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Shipment Tracking Statuses

There are seven kinds of statuses been defined by Trackingmore during the shipment transportation process, they are "Not Found", "Transit", "Out for Delivery", "Delivered", "Failed Attempt", "Exception" and "Expired". Those statuses are all judged by our system automatically according to the tracking details and are references to worldwide users.

1. Not Found
The status "Not Found" means your tracking info is not available currently. But you may track it after a while. This usually due to the following reasons:
(1) The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
(2) The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking info into its system yet.
(3) Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
(4) Your tracking number has been removed from the carrier's system.

2. Transit
The status "Transit" means your shipment is in transit and has a good transportation condition. The transit days mean the total days on the road. For most shipments, the status would be: Transit>Out for Delivery>Delivered.

3. Out for Delivery
The status "Out for Delivery" means your package has arrived at the local point or is on the way to your home.

4. Delivered
The status "Delivered" means your package has been delivered. Congratulations!

5. Failed Attempt
The status "Failed Attempt" means the delivery of the package was attempted but failed due to some reasons. Usually, the courier will arrange another delivery soon.

6. Exception
The status "Exception" means your package might have been sent to the sender, damaged,  lost or other exceptions.

7. Expired
The status "Expired" means your package has no update info for one month or has not been delivered for two months. When this happens, please contact the courier to inquire more details.

Last update:02 Apr 2021
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