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    TrackingMore is an ideal solution to get UPS tracking details for your UPS packages.


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    UPS Tracking

    UPS tracking is an online service merchant that customers use to track one or multiple packages. It offers real-time information about the parcel’s location, delivery date, point of delivery, and other details. UPS provides a variety of tracking services for air freight, ground freight, express shipping, and more.

    All UPS tracking services enable customers to see their parcel’s status every step of the way, from the moment it leaves the warehouse to when it reaches the customer's doorstep. This adds transparency to shipments and enhances the customer experience.

    UPS tracking has a clean and simple interface. With user-friendly features, even novices can navigate it with ease. Users receive timely notifications for package status updates or potential delays. This helps minimize confusion and results in fewer customer questions.

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    About UPS

    UPS (United Parcel Service) is a renowned shipping and logistics company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It has a workforce of over 500,000 employees and a vast logistics network. UPS delivers packages each business day for over 11 million delivery customers, reaching over 220 territories and countries worldwide.

    Although it started as a specialist telegraph company in the 1900s, UPS today is known for its reliable overnight and two-day air shipping, and ground shipping.

    As a customer-first organization, UPS strives to provide a seamless customer experience. By focusing on ease and speed, it aims to create a robust digital experience powered by its smart logistics network.

    UPS Tracking Service

    UPS offers a range of tracking services. Here’s a brief overview of the most common services people use with this logistics services provider.

    • UPS Domestic Shipping Service Tracking

    UPS Domestic Shipping service offers reliable and timely parcel delivery solutions within a country, ensuring packages reach their destinations seamlessly across regional boundaries.

    Shipping service

    Delivery time


    Package Weight & Size

    UPS Ground

    1-5 business days To businesses and homes in all 50 states and Puerto Rico Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®

    2 business days To the 48 contiguous states except for Alaska and Hawaii Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS 2nd Day Air

    2 business days

    (available on Saturday)

    To all 50 states and Puerto Rico with some limitations in Alaska and Hawaii Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS 3 Day Select

    3 business days

    (available on Saturday)

    To the 48 contiguous states except for Alaska and Hawaii Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS Next Day Air®

    Next day

    (available on Saturday)

    To the 48 contiguous states and Anchorage, AK Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS Next Day Air® Saver

    Next day

    From all 50 U.S. states to the 48 contiguous states Up to 150 lbs. and up to 108” long

    UPS Domestic Shipping service offers tracking capabilities, allowing senders and recipients to monitor the status and location of their packages in real-time.

    • UPS® Freight Services Tracking

    UPS® Freight Services provides efficient and dependable transportation solutions for both LTL (less-than-truckload) and full-truckload shipments.

    Shipping service

    Delivery time


    Air freight service

    1-3 business days

    • Shorter transit times

    • Better freight conditions on arrival

    • Greater inventory control

    • Increased security

    Ground freight service

    3-10 business days

    • faster than rail, cheaper than air

    • Flexible and accessible

    • Adaptable for goods requiring special conditions

    Ocean freight service

    A week to over a month

    • Less expensive mode

    • Tremendous cargo capacity

    • Accommodates almost any weight or volume configuration

    Users can track their freight shipments through UPS® Forwarding Hub. This is a customer portal that enables users to book, track, and manage shipments on a user-friendly dashboard.

    • UPS Express Critical® Tracking

    UPS Express Critical® offers a wide variety of emergency transportation solutions for both light and heavy packages globally.

    UPS Express Critical Service

    Geographic Reach

    Special Features

    Next Flight Out

    North America, Europe, and between major metropolitan areas worldwide

    • Optimal flight routing

    • Utilizing commercial airlines



    • Wide inventory of transport

    • Almost no size/weight restrictions

    • Expedited customs clearance

    • Multilingual specialists for immediate response

    UPS Express Critical® Surface

    US, Canada, Mexico, Select European countries

    • Exclusive use equipment

    • Quick readiness

    UPS Express Critical® Charter


    • Quick shipment processing

    • Almost no size/weight restrictions

    • Includes special handling

    UPS Express Critical® Secure

    Not specified

    • 24/7/365 customer service

    • Constant monitoring

    • Online visibility

    • Standardized security

    Contingency plans

    UPS Express Critical® Hand Carry

    US and many international locations

    • Dedicated courier

    • Fast international service

    • Service available for inbound/outbound, domestic/international

    For urgent, high-value, or time-sensitive parcels, users can use UPS Express Critical® services. Additionally, users can track these shipments by viewing the UPS Express Critical® tracking page.

