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Trackingmore bietet viele Funktionen, nicht nur die Funktionen wie automatische Fastway Australia Sendungsverfolgung, Sendungsverfolgung in großen Menge, automatische Benachrichtigung, sondern bieten Fastway Australia Sendungsverfolgung API Erkündigen Schnittstelle. Sie hat mit Plattform wie ebay, aliexpress, magento usw verbunden, bieten verschiedene Sprache Service. Sie ist ein alle in einem Weltweit Paketverfolgungs Experte.


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I now always always ask the seller what postal service they use if its this one I DO NOT BUY ... Simple as that ...

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I have never ever had a good deliver with this company. Say they attempted to deliver but how do you not deliver when there is someone in the home 24/7? Pathetic! Try another name change made to HOPELESS DELIVERS!!! Drivers use their family sedans to make deliveries, how does this happen? PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fastway suck cock

This company sucks massive fat cock dripping with fucken cum. It's so unpleasant

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Fuck you fast way

This cunt company is made up of lazy rude dirty cunts who loose your mail and don't deliver. They also don't have a phone number because it's owned by one man and his wife. And he's a piece of shit. The staff get paid fucken peanuts too, which is why they don't give 2 fucks about your packages. Also the drivers are unlicensed. Oh and the name change won't help you cunts either. It's already so far slandered, even people in Africa know about your fucked company. Rott in hell armitage, fastway. You make me sick

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Absolute discrace of a company, also run by pedafiles. Scum bag floggs

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Mister Barr

Same as everyone. 1 day Melbourne to Sydney, sitting in depot with no movement or update for over 2 weeks. Hope I receive the damn thing.

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My package at been at a facility for over 2 weeks. What is happening?

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worst delivery company ever! terrible service

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worst delivery company ever! terrible service

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Its like they try to be the worst? How are they still around?

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Thankyou for a speedy delivery

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Old Men

My order from the USA to Sydney and then to Melbourne went very smoothly. I got my Parcel a week earlier.

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MP0004444953 need to know were it is

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Usually arrives within 1 or 2 days and they\'re always prepared to deliver very early in the morning on on the weekends. I\'ve had them deliver loads of times and they\'re always consistently good, even in covid so I don\'t know what is with all the negative reviews. Would prefer them over australia post any day of the week.

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I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews for the company even though most reviews are just angry ranting people with a bad delivery driver. Fastway/ Aramax has always been amazing and stress free for me and usually 3-5 days quicker than Australia post almost every single time. But people report the drivers but don’t leave bad reviews for the entire company simply because your driver in your specific area made a mistake. But overall it’s a great service and I’d choose Fastway over Aus post any day of the week.

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Happy Camper

Good experience - good communication, quality product and delivered hassle free to our door as per email tracking notice.

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why does it say perth when it should be Brisbane.

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love it. 5 star kay delivery. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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great. Nice packaging of the product. I am super Happy.

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