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Few couriers

There are few couriers and I don't know how to do for tracking my pack from cina, I have a problem to track like: LP00063993534463, RF414395485CN, 04053936972, YT1632390005845353, S000003218482 and more. I hope to track this kind of pack too in future.


sempre puntuali

After 24 days my Item KP12563561201CN says DELIVERED but where exactly ???

There is no enough bad words to describe the service....... but: This is the biggest crap ever..... after 24 days of waiting my item says delivered.... but I'm not exactly sure where they delivered my item, because I don't have it..... even the "EMPS Express" customer service was rude and unhelpful..... the whole customer experience was a S#$*T Thanks

44 Days To Arrive!

I don't believed it took 44 days to arrive to Sydney what a joke! this shipment

My Order delivered to wrong address...

Post Tracking No. RT337041960HK I reside at Mumbai and the post with above Tracking Number was to be delivered to the place I reside. But the parcel was delivered to some place in Goa I have never heard. I tried to complain about the parcel to the Customs but they all kept on transferring me from one phone number to another. Finally I am left empty handed. Neither I received the parcel nor I am receiving the cash back. The sender claims that its the customs mistake and so they wouldn't refund me the cash.

Just one word

As you may have read there is just one word to describe all of this: SH*T

RS129334317CN 21 days and still nothing

is worst tracking post ... 21 days and still don't arrived ... :S

not very happy

this package took way too long to be deliverd.


your shipment number 70351381289 my orders is marked as completed and still has not received interest me if they should still wait

Really quick delivery

My package arrived in 11 days and I dont even mean business days. I was really shocked. Thats almost as fast as with DHL which is much more expensive.

Too slow to arrive to the consignee

Package arrived too slow, as when I sent is a air mail. It's saying that will approximate arrive in 6-12 days. But it took 22 days delivered

not too bad

I waited 22 days, and finally get my package this morning. The tracking statues stopped at "Processed Through Sort Facility, CHINA" for 18 days. That is just two long for me.
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