Seller Center APPS / How to connect SparkPay to TrackingMore?

To connect your SparkPay store to TrackingMore, you need to enter your SparkPay Store URL and the Access Token. So the vital thing is to find the Access Token. You can follow the below steps.

Step1: Login to the Sparkpay admin panel, click "Tools">"Apps & Addons">"API APPs & Integrations" and then click "New" button at the right upper corner.


Step2: Choose an APP name.


Step3: Click "Next" and then select "Single Token Flow".


Step4: Select "View customer, user, or profile data" under "People Permissions" and "View order data" under "Orders Permissions".


Step5: Click "Save" and you will see your "Access Token".


Step6: Go to TrackingMore website and login. Once you've done that, click "Connector">"Binding Sparkpay". Enter parameters of Store URL and Access Token, click "Connect".