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I placed an order from Bath & Body works and it sat and didnt move for 3wks! Then i get an email from BBW saying they received my return and will refund me . Well i never even received my package to return it so apparently newgestics decided not to deliver and just sit on it then send it bk. I will never order from any online co that ises newgestics

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Excellent service with no issues, arrived when stated.

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Provided great service and exceeded my delivery expectations! The shipping stated 2-7 days, and I had my package delivered the next day! Also, the tracking they have is really cool.

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I bought a set of furniture from Amazon and it was shipped by Newgistics. It was delivered after 20 days since ordered. But we need to take our goods from a certain place they designated. It was inconvenient.

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Good on price,and speed

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Bought a dress for my girl\'s birthday. Item was delivered the two days of estimated delivery date.

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I have use this express way for long time, my clients have few complains about delivery

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Bought a gift for friend\'s wedding, and it arrived earlier than that great day coming, so great!

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I received the package two days early, which save me much time to wait, awesome!

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Newgistics can be trusted with its fast delivery and good tracking system

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I am very pleasant and excited when I found my stuff in mail box much earlier than expected on this morning. The estimated delivery date is tomorrow and i got tday. LOL!

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