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    Use TrackingMore to help you track your YunExpress packages. Follow this post to learn about how YunExpress works and track your YunExpress packages more quickly!


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    Yun Express Tracking

    YunExpress tracking is an integral feature provided by the globally recognized logistics solution, YunExpress, which caters predominantly to e-commerce shipments. This tracking system enables both businesses and consumers to monitor their packages in real time, offering insights from the moment a parcel is dispatched until it reaches its final destination. Users simply input a unique tracking ID on the YunExpress platform to gain immediate access to the current status and location of their shipment. Such transparency and up-to-the-minute updates underscore YunExpress's commitment to ensuring a reliable and efficient delivery process for all its users.

    About Yun Express

    Yun Express, also called Yuntu in China, is a professional logistics service provider for cross-border B2C business lines. It is founded in Shenzhen, China. Yun Express is devoted to providing high-quality global parcel direct shipping services for global cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

    With a leading position in core information technology for logistics services, YunExpress has independently developed a business + data dual logistics platform, which provides customers with a set of all-link digital service systems. Yun Express is committed to building intelligent logistics, and realizing the intelligence, visualization, and efficiency of the service process through efficient and powerful hardware systems so that the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry can enter the wisdom era.

    Meanwhile, Yun Express also provides many service innovation advantages, bringing great convenience to customers and winning a good reputation. YunExpress boasts a rich and perfect overseas warehouse storage layout covering overseas countries which is the main cross-border e-commerce export.

    At present, YunExpress has more than 1,500 professional logistics employees and 30+ consolidation and forwarding centers around the world, with 25+ branches in mainland China, a daily parcel order volume of more than 700,000 pieces, and service coverage of 220+ countries and regions around the world, which is the key recommended logistics service provider for international mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Wish, JOOM, Shopify and so on.

    YunExpress Service

    YunExpress is a global logistics and shipping company that specializes in providing cross-border e-commerce solutions for businesses and consumers.

    • Cross-border B2C Lines

    The cross-border B2C special line segment of YunExpress adopts the commercial DDP customs clearance model with high time efficiency, fast speed, and high stability, and provides free return and resend services as well as additional services such as abnormality alerts. With its stable timeliness and cost-effective services, it has been widely trusted and praised by customers.

    • FAB (Fulfillment by Amazon)

    With the intelligent logistics management of YunExpress, the super-fast delivery time of packages is a solid foundation for your business growth. In addition, a Specialist logistics service and tracking system would help to avoid bad reviews and disputes from customers.

    • Postal Parcel

    The postal parcel service initiative of YunExpress makes the delivery of packages to the respective destination easy by creating a partnership with different local postal. The service covers 232 countries and regions in the world. Moreover, it also provides convenient customs clearance, supports free returns, and offers inquiry or claim resolution services.

    • International Express

    To provide the best international express solutions for customers, YunExpress adopts an intelligent logistics management mode. This professional logistics service team offers door-to-door delivery services to enhance the competitiveness of eCommerce sellers. A fast international express service and an efficient tracking system can ensure the improvement of customer satisfaction in the post-purchase experience.

    How does YunExpress Tracking Work?

    The procedures of order fulfillment with YunExpress are as follows.

    First, you should contact the YunExpress account manager to sign the contract and verify your legal person status. In some cases, you also need to submit your VAT and ISSO numbers.

    Then, you need to fill in all the required information including package contents, estimated weight, dimensions, origin, destination, recipient's phone number, etc. The staff will print the shipping labels and attach them to the packages waiting for pickup. People in areas where pick-up service is not available should send the packages to the designated YunExpress sorting center or logistics park.

    Next, after your packages are weighed and measured, the corresponding shipping fee will be deducted from your YunExpress account balance. Only if the account balance is enough to pay for the bill, the packages will be sent on the day they arrive. If not, the packages will be left in the YunExpress facility the next day. The packages will be sent back to you if the fee is still not paid after several days.

    After that, YunExpress will pool packages destined for the same country and then air them. YunExpress adopts the DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) method, that is, the seller bears all the risks and costs of shipping and delivery to the destination.

    After customs clearance in the destination country, YunExpress will hand over the packages to the local logistics partner, such as DHL in the United States, to complete the last-mile delivery.

    Yun Express Amazon Tracking

    YunExpress offers two shipping methods for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) services, catering to customers who need to send their products to Amazon's fulfillment centers in the United States and Europe.

    • US FBA Ocean Freight

    YunExpress US FBA Ocean Freight is a direct express customer service according to the needs of global e-commerce businesses in the US, which is independently developed by YunExpress. As an Amazon FBA 3PL provider, YunExpress provides Amazon sellers with cost-efficient and trackable logistics services, helping them obtain effective e-commerce fulfillment solutions. Goods will be delivered straight to Los Angeles or New York by The YunExpress FBA US Direct Line. All this depends on YunExpress’s rich customs clearance experience and perfect delivery system.

    • Europe FBA UK-VAT

    For the European market, YunExpress has also made independent research and development of channels and launched direct delivery services to FBA warehouses for the products sold to European countries. YunExpress's Europe FBA UK-VAT services ensure that sellers can effortlessly ship their products to Amazon's FBA warehouses across the UK and Europe. By using abundant flight resources in HK for first-mile transportation, flying to EU ports, combining customs clearance advantages of EU ports and a perfect delivery system, it’s finally delivered by UPS. The whole process is connected smoothly, and last-mile delivery is fast, stable, and guaranteed.

    YunExpress Tracking in the USA and UK

    YunExpress cooperates with the local carrier to offer a last-mile delivery service. Customers can not only track on the YunExpress website but also on the partner’s website to get the latest statuses of their packages. A third-party tracking website is also available like TrackingMore, which can help customers to track international packages conveniently.

