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    Easily track your DHL packages via the TrackingMore website or API integration, within seconds.


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    • How To Track DHL Packages
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    DHL Tracking

    DHL is Germany's largest logistics service provider and among the most reliable globally. The company has a “Track and Trace” option on its website, giving businesses and their customers a bird's-eye view of their packages’ journeys. All services offered by DHL feature free tracking using a tracking or DHL Express reference number. DHL tracking is efficient and helps parcel recipients and senders monitor the package’s cross-border movement to the more than 200 destinations DHL delivers.

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    About DHL

    DHL is a German logistics company founded in San Francisco, California, in 1969 by three friends, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. They had previously worked as couriers and decided to partner up to start their own company, which they named using the first letters of their surnames.

    When the company was started 54 years ago, these three friends were the only employees and delivered each mail in person. Fast forward to today, DHL is owned by the DHL Group with headquarters in Bonn, Germany, and an ever-growing global workforce of over 600,000 employees in 220 countries and destinations.

    DHL Shipping Service

    DHL offers an array of shipping services to meet your business and individual needs.

    • DHL Express

    DHL made a name for itself with its international shipping expertise and brings this service to you with DHL Express. As the name suggests, this service focuses on expedited international shipping, with DHL attempting to deliver on the next possible business day.

    To streamline the process, DHL allows you access to customs experts and business advisors which ensure your packages can get through customs without any issues. Businesses signed up to DHL Express also receive preferential business shipping rates and flexible delivery options.

    • DHL Global Forwarding

    The world is now a global village with world trade as the engine behind the success of businesses. With DHL Global Forwarding, your business can trade globally thanks to the company’s freight transportation, customs clearance, and documentation services tailored to your needs.

    The DHL logistics portal allows you a bird’s eye view into the entire logistics journey, ensuring that you stay updated on the status of your shipments conveniently and can direct your focus on developing other value-generating aspects of your business.

    • DHL Supply Chain

    DHL Supply Chain is a logistics partner with a robust 15M square feet of storage spread across 1,500+ warehouses in more than 50 countries globally. Around 160,000 supply chain experts are dedicated to this service to help your business with warehousing, e-commerce fulfillment, packaging, and transport support.

    • DHL eCommerce Solutions

    The rapid growth and adoption of online shopping have made it inevitable for every e-commerce business to have a reliable end-to-end shipping partner that can support its goal of providing customers with an exceptional post-purchase experience.

    DHL eCommerce Solutions exists to offer dependable local and cross-border parcel delivery services that will help your business serve all its customers in every corner of the world. Streamlined processes and strategically located distribution centers ensure fast transit times and maximum tracking visibility.

    • DHL Global Divisions

    DHL also includes other divisions that provide logistics support to businesses in other parts of the world. These DHL Global Divisions offer tailored services, including road and rail freight in Europe through DHL Freight and fast mail and shipping service from Germany to 220 countries through Post & Paket Deutschland.

    Below is a detailed breakdown of all the DHL shipping services.

    Service Name


    Sub Categories

    Delivery Destination

    Estimated Delivery Time

    DHL Express

    Offers reliable door-to-door delivery service.

    Express 9:00

    Domestic and Global

    Specific time on the next possible day

    Express 10:30

    Domestic and Global

    Specific time on the next possible day

    Express 12:00

    Domestic and Global

    Specific time on the next possible day

    DHL Express World Wide

    Domestic and Global

    EOD on the next possible day

    DHL Express Envelope

    Domestic and Global

    EOD on the next possible day

    DHL Global Forwarding

    Combines DHL aircraft and commercial carriers to offer reliable air, ocean, rail, and road freight services.

    Air, ocean, rail, and road freight

    Domestic and Global

    Next flight, overnight by 1700 and 2-3 business days options

    DHL Supply Chain

    Brings together different solutions aimed at streamlining the supply chain



    Real estate




    Service logistics

    Lead logistics partnership

    Domestic and Global

    Varies depending on the solutions signed up for.

    DHL e-Commerce Solutions

    Enables e-Commerce businesses to connect with customers domestically and globally

    DHL SmartMail Parcel

    DHL SmartMail Bound Printed Matter

    DHL SmartMail Parcel Return


    1-8 average postal days

    DHL Other Global Divisions

    Europe-based services

    DHL Freight



    Post and Packet Deutschland



    How To Track DHL Packages

    Track your DHL packages seamlessly no matter the service you’ve signed up to using DHL’s track feature with your DHL tracking or reference number. You can also use the TrackingMore DHL tracking page or myDHL+ and myDHLi portals for tracking and digital analytics. Below is a detailed introduction of DHL shipping tracking.

    • Via the DHL Official Website

    DHL tracking page

    The DHL tracking page allows you to track all your DHL parcels by typing in the tracking number and retrieving up-to-date information on their statuses. To track your parcel via DHL’s official website, follow these steps.

    1. Visit the DHL website.

    2. Enter the tracking number in the provided field, and click the red “Track” button.

    2. You will be shown information on the whereabouts of your parcel, including estimated delivery time and updates on any exceptions encountered.

    dhl tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a powerful shipment tracking solution that allows people worldwide to track their DHL packages conveniently for free without signing up or downloading any app.

    TrackingMore DHL tracking page

    To gain insights on your DHL parcel's whereabouts, follow these prompts.

    1. Log onto the TrackingMore website and click the “Carriers” button at the top of the homepage.

    2. Type in your DHL parcel tracking ID in the designated space. You can enter up to 50 tracking numbers separated by a line.

    3. Click on the orange “Track” button. TrackingMore will provide the latest information on your package’s journey and when to expect it.

    TrackingMore DHL tracking status

    TrackingMore is an excellent solution for tracking bulk DHL shipments alongside 1224 global couriers, including USPS, UPS and FedEx. It also allows order tracking workflow automation to improve communication with customers.

