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Jorge Berríos

5*****, star review. Package

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Quick access to tracking. Accurate results. Excellent.

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james shepherd

if you are gonna assign a tracking number to a shipment, how about updating that tracking info.

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Michelle Berard

Paid 9.85 for priority 2 day delivery for a birthday card. Card still not delivered as of today, 5 days later. Why did it go from Maine to Massachusetts to NH then back to Massachusetts and then to two locations in NC before being sent out for delivery? Where can I get a refund?

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Buenas tardes mi pedido fue enviado desde Boston con destino Ecuador-Guayaquil el código de guía es: CH156992993US ya hace un mes llego a Quito necesito saber cuando llega a Guayaquil algún contacto para comunicarme POR FAVOR.

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On 18 Oct 2021, a package of mine was shipped in hopes that it would reach my address with USPS priority mail. This package contains roughly 350$ in computer racing simulator equipment. Its last update was that it departed Chicago USPS Regional Facility on 21 Oct 21. It still has not arrived after 4 months. I've contacted USPS multiple times to try and find this package and started a missing mail search on 16 Nov 21. I've had multiple support cases opened, the case numbers are 36441683, 32207635, and 32539455. The first case was closed and USPS told me to wait longer. The second case was closed and told me to wait longer if it didn't show up to file a claim. I don't want to file a claim. And the last case number 36441683 was closed within three days and USPS did not to tell me why. The item was being shipped to my APO (Overseas Military) address. I contacted the Military Postal Service Agency and they have no additional tracking on their end, meaning it was not handed over to the military. A USPS employee either stole this package, or it's still sitting somewhere in a sort facility. Crazy to pay over 40$ for shipping a package and it can't make it to its destination because of the incompetence of the USPS. So much for "Priority Mail."

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Elizabeth Hart

@ The SCIPIO JONES USPS POST OFFICE, MAIN STREET, LITTLE ROCK, AR ...The Facility is Very Uncleaned........ THE WORKERS ARE SO RUDE, UNENGAGED, Very DISMISSIVE, Nonchalant, Not Polite....Yet Very Polite Towards Anglo--Saxons Americans. EXCEPT FOR Mz. Joann(supervisor) It's' SADD......

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Blow it.

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Lee Lichtenstein

The USPS lost 50\% of the packages I shipped in the past years. They are a horrible company and their process for filing claims DOES NOT WORK. The USPS has nosedived down to one of the least reliable companies in business today. It's no wonder there are phrases like 'gone postal'. If I worked for such an abominable company, I'd go postal too! Stick to letters, USPS. Leave the parcels to Fedex and UPS. You can't handle that business.

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David mitchell


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Kelly was absolutely amazing today. She was very helpful and very friendly and very accommodating. I live in Newberry and it’s always a pleasure when she helps me out!!

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Mi pedido ya llegó a la instalación local pero no me indica nada que ya va ser entregado.

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Dark web


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envie un paquete a USA texas no es entregado y ya esta en texas. no entiendo por q no lo llevan al estinatario

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Mrs. Capanna

where is my package? I ordered this over a month ago. Either get my package to me or refund my money. I will report this if my package does not come soon

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Hello, help me check where my postal courier has arrived, and how many days will it take to reach China

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He mandado correo y monitoriado el tránsito de mi paquete de estados Unidos a Barcelona Tortosa Tarragona España y aún sin recibir salió de Barajas Madrid desde el 6 de noviembre /21 ya a 25 de nov/21 sin respuesta favor apoyar

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Adriana Jiménez villalobos

No ha llegado mi paquete de Florida a Costa Rica , como puedo hacer para reclamar mi paquete ?

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Estoy experimentando una búsqueda por esta vía por primera vez

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