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What is TrackingMore?

TrackingMore is a professional shipment tracking platform built for businesses to improve efficiency with advanced package tracking capabilities. It has integrated with 1,272 global carriers, enabling to track all shipment statuses from end-to-end on one platform.

TrackingMore's tracking API is engineered keeping developers in mind. With a blazing fast integration speed, multiple programming languages support, and open documentation, the API provides a stable background frame for businesses tracking needs.


What is Aftership?

Aftership is an e-commerce post-purchase customer experience platform. Alongside tracking, it also offers software for returns, warranty, EDD, carbon footprint, and shipping each for extra costs. What’s more, Aftership also provides various marketing automation tools for e-commerce businesses.

Aftership Tracking supports tracking around 1126 global carriers. The highlight feature is that it can be integrated with multiple e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Netsuite, Salesforce, etc.

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Industry-leading shipment tracking service

Since 2014, TrackingMore has specialized in offering reliable package tracking services to a diverse range of businesses, including eCommerce retailers, marketplaces, 3PL & logistics, marketing services, IT, and finance sectors. Leveraging years of experience in delivering industry-specific tracking solutions to thousands of enterprises, TrackingMore has earned enduring trust from industry leaders such as Shein, Kaufland, Printify, Flowspace, and Bamko.

Unlike AfterShip, TrackingMore additionally offers AWB (Air waybill) tracking, enhancing logistics efficiency and reducing operational costs for logistics companies.

AfterShip is a powerful tool for eCommerce business with its post-purchase and marketing automation features. However, if you are only looking for a professional shipment tracking service, TrackingMore will be your perfect choice.

Developer-friendly parcel tracking API and webhook

TrackingMore provides fast, accurate, and stable multi-carrier tracking API integration. TrackingMore has integrated with 1,272 carriers, surpassing AfterShip. The API boasts a near-constant guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and complies with ISO 27001 and other data security standards.

The TrackingMore tracking API is designed for ease of development. It supports multiple programming languages, including PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. Complete API documentation is available on TrackingMore’s website. Moreover, developers can easily gain fast API access via its GitHub SDK and push notifications of shipping updates with webhook.

While implementing the AfterShip tracking system takes 1-2 weeks, getting started with TrackingMore only takes 1-2 days.

Competitive pricing plans

TrackingMore pricing system is both transparent and flexible, adjusting to your specific quota needs. It offers a free trial for both basic and pro features including tracking API. Its paid plans begin at $11 per month for 200 shipments, with costs varying based on feature selection and shipment volume.

In contrast, AfterShip doesn't provide a free trial for full feature access. Its pricing starts at $11 per month for 100 shipments, increasing with additional usage and features.

Comparatively, AfterShip's per-shipment cost in paid plans is over three times more than TrackingMore. For example, tracking 20,000 shipments a month is $1,919 with AfterShip but only $499 with TrackingMore, leading to over threefold cost savings. TrackingMore ensures you get the features you need without the extra fluff, all while providing similar tracking features and more responsive services.

World-class customer support

To support our clients' rapid development, TrackingMore offers 24/7 professional customer support. For industries with more complex needs, we have specialized project teams composed of project managers, customer success personnel, and technical experts to provide targeted support.

If you're switching from another tracking service like AfterShip to TrackingMore, our dedicated technical team will assist you with a seamless migration, ensuring a sustainable tracking experience.

It's these professional services that have earned the longstanding trust of major industry clients like Kaufland, Shein, and DJI in TrackingMore.

Comparison Table of TrackingMore vs Aftership

TrackingMore vs Aftership


Shipment tracking management
Carrier Integrations 1,272 1126
Air waybill tracking (AWB tracking) -
Shipment visibility dashboard
Standardized tracking statuses
Carrier auto-detection & auto-correction
Bulk import and export shipment data
API Features
Tracking API
API rate limit 10 req/sec or custom 10 req/sec or custom
Open APl and documentation
Implementation time Within 1-2 days 1-2 weeks
Tracking pages
Customizable tracking page
Tracking page EDD
Order lookup widget
Email Delivery notifications
SMS Delivery notifications
Shipment performance report
Tracking pages engagement report
Custom integrations
Shopify and WooCommerce integration
Klaviyo integration
Free plan Free trial for basic & pro features Free trial for basic features
Basic monthly plan $11 for 200 shipments $11 for 100 Shipments
Pro/Premium monthly plan E.g.: $74 for 2K Shipments E.g.: $239 for 2K Shipments
Price per extra shipment $0.04 $0.12
Custom pricing
Data security and privacy
Enterprise-grade security and privacy
Customer Support
24/7 customer support
Self-service help center

*All the competitive data on this page was collected as of Dec 13, 2023 and is subject to change or update.

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Worldwide industry leaders trust TrackingMore

10,000+ enterprizes across industries are transforming their businesses with TrackingMore

Online Retail
Logistics & 3PL

Solution for online retail industry

Provide a completely seamless branded buyer's journey with TrackingMore. Our platform is designed to make online retail operations fast and more efficient so that your customers can have the perfect post-purchase experience.

  • Reduce WISMO calls
  • Provide branded experiences
  • Cut down operational costs
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"TrackingMore's tracking API has everything we need to relieve our customer team of the pressure caused by tons of WISMO requests, while fulfilling our customers' needs for higher shipment visibility."
– Min Chen, Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Shein


Efficiency improved


WISMO calls reduced

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Solution for online marketplaces

Simplify package tracking and bring transparency to your online marketplace. Optimize your platform by integrating TrackingMore’s powerful tracking API as a connecting bridge between sellers and buyers. Build trust and exceed expectations.

