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Becky Soch

Terrible service. Was told there was a delay in delivery due to 'weather' (which there was not, it's fall...the only impairment was night time) Then I was told it was in transit, and then the delivery driver said it was out on a certain day, and if I didn't receive it...just to check back. So obviously I didn't receive it so I checked back. I was then told they didn't service my area and it was given to Canada Post. Keep in mind this was over 2 weeks late. The BS is unreal. Own up to your mistakes and inconsistent . I will never use, recommend or support this business.

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Faheem Javed

I am still waiting for my mail. It is showing status in transit it has been a month now and still no sign. Might as well use Canada post !!! I am sure It is faster than this. I regret my decision to ever use this company.

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Excellent service from Can Par. Justin not only delivered my lift chair to my suite days earlier than I expected but he asked me where I wanted it and set it in my living room for me.

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Nicole Hache

Wondering why when I checked my parcel was to arrived yesterday at end of day and never received it ,and today I looked and tracked my parcel and its says it's in Ontario like what the heck ,yesterday it was in Bathurst Now in Ontario

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K. Ing.

Thank you for having the balls the stand up for what you believe in.

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Received an order from Airmiles today. Below you can see the tracking information. Not only did they send me notification when it arrived in Edmonton, but the courier person was kind enough to actually ring the doorbell ensuring our package was NOT picked up by porch pirates! This is not the case with any other deliver service we have used. 2021‑04‑01 09:18:56 With Courier Edmonton 2021‑03‑29 19:38:12 Sort Through Facility TORONTO 2021‑03‑29 19:35:37 Arrived at Terminal Arrived at TORONTO on 2021-03-29 19:35 TORONTO BIG THANK YOU CANPAR!

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Despite all the bad reviews, I have nothing but tremendous things to say about Canpar! Walmart shipping quick, fast and easy!!

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I hand a large package to rugs which i but in a hard container Toronto to Squamish BC I ordered the service online the courier picked up within 2 hours in Toronto And was but in my daughter’s garage 4days later Fees where responsible compared to others. I would say we are very satisfied with the service

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Wow very impressive service . Got my package on time . No delays .

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Canpar is the best in my book.I ordered from Walmart on Wednesday and got my parcel today.The courrier took his time to ring my buzzer and took my parcel right to my appartment door.The others like Canada Post,Purolator and Intelcom are too lazy to come up.They always buzz me and ask me to come down and pick up my parcels but not Canpar.I wanna wish Merry Christmas to that driver for a job well done.

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Kristin L

I had a package being delivered by Canpar so I checked out their reviews. Not the greatest. I would like to say I had zero issues. My parcel was coming from the other side of Canada and it was delivered exactly on time. Good work Canpar.

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Carol C

I just got a Canpar delivery and couldn’t be happier. Felix tried to deliver it yesterday, I wasn’t home. He came back today and was very pleasant and loaded it into my vehicle for me! What a great person and asset to Canpar.

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Canpar shipped over a package from Alberta to Montreal without an issue. Tracking was accurate, and the package was on time, which is not easy during this pandemic. The driver was professional and polite, the package was about 30lbs. I would use this courier again in a heartbeat! Will

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Always cheerful young lady that deliver’s my packages Corinne keep up the good work !

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My goods arrive in perfect condition coming from 2 provinces away in 4 days! Cant ask for anything better than that. 3 cheers for Canpar!

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We will use their service again.

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Will use again

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Package carried by Canpar Courier was lost forever. Bad service.

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price is reasonable and quick speed

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My item was delivered to me two days earlier

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