TrackingMore API


Manage your trackings

URI Method Description
POST /trackings/post POST 創建壹個跟蹤項目
GET /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} GET 獲取跟蹤單個跟蹤結果。
PUT /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} PUT 更新跟蹤專案
DELETE /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} DELETE 刪除跟蹤專案
POST /trackings/batch POST 創建多個跟蹤。
GET /trackings/get GET 列出所有的跟蹤
POST /trackings/updatemore POST 更新更多的跟蹤專案
POST /trackings/delete POST 刪除多個跟蹤專案
POST /trackings/realtime POST 獲取單次跟蹤的實時跟蹤結果
POST /trackings/update POST 修改運輸商簡碼
GET /trackings/getuserinfo GET 查詢用戶剩餘額度
GET /trackings/getstatusnumber GET 獲取狀態數量
POST /trackings/notupdate POST 批量不更新跟蹤項目
POST /trackings/remote POST 檢查裝運是否發送到遠端區域。
POST /trackings/costtime POST 獲取快遞時效結果



  • Content-Type: application/json
    Trackingmore-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY
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countryCountry name or two code (eg:CN)
postcodezip code (Enter the city name if the country doesn't have zip codes) (eg:518131)
company(optional)remote company (eg:DHL)

Request Body

  • [
    	"country": "Japan",
    	"postcode": "7621094"
    	"country": "NZ",
    	"postcode": "Papaaroha"
  • Response Body 200

        "meta": {
            "code": 200,
            "type": "Success",
            "message": "The request was successful."
        "data": {
            "submitted": 2,
            "other": [],
            "remote": [{
                "far_express_company": "ups",
                "two_code": "JP",
                "far_country": "Japan",
                "far_city_postcode": "7621094"
            }, {
                "far_express_company": "tnt",
                "two_code": "JP",
                "far_country": "Japan",
                "far_city_postcode": "7621094"
            }, {
                "far_express_company": "fedex",
                "far_country": "New Zealand",
                "two_code": "NZ",
                "far_city_postcode": "papaaroha"
            "errors": []
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