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Absolute scam

Keep away, Not genuine product


Too many negativity discrepancies that went on just to not receive them. O ordered back in Oct and its almost Dec. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY SHIPPING FROM CHINA !!!! The words are all in Chinese w/o translation available. Very disappointed!


The service is very slow and you don't keep people updated .


Never received my order. I’ll never order online again, especially from CHINA

Ware ist angekommen

Ware ist angekommen. Konnte bei gut verfolgt werden. Als es in Deutschland angekommen war, konnte weiter bei weiterverfolgt werden. Ist bei mir angekommen. Also alles super. Danke für die Lieferung.


Never received my packages. It’s been 2 months.

Poorest service imaginable

Paid for super fast delivery. Four months later I get a message about it being undeliverable. What a joke. Don't think I'll get a refund. Stay away from this place!


Goed aangekomen

Täyttä paskaa

43 days on the and what i got. Broken parcel. Copy nation CHINA WOW, shame you


Grande ARNAQUE , j'ai commandé un masque qui avait l'air bien sur la pub mais surprise à la livraison après 3 mois rien à voir c'est un masque de très mauvaise qualité je l'ai directement jeté à la poubelle , méfié vous ne commander pas :( :( Give me my money back ..

Excellent tracking

Great site, parcel tracked from China to my door step in New Zealand with email update that it had been delivered. Most companies tracking stops once it enters a different country.

What the fuck

Your are fuck

Coats ordered August 2020

I think its time to dud something about this company. You obviously don't read your reviews but hopefully someone will. Its a total scam. Fraud in fact. And nobody made accountable. Never ever again will I order from facebook and most especially not from China. A company of thieves taking money from honest people.

Report to Better Business Bureau

Hi all. Sorry you all are having problems, as I am. Not sure if its the same company or just the courier. But I suggest going to your mailbox and opening your packages with your video camera running. And if you never receive package or receive other than what you ordered, REPORT BUSINESS TO TGE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. But come to think of it, the company may not be registered if they are making a living off scamming people. But there has to be someone to complain to about this courier. They should stop doibg business with businesses that has nothing but complaints. But again, it might be this courier. They could be workibg together. Sad.

Undelivered packages

Ordered some stockings from China on Ebay on Sept 10, 2020. Last update on shipping was Sept 27, 2020 claiming to have made it to the United States BUT no origin destination found! USPS has never received the package. Not sure if the company I ordered from is scamming people, or if it's this particular courier, or if they're working together to steal people's money and products. Such a shame! Always order thru a site that can help you get your money back or go thrugh your bank to dispute it. Video tape yourself opening your packages in case they send something other than what you ordered, so you can have proof when you dispute it. It does not take this long to receive NOTHING! Or does it? Oh, but I have 30 more days to wait for it. Will be requesting a refund as soon as the deliver by date hits if hasnt arrived.


You may or may not get your package. About half of mine arrive.

Golf shoes

They are a decrease (golf shoes) .not what I ordered I recieved gym shoes and they are really bad value This company needs to be checked I want a refund Do not buy from this company rip stars Annie

Wrong item

I ordered the hurricane spin scrubber and instead only received the attachment heads. Pretty useless without the actual device to hold the attachment heads. Smh. Never again.


I have never been so dissapointed in anything. To charge what you did and send 3 little bitty pumpkins that don,t talk like you showed. They are awful. I want my money back


I waited two months for my desk to arrive. Says in transit, etc....fake package update information including "your package as cleared customs" Then it says my package is on the way (through Amazon), and never arrived. DO NOT order anything if the shipper is China Post.
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