    • UPS Mail Innovations® Tracking

    UPS Mail Innovations® streamlines and optimizes the delivery of mail and packages by consolidating shipments and leveraging the United States Postal Service (USPS) for final delivery.

    UPS Mail Innovations Service

    Delivery time


    Domestics Mail Services

    24-48 hours

    • Comparable Transit Times

    • Extensive Network

    • Partnered with USPS

    • Mail Processing Services

    • Cost Savings

    International Mail Services

    1-2 business days to US

    2-4 business days to other countries

    • Wide Coverage: Over 200 countries

    • Affordable Solutions

    • Handling of Different Mail Classes

    • End-to-End Service

    • Customizable Options

    Returns Mail Services

    Not specified

    • Efficient and economic

    • Comprehensive Service

    • Multiple Drop-off Points

    • Scheduled Pickup

    • Consistent Transit Times

    UPS Mail Innovations is designed for merchants that send a high volume of small packages (i.e., parcels under 1 lb.). It’s a joint venture of USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS and offers an affordable mailing service. UPS Mail Innovations handles everything from pickup to final delivery of your package.

    Individual mail piece tracking is integrated within UPS Mail Innovations. So when users use this service, they can sign into their UPS Mail Innovations account and track up to 25 mail shipments on the UPS mail piece tracking page by using their tracking number, US Postal Service IMPB, or package ID.

    • UPS SurePost® Tracking

    UPS SurePost® is an economy shipping service for non-urgent and low-value shipments. Users can track their UPS SurePost packages by entering their tracking number on the UPS’s site. The benefit of this service is affordability combined with the reliability and consistency of UPS Ground with the courier handling the final mile delivery for up to 40% of SurePost packages.

    SurePost characteristics



    UPS or USPS may deliver SurePost packages.

    Delivery Days

    Packages arrive Monday through Sunday.

    Origin and Destination

    Ships from US 48 States to US 48 States, AK, HI, PR, all US Territories, P.O. Boxes, and Military APO/FPO/DPO.

    Estimated Transit Time

    2 to 6 days for US 48 destinations; longer for other areas.


    Full tracking is available on; USPS exception and end-of-day delivery scan included.


    Package level detail comes through UPS WorldShip, UPS CampusShip, UPS Shipping API, UPSLink Vendor, Host Vendor, or Host Systems.

    Ideal Package Weight

    Packages weighing less than 10 lbs are optimal.

    Mail Classes

    Supports Parcel Select Lightweight, Parcel Select, Bound Printed Matter, and Media Mail.


    This is a contract service.


    Billing appears on UPS small package invoice; no third-party or consignee billing.

    Limitation of Liability

    Maximum liability of $100 up to the point of USPS transfer or UPS final delivery.

    Carbon Neutral Option

    Available with additional fees.

    Value Added Services

    None available.

    UPS Service Guarantee

    None available.

    • UPS International Tracking

    UPS International offers global shipping solutions, delivering packages and freight to destinations around the world.

    Service Type


    Transit Time

    UPS Express Critical®

    International and domestic


    UPS Worldwide Express Plus®


    1-3 business days

    UPS Worldwide Express®

    1-3 business days

    UPS Worldwide Express Freight® Midday

    1-3 business days

    UPS Worldwide Express Freight®

    1-3 business days

    UPS Worldwide Saver®

    1-3 business days

    UPS Worldwide Expedited®

    2-5 business days

    UPS Standard

    Mexico and Canada


    UPS Worldwide Economy

    Worldwide (Enrollment needed)

    5-12 business days

    UPS international tracking allows users to track cross-border shipments with ease. They can see detailed, real-time information about the status of their parcel. This tracking service is popular for tracking shipments to Espanol, Italia, Canada, India, Mexico, Australia, the UK and Europe.

