CJ Packet reviewed by Yeri Useless

CJ Packet + CJ Dropshipping

So you bought something online, were told it was being shipped by "CJ Packet" (whatever that is) and now 2 months later youre distraught that you have no product, no accurate tracking info and nobody to talk to or contact. Unfortunately thousands of us have been in this position for the past 9 months or so that this CJ operation has been running. Unfortunately the shop you bought from online is also being scammed by CJ. You see "CjDropshipping.com" offers to supply products to online retailers: you pay for the product, the store pays the cost price to CjDropshipping.com and then the nightmare begins. CJ Packet is fraudulent, there is no postal service with this name. Unfortunately because this company are in China its impossible to do anything because it's well known that China will not cooperate with anyone (even the biggest richest companies like Disney whose IP and products are being illegally reproduced) and CJ can keep scamming the rest of the world fr their safe Chinese fortress. I would ask you to please also leave your review on Trustpilot.com and Sitejabber because CJ has been forcing those 2 sites to take down bad reviews but it's imperative that there are real reviews to stop others being scammed!