SF International Small Packet reviewed by Seb

if i could continue with half a star. cause..

I ordered from the US. Only to Canada. And I thought it would be a simple order, and then I get some shit shipping company that I haven’t heard of and I get a shipping number that can’t be tracked on any service. So when I say if I continue with half starts because they try to give me I am a tracking number and then it just didn’t work. So they did it a part of their job which is like 1%. Because I’m pretty sure I just got robbed. and if I just spent just over a grand to deal with some thing I really don’t want to deal with right now., Like going after a company… It will happen and if this is in figure it out then it’s only gonna be issues for me because it’s every time not well spent and for them because it’s going to be my time. And my time is very valuable to me. Like when I say it comes at a certain time I expected to come at a certain time. When they tell me to take a whole day off work I take a whole day off of work to get that package- then boom, of course it doesn’t show up that day and I can’t take two days off in a row. So then it turns into this big cluster fuck where I need to turn on my camera and set it up so that it’s facing the outside instead of facing the inside like it’s supposed to. And it’s there to look after my dog and in tears. But now I have to use it to fucking get my packages so nobody steals my shit. So I have to put a camera literally right in front of my door pretty much. But this is only if I missed the package on the day that they say it’s going to come. And when they say it’s out for delivery that means it’s supposed to come that day. Not 10 or 11 PM that day. That’s not normal even with the lockdown going on that’s not how it should be happening. I’m getting packages on Sunday I’m getting shit at midnight I’m getting stuff at eight in the morning so they need to figure out what’s going on and I don’t know what SFO is but they seem to have fuked me... so congrats on that