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Hayley Morris

Two parcels from Aus to New Zealand, onde arrived and the other after clearing at customes there was no moveemnt and no-one could trace it. Partners of SEKO in New Zealand wanted a different tracking number, where that comes from- who knows? Dick Smith, the suppleir, could not give any further information and did not respond to my follow-up enquiries. Not receiving a paif for items is breach of sales contract. Will look at remediating breach of sales contract of the parcel cannot be located.

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not recieved my package.I made my order TRACKING:ECSKAO53914 on january 19th.Until today March 8th have heard nothing about my parcel. It was sent to ISRAEL.Please let me know.thank you [email protected]

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Parcel cleared customs on 23rd December. No further action. Tracking site wasn't working so I rang 29th December. Waited 35 minutes for phone to be answered only to have to deal with the rudest rep ever. Couldn't answer my question probably because she was so busy speaking over me reading her script. Terrible service all around.

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Craig Ball

Item has been sitting in Auckland for 2 weeks. What takes so long? Incompetent useless courier service

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I ordered on the 23rd of October, was dispatched on the 27th of October. firstly my tracking number did work so I had to email Dick Smith for another. have shed shipping every day right up until the 13th of dec (was still waiting to leave country) with a few emails to Dick Smith in between. got a reply back today from them saying that my parcel had been delivered on the 8th of dec followed by updated list of my tracking which said it had actually been delivered on the 8th of November...... STILL HAV NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM!!

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Has all you who didn't receive your orders receive them??? Coz damn, the waiting times are crazy. It said it was "out for delivery" and then for the last few days its been saying "pending"

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Nothing communicated, tracking just says 'Tracking number allocated & order ready" yet no update whatsoever. Appalling!

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Jahz Lis

-Hey Guys, I ordered though Dicksmith on the 20/10/21 (0ppo Find X3 Neo 5G (Galactic Silver) comes with Kogan sim card (Free) & a 30 day 32G Plan (Also free).. This package arrived In The North Island, New Zealand yesterday 08/11/21 (3 weeks)..Was I stoaked to see this in my mail box (I havnt received any updates on tracking as it will stay on the same one since being shipped)..After reading everyone's reviews..If I hadn't gone to check it, it most probably be still in there.. Yes it takes longer to arrive then others but I can say you will receive..And I'm happy!!!..

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Miss G

It’s been almost 2 months and my package mailed from Hongkong to US has not arrived. Very disappointed. Like everyone, I am still waiting

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Don't know where all of these negatives reviews are coming from, but from my personal experience it was a quick service, about 5 days for them to send my order over from the UK to Sydney, Australia. It got cleared from customs within a couple of hours then sent of the Australia Post. For the cheap price of postage, I would let them handle my package.

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More sad reacts

Such bad service! If anyone is thinking of ordering from Dick Smith don't do it! I ordered a monitor 1 month ago and it is still sitting in transit...looks like there are a lot of us who are in the same situation :(

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Been waiting just under a month for a parcel from Aus to Wellington NZ. Tracking system is pretty useless. No update at all during the past 2 weeks and no way of contacting the courier company. Even allowing for some delay due to CV19, this is getting ridiculous and I have a feeling that I'm going to have a long wait.

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Does anyone know where the depot is in Hamilton to collect OMNI parcel from as thats where it says it is

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Ordered 4 weeks ago, Has been at "international Transit" for weeks. Was shipped on the 20th September and it's still at "International Transit". Really pissed off and it's bullshit there is no way to contact OmniParcel. I specifically ordered from a NZ site so I wouldn't have this hassle, won't be using Dick Smith again and will be advising others not to waste their time

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Jessica Ryan

Parcel shipped over 1 month ago from Dick smith & hasn’t even left Australia yet Apparnetly? I can’t find a to get in touch with this company. I will NEVER use them again

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I ordered hair curler 6 month ago still not arrived , seems they scammed

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Ordered toys from Dick Smith and it was shipped 22 September. Now it's still sitting in AUS international transit today.

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Been waiting for 2 weeks and the tracker reckons it still hasnt left the warehouse wtf

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i ordered a dress from princess polly for £40 in the US to be delivered to the UK. i was able to see the tracking process on the app ‘shop’. i placed the order on the 19/05/21 and was constantly updated of shipping, after looking at these reviews i got really worried, however, my parcel was delivered to my address in the UK from California in 4 days on the 22/05/21. i am really sorry for everybody who hasn’t received their parcels i am unsure why my experience was a lot better :( maybe due to the brand i ordered from? i also paid no customs duty which was a surprise as i have heard so much about the extensive cost of duties especially from princess polly to the UK. i hope you guys receive your parcels or are issued refunds because the month long waits that have been described are unacceptable.

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