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A really mad customer…

Absolutely the BEST TRASH ever! I In short, I was expecting a delivery on the same day and it was a Friday…it did not happen! So I try to communicate with their fantastic new Chat Site, unfortunately it DOES NOT WORK! So I tried calling them AND THEY SEND ME TO TALK THROUGH THEIR CHAT SITE..!! As it was now after closing time and then Saturday and then Sunday…nothing much happened as Canpar was close. Anyways, my perishable items supposedly arriving on the same day will, according to their great tracking information, will arrive 5 days later and, unfortunately, according to the other reviews, this will be the best case scenario as many here stated that their parcel arrive even a month later. I need to say that I never requested service from Canpar (I had never heard from them before) but the business I bough the items from works with Canpar as a regular delivery service. I already requested a refund from the business I bought the goods from but they are also playing dumb by telling me that I should contact Canpar!! It is very unfortunate that Canadian businesses are been poorly handle and that there are no control for good service and no punishment for mistreated customers. Canpar is not a good service agency and if you (new/next customer) do not want to fight and for sure at the end not getting what you deserve….DO NOT USE CANPAR! I will do my best to voice my terrible experience with Canpar and also against the business I bought the good from for using Canpar. Bad businesses seem to form alliances to blame one another. I WILL DO MY ABSOLUTELY BEST TO VOICE MY OPINION ABOUT BOTH COMPANIES.

2022-04-23 22:14:34

Worst delivery company
Air miles

How air miles still using this company is beyond believe . Drivers will never use the intercom to run up easier to write Sorry we missed you . Twice this has happened never bothered to ring up even if the buzzer code is on the shipping label.

2022-03-17 17:04:27

Tony Elias

NEVER USE CANPAR AGAIN: Incompetency on top of its money grabbing practice. I sent an envelop with CANPAR from Ottawa to Toronto. The envelope was picked up by a very polite CNAPAR driver Monday morning. Guaranteed delivery was for Tuesday before 5:00 pm (this is a business). Wednesday I called CANPAR and they had no reason for the delay but assured me the envelop will be delivered BEFORE 5:00 PM SINCE THAT BUSINESS CLOSES AT 5:00 PM Tracking for that evening showed that the driver attempted delivery at 6:10 PM (70 minutes after closing time) and found no one to receive the package. I called on Thursday again Same story. We will deliver before 5:00 pm I then called the accounting firm the package is going to. I asked them to have one of its employees stay in the for at least 5:30 to ensure the package is received. An accounting associate accepted and she stayed until 5:30. She left at 5:32. The tracking update showed a driver attempted to deliver this package at 5:38pm and did not find anyone to deliver it. Friday morning I called CANPAR AGAIN. After 30 minutes on the phone, the well spoken and polite customer rep told me that there were 2 "failed deliveries". CANPAR will attempt one more. If failed delivery again, the customer can pick up from the processing center or ask for re-attempt of delivery at additional charge". I did not believe what I heard: CANPAR Fails to deliver 3 times. Any additional "failed to deliver" attempt, I have to pay CANPAR. Unbelievable??

2022-03-05 00:24:25

customer from Caudalie

PLEASE BLOCK THIS COMPANY!!! WORSE SERVICE ON THE EARTH!! DO NOT choose this company ever. If you don't believe me, you can have a try. My package took two month since 2021, till now, I am still waiting for my package. I have called three times, every time they told me you will get it tomorrow, tomorrow always comes, but not the packages. On Dec 30th, they left a note said no one home, but I been home whole day, they have the correct address obviously, or how they can left a note at my address. I called right away, they said will be delivered tomorrow (Dec 31). On Dec 31, I called again, to ensure they will delivery it, they told me you will get it by today, which I been home whole day, nothing arrived. Jan 4th, it said the package at Loomis, then I went there today, no package, even the worker there told me don't trust the driver and this company. Today, I called them again, they told me I can get it tomorrow, let's see whether I can get it or not. If you are a company, looking for the shipment company, PLEASE DO NOT choose this company, as if you want to keep your customers, don't let them upset just because of the shipment. They you will lose all your customers. If you want to mail something, PLEASE DO NOT choose this company, the person who want to mail to, never can get it. You may lose a friend. If you don't believe me, please try this company then, you will know the truth but you will regret to try.