    The FAB service is specifically launched for cross-border e-commerce sellers in the United States and Europe, which greatly meets the needs of local cross-border e-commerce sellers.




    The last-mile partners

    USPS, UPS, and FedEx

    Royal Mail, DHL, and other local delivery services

    The delivery time

    Several days

    Several days

    The unique service

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    How do I Track My YunExpress Package?

    In order to help you better grasp the shipping status of the packages, You can use the following two ways to track your order.

    • Via YunExpress's Website

    YunExpress official website

    Here are the steps to track packages using YunExpress.

    1. Get the Tracking Number from your shipping notification.
    2. Go to the YunExpress Website.
    3. Find the Tracking Section on the homepage.
    4. Enter the Tracking Number.
    5. Click INQUIRE to see the package status.

    Or you can click on "Tracking" under "Help Center" in the top navigation menu to go to the YunTrack website. On this website, you can track up to 100 packages at one time.

    YunExpress tracking page

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore boasts a network of 1226 mainstream carriers worldwide, including YunExpress. You can use CSV upload or restful shipment tracking API to track multiple packages efficiently. Of course, you can also directly query the order by entering the tracking number in the correct format. Up to 50 packages can be queried at once.

    TrackingMore YunExpress tracking page

    It’s very simple to track the package of YunExpress in TrackingMore. Follow the steps shown below.

    1. Go to TrackingMore’s website.

    2. Click Carriers in the above navigation bar.

    3. Then, search Yun Express in the search bar.

    4. Enter the tracking number of your package and click the Track button.

    5. Now you can see the specific status of your package.

    Yun Express Tracking Number

    The YunExpress tracking number is the unique identifier of packages sent by YunExpress. You can access and export the tracking numbers by logging in YunExpress System. Of course, It can be found on the shipping label as well as the shipping notification.

    • YunExpress Tracking Number Format & Examples

    The YunExpress tracking number is comprised of 18 digits. It begins with YT, which is the abbreviation of Yun Tu (云途), the two initial letters of its Chinese brand name, and ending with 16 digits.

    Here are some examples of the YunExpress tracking number.

    - YT2317621272075249

    - YT2827483275324525

    YunExpress Tracking Statuses

    YunExpress marks your package activities with a wide range of tracking statuses reflecting the current progress of your shipment so that you will not miss out on any updates or delays.

    Here is a list of statuses you will come across when tracking a package shipped by YunExpress.

    Tracking Status


    Shipment information received/ Processing

    The parcel has not been delivered to YunExpress’s facility from the sender or seller yet.

    Arrived at origin facility

    The parcel has arrived at the YunExpress facility

    Departed from origin facility

    The parcel has departed from the YunExpress facility

    Arrived at sort facility

    The parcel has arrived at the designated YunExpress sorting center or logistics park

    Shipment is in transit to next facility

    The parcel is on the way to the next YunExpress facility

    Arrived at the origin international airport

    The parcel is going to be sent by air

    International flight has departed

    The parcel is going to arrive at the destination airport

    Clearance processing completed

    The parcel is going through the customs clearance procedure

    International flight has arrived

    The parcel has arrived in the destination country

    Delivered to local carrier

    The parcel is handed over to the local last-mile carrier cooperated with YunExpress

    Accepted at XXX Destination Facility

    The parcel has arrived at the facility of the local last-mile carrier cooperated with YunExpress

    Arrived at Post Office

    The parcel is going to be sent to the recipient

    Out for Delivery

    Delivery on the way

    Delivered, In/At Mailbox

    The parcel has been delivered


    The parcel failed to be delivered and was returned to the local distributor warehouse.

    TrackingMores Tracking API for YunExpress 

    As a leading shipment tracking platform for eCommerce and logistics businesses, TrackingMore is integrated with more than 1,100 carriers globally including the YunExpress tracking API to offer a seamless order tracking experience for customers.

    The advantages of incorporating TrackingMore’s tracking API to track YunExpress parcels are as follows.

    • Global tracking coverage

    • Multi-programming languages

    • API uptime of 99.9%

    • 24/7 technical support

    TrackingMore has been trusted by world-famous brands like Amazon, Shein, DJI, Printify, etc. due to its exceptional uptime and data accuracy, etc.  Dive into TrackingMore's API and elevate your shipment monitoring experience. Explore Now!

    FAQs on YunExpress Tracking

    • How long does YunExpress shipping take to deliver?

    YunExpress delivery time depends on the size, weight, origin, and destination of your parcel as well as the shipping service you choose. Most international deliveries can be completed within 5 to 15 days. 

    For example, if you send the packages from China to the US by choosing the standard shipping option, usually it will take 7-15 days. After customs clearance, your YunExpress packages will most likely be handed over to FedEx to complete the last-mile delivery. 

    • Why is my YunExpress tracking not updating?

    There are several reasons why YunExpress tracking is not updating.

    - Packages travel a long distance, so the state of each stage is maintained for a relatively long time.

    - Delays in package processing, shipping, and transportation.

    - Delays due to force majeure, Such as holidays and bad weather.

    - The last-mile courier cooperating with YunExpress offers delivery service on weekdays only.

    - Other exceptions.

    How to Contact YunExpress Customer Service

    Below is the contact information for YunExpress customer service in China and the United States.

      YunExpress China YunExpress USA
    Address 17th Floor, Chuang Hui International Center, Yongxiang Road Intersection, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China 5215 S Boyle Ave, Vernon, California 90058, US
    Phone Number +86 0755-89356329 (732) 722-8110
    E-mail [email protected] [email protected]



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