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Yodel荷物を追跡する,Trackingmoreは荷物状態の自動的な検索、ロット検索、自動通知をサポートします。Yodel API クエリ-インターフェイス提供します。ebay、aliexpress、magentoなどのプラットフォームの配送番号データを統合し、多種類な言語に切り替えることができ、国際速達のサービスを達成します。


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Mrs Ginnie Mackenzie

My Nespresso coffee pods were delivered today as promised by a delightful friendly and efficient driver. Excellent service. Thank you


Dreadful company. Service doesn't exist. Communications don't exist. Their tracker pages are farcical and don't get updated. AVOID USING THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE


WORST COURIER COMPANY EVER AVOID Yodel is not only bad, its poor. No planning, not eco friendly at all, no care, no desire to help and they hold parcels hostage. Do not expect anything from them at all. If you can do not use them, there are lots of other couriers that actually go out of their way for customer don't be fooled this company is shocking! As for this app, wow!! Just do not even bother at all in any way. Yodel - holding your parcel hostage. Yodel - "Your Delivery, Our Call" Don't expect to get a service of any value at all, your parcel will turn up when we can be bothered to deliver it, maybe tomorrow maybe next week, who cares, we don't. Pathetic .


The company is just ridiculous. I've never liked when I order things and the company use Yodel as their delivery service. I never get my order if the company is every used. They either leave it at the drop off point and lied that they try to deliver or just not deliver and lie that they try to deliver. I ordered something off Amazon, never had issues with Amazon deliveries. Until this sad ass company was used for delivery. My order was set to delivered. I was at all home all day that day, no one buzzed my flat and people working in the area never saw Yodel in that area that day. But for some reason it was marked as delivered. I asked the company and apparently it was delivered to reception. What reception? As I don't have any reception in my building. So the delivery driver just stole my order, didn't even try to delivered and just lied about delivery. I hate the company with passion.

Fed up waiting

I have bought a dress from silk Fred three weeks ago for a wedding that has already past and I haven’t heard a word from this company / website at all


I've been waiting in all day for my delivery which still hasn't shown up (now after 6pm). Tried contacting driver but mobile is switched off, no estimated time given, not even an AM, PM or Evening which I feel Nd amazing in this day and age. Will never use Yodel again, others much more reliable and easy to use.


Excellent Courier. Very helpful and polite…Well done.


Said delivery would be Friday however popped up on app that I changed it to Saturday which I did not. Not the first time they pulled a stunt as last time out they said they tried to deliver but nobody home yet my cctv shows nobody came to address to attempt delivery, complete liars and inept. Do not use these clowns you will only be disappointed.

Andy Eastwood

Absolutely hopeless

Qasim kayani

No delivery estimate. In middle of house move. Waiting all day, driver is close, I am next but it's been like that for 1 hour or more. Poor service compared to others

Just me,

Although delivery was delayed by a day, I did get excellent service from the driver.I live in an upstairs flat,and the driver carried my parcel upstairs and put it on the kitchen worktop. He was really pleasant , cheerful and helpfu Tracking number JD0002249612426201l


Just to say I have waited nearly a month for 2blouses more time than any other company , but blouses lovely , don,t know if I,ll order anything else, ......I would if orders can be speeded up a bit


not bad. i received the package and delivered it on time. No sign of dents of the box.


fast shipping. I got it on time. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.


fast shipping. i received the package and delivered it on time. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.


amazing. I got it on time. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.


not bad. I received my order quickly. I am super Happy.


love it. i received the package and delivered it on time. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

H. Munshi

Good service time and date


Can you please tell me whatevs the item with this regencie JJD0002219701528925, because I am waiting a tilting electric trike but I am not sore if it this, and if you please confime for me the address that you have. My name is Carlos Ferreira, Many thanks and hope ear from you

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