2022-01-05 23:55:41

Why on earth do companies cheap out on us?
A forced customer.

I have been forced to deal with this numb minded compnay multiple times... it is always a less than desirable experience as they take a week if not more to get what canada post can do in 2-3 days.. you know that post that is so famously called "snail mail" yeah.... them.. please for the love of all your customers sanity and the safety of your valuable prpducts use a different company... Anyone but canpar.. they have been known to cause property damage and are some of the slower service you can recieve in the courier market...

2021-12-03 16:06:26


Reply A forced customer.


This was clearly meant to be a 1 star..

2021-12-03 16:08:18

Becky Soch

Terrible service. Was told there was a delay in delivery due to 'weather' (which there was not, it's fall...the only impairment was night time) Then I was told it was in transit, and then the delivery driver said it was out on a certain day, and if I didn't receive it...just to check back. So obviously I didn't receive it so I checked back. I was then told they didn't service my area and it was given to Canada Post. Keep in mind this was over 2 weeks late. The BS is unreal. Own up to your mistakes and inconsistent . I will never use, recommend or support this business.

2021-10-07 15:30:44

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2022-03-29 14:22:43

Garbage Delivery System

EXPECT SHITTY DELIVERY POLICIES! I ordered a package that was coming in from Ontario. No where on the website did it mention that a signature was required for the package nor that they will drop do not drop at front door. This caused me to miss two attempts due to me being at work so could not sign for it. On their slip, it noted that I can pick up NEXT DAY but the next day theres no update on my package. I contacted and it was HORRENDOUS. The agent, Birpartap, was extremely unhelpful and just kept telling me to wait for updates despite me letting him know what the notice said. I am still waiting for an update after two days and THIS HAD BEEN A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

2022-03-09 20:55:50


Ordered a product which sat in their warehouse for 14 days. Spent countless hours on the phone and was told 5 times item would be delivered that day. Last time I called and requested to take to management I was hung up on. Never ill deal with them again.

2022-01-06 16:49:50

bodhi mcgee

Absolute worst service I've ever experienced with the delivery company. They didn't even try to deliver our package, we have a very easy to open gate that no other delivery company has ever had a problem with in our 10 years of living here. These guys refused to enter because they can't open the gate that my five-year-old son has no problem opening and closing. I called and asked them to deliver it seven days ago and it has not been delivered, still sitting in their dispatch center.

2021-12-29 20:46:01


Reply bodhi mcgee

bodhi mcgee

Should have been one star, I can see that all the other ratings are five star, something is wrong with this website rating system. They don't even deserve one star

2021-12-29 20:47:04

Wrong item delivered to my house.
Judy Ann Donovan

I live in Glace Bay NS,Canada. I ordered 4 libbey wine glasses on ebay from a seller in Fort Mill,, South Carolina. I received a purse!!!! I cannot get through to Canpar. Tried for over a week. It seems the shipper, put the wrong parcel in delivery box. Tried contacting person who must have received my glasses but the phone is disconnected. Cannot contact seller or Canpar. My email [email protected]

2021-10-14 14:00:24

Absolute worst Company
Ivett Cane

Apparently you’re unable to leave a 1 star review. Makes sense why everyone who is posting shit review about this company is posting with 4 or 5 stars. My 16 year old son saved up his money so he could buy a 500 dollar clutch chair. The item was delivered today at 9:03 AM into the abyss. The address was correct on the shipping label as when he received the confirmation email, it was right. But it never made it to our house. 2 people were home at the supposed time of delivery. When he called Campar, they told him to call the company he order the item from. Not sure what Clutch Chairz would have anything to do with it as they trusted a deliver company to DELIVER. Clearly a very incompetent company. So I called them and spoke to a “” (term used very lightly) agent, who asked me where the package was delivered. Clearly less than 1% brain capacity for both her and the driver. I told her that as far as I’m concerned at this point, Campar stole my sons 500 dollar computer chair. Buyer beware, DONT USE CANPAR

