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No update on goods from USA after leaving it say destination not found

Can you help me in making the package arrive safely and help me update the destination Tracking#UH011874910US Destination::::NIGERIA osun state Ilesa West Street :::::yh16 Oloruntedo street Thanks help me with that pls it's already 8 days on transit no other update except in transit pls help me review it

Taking Long

Why I Haven't Received It As Yet?

Very good

Better than the use website

pls help

my package still in transit for over 22 days now,anyone here to tell me what nexxt to do thanks

feedback please

its been 45 days since i didnt receive my parcel . my code is LC110339388US .please .check it again and where is it already . because the last update is on April 6 then it send April 3 . its already May 11. ty .

Item received

I thought I would never receive my packages as it stuck somewhere for almost two weeks. Fortunately, it arrived in good condition finally.

Unprocessed mail

Please i have my Tracking but my package was confirmed to have been dropped off at the usps location but its yet to leave the pre=shipment screen. 9405501699320148893390

Not found

Its saying destination country :not found.. Why ❓ cus I don't understand it.

the packet has not been sent !

why my old package sent? TRACKING NUMBER UA651596226US

Take Two!! USPS!!

Just as my first package, USPS got it there ON TIME and NOT DAMAGED! Great job!

So far so good!

No problem in tracking my USPS packages. Recommend!

Just as promised. (HOO WOO)!

Thank you for the great job of getting my package to where it needed to GO!!

correct address

my address is 303 main street,apt#223, hempstead, NY 11550. Erin Liu, 516-946-0609. could you redeliver the package for me?

usps tracking is nice

usps tracking

this is me thats

it is benign used bt h

Chiping lebel

Please check This track number for me 9400109699938873804784. I send like a week and this teack # never when to the destination.thankyou.

Terrible customer service

I sent out a package to someone who is stationed in a navy base. I've always used USPS for all my shipments before. This time there was a delay in the shipping progress which I understand happens sometimes. It was a BIG inconvenience since it was supposed to arrive at the navy base on the 25th of October and because of the delay it still has not arrived. The person is being stationed at a different base in California now (oct. 26) therefore not able to pick up the package anymore. The website was having some difficulty tracking my package and when I called customer service she could care less. She told me that there was nothing she could do and if he couldn't pick it up anymore then it would be shipped back to me. Which was an even bigger inconvenience. She didn't give me any information about alternative solutions. This will be my last time using USPS since my package is never really guaranteed.

USPS is great!

Their price is good and package arrived exactly as what the seller told.

Released from custom

it a nice site and thanks for making it easy, my package says Released from custom. those this means it's going to the final destination?

Reply omosexy

yes, exactly


delay of updating the status and no update for deliveries.
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