  • Increase seller satisfaction
  • Build buyer trust
  • Achieve comprehensive order visibility
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Kaufland, a prominent German hypermarket chain with over 1,400 stores, has seen innovation in its order tracking operations and an enhancement in team efficiency through the integration of the TrackingMore API.


Decrease in order tracking time


Rise in repeat customers

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Solution for dropshippers and dropshipping services

Partner up with TrackingMore and get a comprehensive, end-to-end shipment visibility for you. Establish a strong supplier network and boost customer satisfaction by providing transparent and real-time order tracking services to your customers.

  • Increase delivery efficiency
  • Ensure supplier reliability
  • Boost customer satisfaction
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"Based on the logistics tracking issues faced by merchants and their customers, we started using TrackingMore’s tracking API."
– Billy Zhu, Product Manager, Dropshipman.


Refund rate


Orders fulfilled

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Solution for logistics & 3PL fulfillment services

Manage order and optimize fulfillment processes with TrackingMore’s intuitive tracking API. Our platform is created to streamline all your order tracking needs, from quickly identifying shipment exceptions to shortening fulfillment turnaround times by spotting shipping bottlenecks.

  • Boost logistics efficiency
  • Gain end-to-end shipment visibility
  • Optimize shipping routes
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Passport Shipping is an international carrier for 3PLs, handling millions of packages worldwide. After integrating TrackingMore API, Passport streamlined its holiday season traffic ultimately increasing its CSAT scores by 6%.


Increase in OTD rates


Reduction in problem resolution time

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Solution for e-commerce marketing

Integrate TrackingMore tracking API into your company’s MarTech stack and find more smarter marketing opportunities. Connect delivery data to your marketing automation systems and trigger personalized campaigns based on shipment status.

  • Optimize customer journeys
  • Improve consumer targeting
  • Provide branded experiences
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Bamko is a full-service promotional merchandising agency. TrackingMore helped Bamko achieve a 15% boost in customer retention, ultimately increasing the potency of its customers' brands.


On-time delivery rate


Reduction in data reconciliation time

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Solution for tech and IT services

TrackingMore’s powerful API is engineered for fast and stable integration into your tech ecosystem. Streamline your operational workflows and use data-driven tracking insights to provide exceptional services to your customers.

  • Fast and stable integration
  • Reduce delivery disruptions
  • Optimize workflow times
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Denali is a global IT solutions leader that integrated TrackingMore’s API to provide a streamlined experience to its customers in the logistics industry. As a result, Denali saw its customer retention rise to 79%.


Customer retention rate


Reduction in operational costs

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Solution for financial services

Ensure reliable and fast shipment verification and records with TrackingMore’s reliable tracking API. Gain secure, transparent order visibility in high-risk transactions and analyze tracking data to continually improve fraud prevention model.

  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks
  • Verify shipments
  • Secure transactions
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Tabby is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) financial service provider that integrated TrackingMore to combat transparency issues, resulting in a drastic decrease in customer-merchant conflicts and scam rates.


Reduced scamming instances


Lower merchant-buyer conflicts

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Compared to competitors, TrackingMore stands out in the market with its powerful tracking API, exceptional cost-effectiveness, professional customer support, and enterprise-level security. Our advanced multi-carrier tracking API integrates with 1,272 carriers and is constantly expanding its global reach. Perfect for enterprises aiming to transform their operations, TrackingMore offers precise, reliable, and secure shipment tracking services at an affordable price, paired with exceptional 24/7 customer support. This has earned us the trust of renowned companies, including Shein, DJI, Kaufland, and more.

TrackingMore offers a versatile multi-carrier shipment tracking service for businesses in e-commerce and logistics, helping them enhance logistics efficiency, elevate post-purchase customer experiences, and boost customer satisfaction. Here is how:

  • TrackingMore enables businesses to monitor shipments from various carriers on a single dashboard, offering uniform status updates for clear visibility and improved logistics management.
  • Automated shipment notifications proactively address shipping exceptions, increasing on-time delivery rates. For e-commerce retailers, this feature is crucial for keeping customers informed and enhancing their post-purchase experience.
  • Our shipment reports and analytics empower your operational teams with comprehensive insights, facilitating data-driven decisions.
  • Branded tracking pages not only reduce 'Where Is My Order' (WISMO) queries but also elevate customer satisfaction by providing transparent order tracking. The Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) feature mitigates customer anxiety and improves customer service.
  • Furthermore, the branded tracking page and shipment notifications serve as effective tools for upselling and cross-selling, potentially increasing e-commerce revenue.

Absolutely! TrackingMore specializes in offering enterprise-level shipment tracking services for businesses. Our automatic carrier detection and auto-correction ensure accurate tracking capabilities. TrackingMore guarantees a 99.9%+ API uptime and adheres to ISO 27001 and other data security standards. With years of experience serving enterprises, we have earned the trust of over 10,000 clients, including well-known enterprises like Shein and Kaufland.

Yes, TrackingMore offers a free trial for both basic and pro plans, including tracking API integration. You can explore all the features provided by TrackingMore and test the robust tracking API using our developer-friendly API documentation or GitHub SDK. Additionally, feel free to contact our sales team for a demo and get a quick start guide.

Any time is the right time to sign up for TrackingMore. If you are looking forward to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, then start your free trial now. TrackingMore has an industry-leading global support team that responds within seconds and helps you seamlessly integrate with our platform in 1-2 business days.

Switching to TrackingMore from AfterShip is a no-brainer. TrackingMore boasts normalized data and standardized tracking statuses, guaranteeing a disruption-free migration. Our dedicated 24/7 customer support team is readily available to assist you with any queries you may encounter during the transition process. We also provide a professional testing environment to ensure a successful launch.

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