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Shipment Status

Please advise the status of the shipment 161008477969


Load of bollocks!

If it's coming from China it takes time

If you can't wait then don't order from China. I've ordered many times and ALWAYS get my order, it may take a month but it does get here! Best thing about Amazon is they back their products and vendors so no worries. I've gotten a refund for an order it had been two months and tired of waiting they refunded my money and I received my order still a week later , they said to keep my money. So patience, I mean China is far haha


You work there


I agree with each scenario they are all the same situation im experiecing .well i work hard for my money so im gonna put a call to the BBB. IM NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE.

Where is my order, I want a refund!

Gave them one star because no option for zero stars. Waste of my time. It has been a month. Where is my package? Apparently it has not left China yet... even though they took my money on paypal. What a headache. Give me a refund today or I will report this scam.

Awful service

If I could rate it a zero I would. Get my order out of the warehouse and to me! You took money get my merchandise here!

Empty your warehouse

Why is my order 809002081259 Just sitting in there dam warehouse? I'm SICK OF THIS CRAP! SHIP IT! YOU TOOK MY CASH ASAP without waiting. SHIP IT ASAP!

Totally unacceptable

Seriously? Why did it take 7 days to even get ordered? These people only answer if you send them an email. Will I ever get my shirts??

Fake stuff

Ordered over month ago..never received. Contact my bank to file claim to get $$ back. .

Ripped off

It said $29.99 and end up costing me $47.49 they said it was something wrong with their page but never got the over charge back contacted PayPal I offered pictures of the price advertised and asked for full refund but PayPal didn't look at it and they sided with them don't trust PayPal anymore and it's been 10 days and nothing. I think PayPal and this ripp off company are in cahoots with each other since they are overseas they can get away with it. Pass it on so no one can get ripped off again.


Tracking shows delivered, but it is not. This is a scam.

this is a scam

No way will it take this long to ship merchandise! This is a scam

Not received the package yet

I placed order on 02nd Feb and it has been over 50 days I have not received the package. Not even getting refund amount from the seller.

helpfull service

Great delivery helpfull service

helpful an honest

Received my items in a secure envelope to make sure nothing was damaged and in a timely manner.

Superb driver

Superb driver, friendly and on time

track nº 959759717163

Good morning, I'm at work, please sms to 918912408

case closed

This means that SF does not provide the Canada post tracking number once shipment arrives in Canada,,,how disappointing

Nice people

Nice customer service. Always possible to get a person online and answer questions.
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