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Beware of delivery guy in Simei area with hp 91431959. Irresponsible and failed to pick up my item from sender the first time. Then on second day, he went to pick up another person's item from same sender and picked up my item wrongly without checking the label. Then he bundled up my item with the others and just sent it to the other person! Luckily the other person contacted me! This delivery guy has no sense of responsbility and almost cost me to lose my parcel. Avoid the Simei area delivery team if you can!

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Henry Quek

Had my friend from Singapore to send something to Australia to us. After nearly 1 month nothing came and my friend found out that it is missing. When contacted, all QExpress says it will refund max $300 when my items cost more than $400 including postage. It was something that I shipped from Japan and re-shipped to Australia. QExpress knew it was missing but didn't inform my friend until they checked with QExpress. Very bad service and will not recommended the service.

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Had several deliveries by Qxpress . I had to admit the good service rendered. Delivery guy in charge of my area Chai Chee Mr Sunny (sometime his substitute) delivered to the very best of time with big smile always. Pre M before delivery without fail. Thumbs up

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I had a Indian delivery man coming to my door step at serangoon area yesterday while it was raining so heavy he came so drenched making sure my parcels were delivered safely with a huge smile he gave to my kids and gave them biscuits. I have to say he did a amazing job inQexpress. All the best and thank you for cheering my kids. (Alam)

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Very happy, delivery was really fast and the delivery guy was very helpful!

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This is my first time using this courier to ship my goods and it is a friend of mine recommended. So far so good.

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Good day. Item received without any trouble.

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