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this company is complete garbage.. does not deliver on time ever.. and most of the time the package looks damaged.

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Totally trash company.. either it comes in 24 hours or 7 days.. anytime that it doesn't come in 24 hours it takes 6 or 7 days so it's not a mistake when it happens multiple times it's like they do it on purpose I don't understand it

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I got a laptop sent to me and when it arrived I opened the box and the screen was badly damaged.. the laptop is broken now wtf.. what are your workers doing this is a fraud company I stg

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Je vous envoi mon adressé postal pour mon colis merci 38 rue du docteur roux a Troyes 10000

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your delivery was fast and efficient

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Colis livré en 24 hres Montréal-Gatineau. Service ultra efficace! A recommander.

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Delivered as promised, no problems at all.

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My package arrived ahead of my expected time. Excellent service.

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This site can fully track my Xpresspost shipments. Will use this tracking site again to track my next Xpresspost parcels.

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