the ISC, tracking returns. I understand Customs is a must, but 2 hours is the goal . I’d be thrilled with 24-48 hours. After 48 hours, there should be a law requiring USPS Tracking is required to update your tracking everyday, whether that update is “ Still Stuck in ISC, sorry” or “ Inbound into Customs” so you at least know whether you have a Customs issue, or a simple backlog issue. No information is unacceptable.