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New Zealand Post Sendungsverfolgung

Die New Zealand Post ist der führende Paket zustell dienst für den Versand oder Empfang von Sendungen auf der ganzen Welt. Lesen Sie, um über das Tracking von NZ Post über TrackingMore zu erfahren.


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Simply NZ Post has an easy to follow tracking APP which just helps you feeling like your parcel is safe. Never had a problem with NZ Post and today they helped me at reception with another parcel destination that wasn’t even with their company which saved us a whole lot of time and worry. Prefer to keep with NZ Post as I feel that they are a trusted Company and look after you even if there is a problem. Thanks to the Courier as well who delivers in our area as he is reliable and looks after our parcels. Thanks to all at NZ Post

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However I had to pay customs but got my things safely and on time :)

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God service, excellent!

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Gujju ravi

Here i am waiting for my return parcel of my pcc from singapore cos here my visa is pending for that i have to submitt to inz i am waiting for that please kindly look into this matter thank you for nz post

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Parcel delivery took me 30 days in total.

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