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Took 19 days from China. Exactly what I ordered, the right size, great price. I was worried after reading bad reviews but I had a good experience with this order.

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When I placed this order, and started looking at all the NEGATIVE REVIEWS, I REALLY thought I would never see my order, but I was able to see ALL Of the tracking, and I got the order today, and only took 2 weeks to come all the way from China, GREAT JOB!

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they came on time and no damage.

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I was extremely nervous after reading reviews. So i just want to share that mine did show up at exactly 21 days I was able to track where it was at all times and it came in good quality and was the size and material promised.

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It took two weeks for my parcel from guangzhou china to melbourne australia. the freight company did their best to deliver my parcel as quick as they can during this global pandemic time. Thank you for your hard work, people. take care and stay safe!

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Got everything perfectly good quality from Ell abbreviations Everything was perfect no problems although I hear a lot from the site as there are problems not me

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SF Express is my favorite Corrier. I think this is the fastest Corrier in the world. I am dreaming to see this type of Corrier in my country.

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love it. I received my order quickly. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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not bad. I received my order quickly. I am super Happy.

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great. My parcel was on time and in good conditio. I am super Happy.

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not bad. Nice packaging of the product. can\'t wait to open my box.

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love it. I got it on time. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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Great product just like the picture. Only downside is the red hoodie I order is more orange then red but either way is ok. I seen alot of complaints about it taking forever for ppl to get their package but I can honestly say I\'ve recieved mine all the way in New York in a total of 13 days. Hope this helps.

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Accurately told me where my expected package was from China.

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Please advise the status of the shipment 161008477969

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If you can\'t wait then don\'t order from China. I\'ve ordered many times and ALWAYS get my order, it may take a month but it does get here! Best thing about Amazon is they back their products and vendors so no worries. I\'ve gotten a refund for an order it had been two months and tired of waiting they refunded my money and I received my order still a week later , they said to keep my money. So patience, I mean China is far haha

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Great delivery helpfull service

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Received my items in a secure envelope to make sure nothing was damaged and in a timely manner.

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Superb driver, friendly and on time

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