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TrackingMore has been a dedicated multi-carrier shipment tracking platform since 2014. We envision a vigorous ecommerce world connected by tracking information, where consumers shop with confidence and businesses prosper everywhere.

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10 years in retrospect

Our story and milestones

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  • 2014

    Cracking the hardest nut in ecommerce

    Clooney Wang used to be a tireless coding teacher with a steadfast belief in the power of technology. After coming across a former student — an ecommerce veteran then — who confided to him entrepreneurs’ biggest pain point in selling globally, Clooney founded TrackingMore, aiming to empower businesses with powerful shipment tracking tools.

  • 2015

    Built for automated tracking & optimal efficiency

    A year after launching the official website, TrackingMore became the first to offer a business portal and package tracking API in China, enabling businesses worldwide to truly automate shipment tracking.

  • 2016

    Expanded into air cargo tracking

    We put into use our AWB tracking API and focused on offering added value like remote area detection. In Shenzhen, the forefront of China's cross-border ecommerce business, our founder sent emails and paid visits to potential customers one by one. Innovative companies such as SHEIN and DJI became our early adopters.

  • 2018

    Further simplified tracking with Shopify app

    As the number of Shopify merchants relying on TrackingMore rapidly grew, we developed TrackingMore Order Tracking for instant integration. This year, we also made a significant breakthrough in auto carrier detection.

  • 2021

    Integrated 1,000+ carriers & 67 airlines

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce sales rose drastically, which led to surges in WISMO inquiries. More online retailers resorted to TrackingMore's assistance. To better satisfy their needs, we doubled down on carrier and airline integrations. This year, our daily shipment tracking volume exceeded 1.5 million.

  • 2023

    Ushering in a new era of growth

    In the post-pandemic era, due to tight competition, customer acquisition costs soared, TrackingMore attracted a huge number of businesses looking to reduce costs and retain customers with better post-purchase experiences. This year, TrackingMore's annual shipment tracking volume reached a new height.

Our mission

At TrackingMore, we work tirelessly towards a grand mission: making dependable tracking information as readily available as water, to "nourish" the prosperity of the entire business world.

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We aim to make enhanced shipment tracking readily available, contributing to the construction of futuristic ecommerce infrastructure, decarbonization and innovation in logistics operations globally.



We ensure transparency in every step of a shipment's journey while safeguarding data integrity. We're proud of our work and aspire to become the world's most reliable shipment tracking API service provider.


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We're dedicated to building a stellar shipment tracking platform that is affordable and indispensable for every business - we prioritize your needs above all, supporting your business 24/7 year after year.

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