    TrackingMore’s shipment notifications feature allows setting up custom email and SMS notifications to send branded updates to customers as their packages pass through each delivery checkpoint. This feature helps enhance customer communication, reduce post-purchase anxiety, and improve the after-sale experience.

    Advantages of Using TrackingMore for DHL Shipment Tracking

    Although DHL has a wide distribution network globally, the majority of distribution nodes are concentrated in major cities and towns. Last-mile tracking for shipments sent out to your customers in remote areas will be subcontracted to local couriers, limiting the timeliness of the information you get on your shipments via the DHL website.

    TrackingMore has universal package tracking capabilities that ensure DHL parcels can be conveniently and continuously tracked no matter the carrier they are handed over to, so there is no communication breakdown between the sender and recipient.

    TrackingMore’s tracking system is integrated with over 1224 global couriers, which guarantees that even with multiple handlers along the parcel’s journey, your team and customers can maintain high visibility into its status, helping to minimize customer anxiety and enhancing their peace of mind while they await their orders.

    DHL Tracking Number

    Each DHL parcel is assigned a unique ID, the tracking number. It helps track the parcel's whereabouts during the delivery process and events occurring to it.

    • What is a DHL Tracking Number?

    A DHL tracking number is a multi-character code sent by DHL through the order confirmation email when a customer orders delivery online. It can also be sent directly to the recipient by the shipper sending a package through DHL.

    • DHL tracking number formats and examples

    The DHL tracking number you receive through your confirmation email will vary depending on the DHL service the merchant or shipper uses to send over your parcel. The tracking number formats are as follows.

    DHL Service

    Description of DHL tracking number formats

    DHL tracking number example

    DHL Parcel

    DHL Parcel tracking number features an alphanumeric 14-character tracking number


    DHL Express

    DHL Express tracking number features a 10-digit numerical-only number


    DHL eCommerce Solutions

    DHL eCommerce tracking numbers will vary between 10 and 39 characters


    DHL Global Forwarding

    DHL Global Forwarding tracking number is 26 characters long


    FAQs on DHL Tracking Number

    • What Can I Do If I Lost My DHL Tracking Number?

    If you’ve misplaced or can’t recall your DHL tracking number, you can ask the merchant or shipper to resend it to enable tracking of your parcel. If this is not possible, you can also track the status of your shipment using the reference number if it was sent via DHL Express or DHL Freight.

    • Why Is My DHL Tracking Number Not Recognized?

    This error occurs when you’ve keyed in the wrong waybill number. Please check it and enter again or contact the shipper or merchant.

    What Does Each DHL Tracking Status Mean?

    When tracking your DHL shipments, it's important to understand the various statuses that might appear. One such status is the 'DHL Delivery Exception.' This occurs when there are unexpected events that prevent the delivery of a package on the scheduled date. Reasons might include weather issues, address discrepancies, or the recipient not being available.

    Here is a breakdown of all key DHL tracking statuses you should know.



    Item is Pre-Advised

    The DHL package has been assigned a shipping label but is yet to be handed over to the designated courier.

    Arrival Scan

    Your DHL package was scanned at the courier facility.

    In Transit/In Progress

    The DHL package you sent out or are waiting for is on its way to the assigned destination.


    The package’s delivery destination was wrong and must be redelivered.

    Returned Back to Sender

    The DHL package could not be delivered to the recipient and is on its way back to the sender.

    Arrived Overseas

    The DHL package was delivered to its overseas destination.

    Unsuccessful Delivery Attempt

    There was an issue with the delivery, and DHL could not hand over the package to the recipient.

    Poste Restante

    The DHL package arrived at the destination postal office and will remain there until the recipient can pick it up.

    Cleared Customs

    Your package has successfully gone through customs.

    Out for Delivery

    The package has been handed over to the courier and is on its way to your destination.

    DHL Tracking API

    TrackingMore’s DHL tracking API is a reliable shipment tracking solution that allows you to provide your customers with a convenient way of monitoring their parcels’ journeys in real-time to help you manage their expectations.

    However, TrackingMore's shipment tracking API proves to be a more powerful alternative as it integrates with 1224 global couriers allowing you to have an end-to-end view of the entire shipment process.

    Top brands, including DJI, Shein, Printify, and Amazon, trust TrackingMore’s API to help with the real-time tracking of customer shipments due to its reliable uptime of 99.9% and excellent data accuracy.

    Integrating TrackingMore into your website is a simple process that does not require an extensive development team. You can have it up and running quickly and start tracking bulk DHL packages worldwide.

    To learn more about our solution and how it can help your business, contact our sales team to book a demo today.

    DHL Shipment Tracking FAQs

    Below are some frequently asked questions about DHL shipment tracking to help you track your package.

    • Why is my DHL parcel status not updating?

    DHL parcel tracking events start updating once the package arrives at their facility. This process can take up to 48 hours.

    • How long does DHL Express shipping take?

    DHL Express shipping promises to deliver on the next possible business day, but several factors could affect this, including customs clearance, weather, and local holidays.

    • Why does it show that my parcel is not going to its intended destination?

    Your parcel tracking information may show it is heading to the wrong destination because of a mix-up in the address details. In this case, contact DHL immediately.

    • How long does DHL International delivery take on average?

    DHL International deliveries take 1-3 business days on average but will vary depending on various factors affecting transit times.

    • At what time does DHL deliver packages?

    Regular DHL deliveries can be expected between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time every Monday to Friday.

    DHL Customer Service

    In case you run into any issues with your DHL parcel tracking, you can contact customer support through the following channels.

    Contact Method







    Social Media

    Twitter - 

    Facebook - 


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