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absolute joke of a company

They lied about trying to deliver my parcel. I was at home both days, I have driveway cameras and no one tried to deliver. Been on hold for over two hours

The worst!!!

The freaking deliver guy just throw my package and leave, i didnt even know it was delivered until i checked my security camera. Freaking rude and useless!!

Garbage company.

I ordered from a local company in Toronto TWO WEEKS AGO and despite having a tracking number it still says 'No Shipment Results' on the site. Meanwhile, I ordered leggings from on Friday. It's Monday. Guess what arrived today, A FULL DAY early? Yup, leggings.

Canpar and their "Cannot Locate" status

I saw the guy in front the building, he went out of the car for like 5-10 seconds didn't wait for me to come down and went inside the car and left. After 40 min the status got updated "Cannot Locate". I think Canpar should go out of the business and all companies should use Amazon for delivery as they have the best delivery standards also UPS and Purolator are good options.

Horrible Horrible Horrible Courier Company

One Star review for Canpar is an understatement. There should be negative star reviews which this company deserves as Minus All Star review. My bad luck started when I bought a TV from CANPAR was their choice of courier. CANPAR has the worst Tracking Service. Their website is so stale that it is giving me information that my pacakge will be delivered two ago by the end of the day and it has not been delivered so far. I can go on and on with the frustration it has caused me but I am cautioning everyone who buys anything online and if you see the courier service is by CANPAR, Cancel the order immediately and get your money refunded and buy it elsewhere. CANPAR.....Horrible Horrible Horrible Courier company.

I’ve been scammed

Anyone who has had a package shipped through canpar, please contact the seller immediately and ask for a refund. Ordered package on the 9th of December, it’s coming from Edmonton to Toronto. Toys r us promised it would arrive before Christmas and it didn’t. Filed a complaint on the 11th and they claimed now it was delivered on the 22nd of December despite no proof/lobby camera doesn’t show them. Phone line is dead and live chats a joke. I’ve had packages come from China and Mexico that have arrived in less time! Avoid at all costs, or you’ll end up scammed like me too.

Reply Julia

Likewise, tracking showed it had been delivered and even had a phony signature on the proof of delivery. I never received it despite always being home. Couldn\'t contact them through Chat or phone. Luckily the sender refunded me and when I re-ordered they used a different courier. Definitely some kind of scam going on!

Does not deliver on time.

Why even use this company? They are a pack of liars. They do not stand behind their word. If they told me it was sunny outside I would have to go outside to check myself. Use any other company to ship with. They are not to be trusted.

Excerpt from Canpars chat window...

[CanparCSAgent] One moment please while we check for an available agent Dear customer thank you for visiting! Please note this conversation will end if left inactive for 5 min during a live conversation with a representative. 3:03:36 PM Jon Please explain why my package - Tracking #D0000000559001 has not moved from Burnaby in over a month 3:04:24 PM Hello? 3:06:34 PM Is this a fake chat window? 3:09:13 PM The connection to the server has been lost. We are trying to reconnect for you... 3:12:43 PM The connection to the server has been restored. 3:12:54 PM The connection to the server has been restored. 3:14:22 PM Jon Are you scamming people? 3:16:01 PM I see from the reviews at that you are a bunch of scammers 3:17:00 PM Your connection appears to be slowing down. You may not receive messages from the agent at the time the agent sends them. If the problem persists you may want to check if you are running any other software that is using your internet connection. 3:17:37 PM The connection to the server has been lost. We are trying to reconnect for you...

Walmart used them to send me a package that never arrived

So 2 months ago, I ordered something from who sent it from Toronto to Vancouver using Subpar Canpar. Took 2 days to reach Burnaby BC where it hasn't moved since. Both companies are garbage. Walmart, when I finally after a huge effort got to chat to someone in India, said they would "escalate" this. That was 2 weeks ago and it still sits in Burnaby with a message that updates every couple of days that says "On the Move!". Canpar never answers either the phone, nor the chat, but Walmart supplies that info and says "Contact the shipper". Item is missing in action, and so is the $60.00 I paid Neither company give a damn these days....


