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terrible company

Terrible company, unreliable, disgusting attitude. Never use your service again. NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE !!!!! i feel powerless how one company treats people`s personal property so carelessly, destroying people`s personal things without bothering to inform the owners of the package at all. Without asking if you want to get your products back , whether they are okay or not. you take them and just destroy them. I ask why??? Don`t you think that I have doubts that you actually took my expensive treatment preparation and you are trying to convince me at the moment, that you do not know what happened etc??? I really want to see some evidence, is it a picture or some kind of testimony, that my packaging was damaged and things were broken inside and you haven't taken them. I want some evidence of what happened to MY things, what you innocently destroyed. You said that some liquid came from there, which is a lie, because there was nothing in my belongings that contained liquid. I can confirm with the papers that the package that came the previous day from Texcom was delivered to the DPD post next day. Also I have confirmations of bank statements. Is your company so unreliable that if I dont insure the contents in exact amount, it wont arrive or will be destroyed? Send me a picture of my products before you started to destroy them!!!! In addition, I have a question as to why, for my part, I must begin to investigate, where my consignment is located without you bothering to inform me, that things had already been destroyed by that time? We investigated the status of our package, not that you signaled it yourself. My child's health has been insanely affected by this whole situation, and you must take responsibility for your action. I have never experienced such problems with other companies.
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Them DPD drivers are liars they dong get out of there van to delivery waster they are