    • The UPS Store Tracking

    The UPS Store service offers notary, printing, shipping, shredding, personal and business mailboxes, and fax services to merchants. To see the status of any parcel handled by this service, enter the tracking number on the UPS Store tracking page.

    How Can I Track My UPS Package?

    You can track your UPS package through different channels. Some of these allow you to track several LSP packages, while others just offer UPS tracking for businesses. Here are the most popular UPS tracking options.

    1. Via the UPS Official Website

    UPS tracking page

    To track UPS packages on the UPS website, follow these steps.

    • Go to the UPS's official website.

    • Enter the tracking number in the "Tracking Number" section.

    • Hit the Track button to get the complete details of your package, current status, and estimated delivery date.

    UPS tracking status

    The official UPS website lets you track up to 25 packages. What's more, you can also save up to 50 tracking numbers via the tracking history of your shipments by logging into your UPS account.

    2. Via the UPS Mobile App

    UPS mobile app

    Another way to track your UPS package is to use the UPS Mobile app. Available for free, it lets you track shipments, manage packages, find UPS locations, and more. And the next time you’re sending a package, you can use the in-app measurement feature to take package dimensions. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

    3. Via UPS My Choice®

    The third way to track your UPS package is to subscribe to UPS My Choice®. This is a membership-based tracking service that offers more insights into shipments. The best aspect of it is that you don’t need to enter a tracking number---a centralized dashboard shows you all the information about your outgoing and incoming shipments.

    By using UPS My Choice®, you can benefit from the following advantages.

    1. View the estimated date of delivery.

    2. Modify the delivery date or location.

    3. Receive shipment alerts via SMS or email.

    4. Inform the UPS driver where to leave your parcel.

    4. Via TrackingMore (powerful third-party platform)

    TrackingMore has a powerful tracking API that can track not only your UPS package but packages from 1226 logistics service providers. This is because it has multiple LSP partners worldwide, including UPS, FedEx, DHL and more.

    TrackingMore UPS tracking page

    To track a UPS package with TrackingMore:

    • Go to TrackingMore’s website.

    • Click the “Carriers” tab.

    • Search or choose “UPS” from the provided carrier list to redirect to this UPS tracking page.

    • Enter your UPS tracking number and click Track.

    • View detailed tracking information and real-time updates.

    TrackingMore UPS tracking status

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over UPS?

    While UPS offers various tracking services, you may find TrackingMore to be a more valuable parcel-tracking solution. Below is a table comparing the two.


    UPS Tracking


    Number of Carriers

    UPS Only

    1226 carriers

    Shipment Visibility


    Clear visibility

    Website Performance

    Can be slow during high traffic

    Consistently fast

    Carrier Detection

    Manual Selection

    Auto-detect function

    Multi-Carrier Shipments

    Multiple tracking systems may be needed

    Seamless tracking even when changing couriers

    As you can see, TrackingMore has several advantages over UPS tracking, making choosing it a no-brainer.

    UPS Tracking Number

    A UPS tracking number is a unique identification code UPS assigns to each parcel just before it is shipped. It allows the sender and the recipient to locate and track their package from the origin to the final destination.

    A UPS tracking number is 18 digits long. It begins with '1Z', followed by a 6-character shipper code, and a 2-character service code, and ends with 8 unique digits for the package, which looks like 1Z XXX XXX YY ZZZZ ZZZC.

    Here are some examples of UPS tracking numbers.

    - 1ZE356F8YW01937117
    - 1Z9295250492885033

    FAQs on UPS tracking number

    • How can I find my UPS tracking number?

    You can find your UPS tracking number on the exterior of the package you're shipping and on the receipt or confirmation email provided to you when you dispatched the item with UPS. If you made the shipment online or through a UPS account, the number would also be available in your shipment history or order details.

    • How to track a UPS package without a tracking number?

    If you’ve lost your UPS receipt or tracking number, don’t worry. You can still track your packages by following the steps below.

    1. Check your confirmation email. UPS often sends tracking numbers in their confirmation emails. Look for a number starting with "1Z" and 18 digits long. If you don't see it, contact the package sender.

    2. Use UPS My Choice. By enrolling in UPS My Choice, you can receive shipment updates. The service is free, and it offers options to adjust delivery details. There's also an app available for easy mobile tracking.