2022-04-19 01:04:15


Reply Ivett Cane

Angry business iwner

After reading all these comments that are negative that aren’t allowed to leave a one star review, it’s apparent to me this review site is breaking the law. Just like this crooked delivery company. They were seen driving by at breakneck speed without stopping and took my package to another city where they are holding it. Most important thing to write on every delivery order…”Please use any courier besides Canpar.” Some people say they use this company because they’re cheap. I don’t wanna good deal I wanna delivery.

2022-04-23 13:32:12

poor service
wayne hibbard

the driver didn't even knock on the door this has happened twice lucky I left a note to leave the items on the porch why not include a note when buying and item to specify where to leave a package. If I were a retailer id think twice about using CANPAR delivery service

2022-03-10 17:54:44

shit service

So I ordered a book for one of my classes and already the company I ordered from was very slow to send it. Then I come home one day and theres a notice on my door saying they came during the day to deliver and missed me so that they will try a second attempt the next day, yet they don't give a time frame for when that would be. So I am at home till noon for classes the next day and then I have to go to work in the afternoon so im hoping they'll come before I leave. But they don't and then I get home and there's a notice saying that I now have to pick it up at their place. Yet there is no adress. So I call them and wait on hold for 30 minutes before someone tells me where I have to pick it up. Then they tell me that I have to pick up the package an hour away from where i live and that it has to be in between noon and 4pm. So what I have to say is that its so damn complicated for a freaking book. Im not ordering a computer here Im ordering a book. Why can't you just leave the book at my door like any other company? You can hide it if youre so scared someone will steal it. Also if you have to deliver it in my hands, then come deliver it at a time where people are most likely to be there, like lets say closer to dinner time. Im a full time student and worker so of course Im probably not gonna be at home at noon. And now I have to drive an hour for a book and they have the audacity to tell me to come in between noon and 4pm?! You might think that hand delivering packages makes you great to customers but honestly most people just want their damn package and just dont want to have to drive to go pick it up if they paid for a delivery service. ''#1 delivery service in Canada'' my ass.

2022-01-26 21:39:42


Reply Ariane


I just had the same thing happen. I have some books being delivered. First attempt, I wasn’t home. Second attempt, I had taken my son to school and missed it again. The driver didn’t bother to actually fill in the form he left, which has a spot for the reason it couldn’t be delivered. IF it was because they required a signature, there is even an option to get around that so they could leave it if I wasn’t home. Too bad the driver didn’t have the courtesy to do their job and fill out the form. Now, same thing, I have to drive over an hour to pick it up( if it’s even there cause the worker on the phone couldn’t confirm this. The ticket they left in my door doesn’t even say where to pick it up. I had to call around to try to figure this out ). And of course, there is no local number to call to even confirm hours.. ugh!!! What a pain for sure!!

2022-02-01 00:00:07

Customer through Shiptime

The worst service I have received in a long time. After receiving my parcel full of broken and shattered dishes, I was up charged for the packages without notice. I would advice everyone against using this company, big mistake.

2022-01-04 02:32:08

Business owner

I am done with this company, they say they try to deliver it on a Friday we were in the shop all day and then they said we will deliver next business day now unless we are not living on earth haha that would mean Monday a week later I am being told we are putting a trace on it and we will ask the driver.....ask him what....what did he do with the package....I tell you what he did he did not FEEL like making a delivery so he sends it back for another day and we the customer are lied to over and over!!!!!

2021-10-22 18:32:19




Looks like the rating has been replaced. Nobody gives 5 stars and then says "I am done with this company...."

2021-11-30 22:46:46


Reply d


Yeah they likely took the payday then read the agreement and saw nothing about changing the reviews... check BBB for accurate reports... this company is slower than the weekly trash pickup...

2021-12-03 15:53:28

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