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The absolute worst delivery company and good for nothing representatives. Delivery guy does not even knock or ring the doorbell and leaves a note saying they missed me. Useless company, waited all ay for them to deliver the package and is useless. they have no idea what is happening and so called supervisors are also useless. PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. don't waste your time. I'm sure someone will reply to this by asking me to send my tracking ID which I will do but I know it is useless. What a joke of a company.

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Fortune Bellavance

I was, supposed to have them pick up two end tables after three oclock.. He came about two pm I told him I could not pick up boxes. I had an accident. I could not lift ,anything he just stood there. No suggestions no help. . I told him it was, too early. He just, stood there. I went over to try to move one of the boxes. I tried to lift he just watched. I got it up on my walker. I brought it to the back door.. My cane hit my walker with a seat.It almost hurt me. . He just, stared, and did nothing. I went to get the other one and put it up on my walker. He then left. Now my injury of my back is worse and he could have, showed some humanity. He refused to help me. I am in intense pain. I am not a Senior but if I was I would be in the hospital. I am middle age. I do not want Purolator near, my home. Omg what, a horrible experience..My phone number is 4383348651 Sincerely Mrs. Bellavance

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Am amazing Purolator employee in Regina shovelled my back deck today while delivering Amazon packages. Thank you!

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love it. My parcel was on time and in good conditio. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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love it. I received my order quickly. can\'t wait to open my box.

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fast shipping. 5 star kay delivery. No sign of dents of the box.

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good. i received the package and delivered it on time. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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love it. I got it on time. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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fast shipping. Nice packaging of the product. to be honest ... of all courier i only trust is you.

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amazing. Nice packaging of the product. Hoping for more transactions with you soon.

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Prompt service and tracking facility allows me to know when to expect delivery.Courier always extremely pleasant

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Excellent price and service

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the package is too heavy to my mom to move, the delivery gut was willing to help .thank you

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Highly recommend!will introduce to my friends for use

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the delivery guy is helpful and polite.

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