    3. Use a reference number. If you set a reference number for your shipment, like a recipient's phone number, you can input it on the UPS website under 'Track by Reference' to locate your package.

    UPS Tracking Status

    Before tracking your UPS package, make sure to familiarize yourself with each UPS tracking status.

    Label Created

    - UPS has the sender's billing and shipment details. The status updates when UPS dispatches the shipment.

    Shipped/On the way

    - UPS handles the shipment and sends it through its network. The shipment has a delivery date, and further scans may only occur at major hubs.

    Out for Delivery

    - The local UPS facility received the shipment and dispatched it for final delivery. Residences can expect it between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., whereas businesses can expect it by the end of their working day. If the sender chose a time-specific air delivery, the timing might vary.


    - UPS has delivered the package to its destination (with a delivery recorded timestamp). If no signature is needed, drivers aim to leave packages in secure spots like porches or garages.

    Delivered to a UPS Access Point

    - The receiver can collect the shipment from the designated UPS Access Point.

    Transferred to Post Office for Delivery

    - The sender requested delivery through the local post office. This typically extends the delivery time by a day or two.


    - The shipment remains within the UPS network, but an unforeseen issue may alter the delivery date. The exception reason along with an updated delivery update will appear in the "Shipment Progress" section of your UPS Tracking Detail page.

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    UPS Tracking API

    UPS also offers a shipment tracking API that you can use to track your shipments in real time. However, this API has some limitations, such as only tracking a single package with each tracking request. That’s why it’s better to use powerful third-party tracking APIs, like TrackingMore.

    Why should I use TrackingMore API instead?

    TrackingMore's tracking API offers advantages over UPS and other third-party tracking APIs.

    • Centralized tracking of 1226 carriers: Ever dreamt of a dashboard with all your packages? TrackingMore makes it a reality, linking you to 1226 carriers in one neat space.

    • 99.9% API update maintenance: TrackingMore knows that uptime is key to accurate and consistent tracking. That's why it keeps its API updates at a 99.9% uptime, helping customers get real-time updates for their shipments.

    • 24/7 technical support: TrackingMore has a helpful and responsive customer support team that helps customers seamlessly integrate with its API.

    • Multi-language processing: TrackingMore supports multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, and Nord.js. This enables developers worldwide to patch their APIs effectively.


    FAQs on UPS Tracking

    • Can I track a UPS package by address?

    It’s currently not possible to track a UPS parcel by the destination address. The typical way to track a UPS parcel is to enter the tracking number you received upon finalizing the shipment. This tracking number allows for real-time tracking and is unique to each package.

    • How to tell a fake UPS tracking number?

    You can tell if a UPS tracking number is fake by entering it on If it doesn’t show up on the UPS portal, it’s likely a fake number. Always cross-check tracking numbers and read the delivery information carefully.

    • Why is UPS tracking not working?

    If your UPS tracking number doesn't work, consider these possibilities.

    1. You entered the number wrong

    2. UPS hasn't registered the number yet

    3. The package left UPS’s system (returned or delivered)

    4. UPS's system faces technical issues

    In a scenario like this, you’ll want to contact UPS support directly. They will provide you with the latest information on the status of your package.

    • How often does UPS update tracking?

    UPS updates tracking whenever a parcel enters and departs from a specific location. So tracking updates may take a few hours as the package moves from one stop to another.

    • How accurate is UPS tracking?

    UPS tracking is very accurate. Your customers can expect to receive their package near the estimated delivery time shown on the tracking page. If you opt for text notifications, you'll receive an alert as soon as the package reaches the recipient’s door.

    How to Contact UPS Customer Service

    Need information about UPS delivery days or want to inquire about UPS live tracking? Reach out to UPS’s customer service via Phone. Here’s a table with the list of phone numbers you can dial based on your country.

    Contact Method


    Phone number

    Domestic: 1-800-742-5877 (Sun-Sat 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. EST)

    International: 1-800-782-7892 (24/7)


    To Email UPS, access your UPS account and send an email to the UPS support team.

    Live chat

    Begin with the UPS virtual assistant. This is ideal for those seeking instant responses.


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