These Canpar delivery drivers are the stupidest people I have ever encountered. WHY is it so difficult to deliver a package to an apartment when the apartment number and buzzer code are clearly written?? Lazy pieces of s**t!!!! I have had 3 packages that the company I ordered fron resent me and ALL THREE times they claimed to deliver when they didn't. They're a bunch of thieves!!

Worst I've ever seen

For some reason my package wasn't left in the lobby like any other delivery service, but whatever I got a delivery slip with a tracking number on it, saying I need to check their website for info on where they're holding my package. I've been trying to check for 5 days now, and still it says that the package doesn't exist. I've been on the phone with them for 3 hours now and still nothing, on the live chat for 2 hours but that's a joke, and it looks like I'll never get a hold of anyone. I'm not even being updated on when I'll be able to talk to anyone. What a joke of a delivery service.

Canpar is useless

I placed an order on Dec was in Burnaby on Dec 30th...its now January 16th there is no tracking number for my chat is a joke and i haven't been able to get a hold of anyone on the phone 16 days!!! Took 2 days to get to B.C from Toronto but can't make it 30 mins to my home in 16days? The last notice i got is that it was sent to the Vancouver facility?!?!?! Are these guys serious??? Easily THE WORST courier ever!!!! I will NEVER use them again!!!

What Happened to this campany?

There has to be a serious lack of supervision and management at Canpar. Surely someone must be reading all these negative reviews and taking some action. Of the list of the usual complaints, here's another. Where does one find your location hours of operation?? The norm would be to post it on your website like every other business in Canada. Live chat? Forget that. Just keeps sending you back to the login page. MANAGEMENT, PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

Worst experience ever.

my package is for university and important!! it was supposed to be delivered to my DOOR. but now all of a sudden the tracking says it was picked up in barrie by customer. it also said it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and nothing!!!

Not impressed with the Company that forgot there job Deliver what you are paid to do .

Have a package that took 2 days to come from southern Ontario and has sit now 3 days in Timmins and had another package tracked also that has left Toronto ordered yesterday now sitting with the other package that is in there storage facility, no way to contact or communicate with them . I get nervous when I see my stuff sitting for a few days as last summer had one package out for delivery for 12 days never delivered and another last fall delivered but did not get so after waiting 2 weeks had to reorder fill out a claim and wait another 2 weeks . This is unacceptable for a delivery company its like they have used Covid to steal other peoples stuff . Compared to delivery by FedEx from US New Jersey 3 days on my doorstep seems they should be investigated if they want to keep in business . Just Sad no management

Reply DisGruntel Purchaser

Timmins is a joke, hey just don\'t care. Have three parcels tied up.. Tried calling, even went there. Still no luck

Substandard performance in all areas.

Had a delivery and wasn't home. Driver left a tear strip that had my bar code on it. Went on line to track when i could pick it up. Number didn't match my product. Tried phoning 800 number gave the machine the number. I was then asked for my customer number. Don't have one. Dead end. Went on line for chat. 30 minutes later I hung up. Found a number for outlet in Calgary. Some baboon answered and said wrong number. Dialled again, same treatment.

The worst

The worst service ever, uber is doing a better job than this CAN’T PAR

Delivered to the wrong address.

Despite my address being correct on the shipping label sent by the company I ordered from, CanPar screwed up and sent it to a nonexistent address (I checked on Google maps). The kicker? It was signed for someone WITH MY NAME. Customer support number never connected to agent despite being on hold for over an hour. Live Chat didn’t work either. I had to reach out to the company I ordered from and they confirmed that my address was correct on the label they sent to CanPar. They’re sending out a replacement using Canada Post this time. Hard to believe a company can be this incompetent.

worst delivery company ever

They don’t care about anything. They ask us to pay for a SECOND delivery if we aren’t there to recieve it the first time ?????? They also claim they have “smart spots” but NEVER leave the packages at the locations around your area. That company should be shut down. I don’t understand how they are still in service with 2.7 star rating. I have never experienced this type of service with any other delivery companies.

Package Delayed!

This is the second time that my service providers used Canpar courier company for packages delivery. I had to wait for my first package for more than a month and I still didn't receive my second package. I wonder how this company is still in business with this worst service and poor customer relations in this competitive market. This will be my last business with my supplier and Canpar.
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