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Track Australia post parcels the easy way with TrackingMore. Enter your package’s tracking number and get real-time updates on your parcel’s progress and location.


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Australia Post Tracking

Australia Post tracking is a dedicated parcel and mail delivery monitoring service provided by Australia Post to help senders and receivers follow the progress of their packages. This service lets users know what stage of the delivery cycle the package has reached and what the next step is. Tracking Australia Post packages also reveals the estimated delivery date, allowing recipients to set expectations right and avail themselves of pick-up.

Australia Post tracking is crucial for businesses looking to enhance the post-purchase experience for their customers. The tracking function gives online merchants clear visibility into the shipping process, aiding their communication with customers on the other end. The ability to monitor this process from end to end also helps e-commerce retailers formulate a response plan if there is a delivery exception. While Australia Post parcel and mail tracking is free, it is not available for all packages and depends on the service the sender uses.

About Australia Post

Australia Post is the recognized official post and mailing service of Australia. This government-owned and operated entity has a history spanning over a century. 

It was first started during the colonial era in Australia in 1901 as the Postmaster-General Department to formalize colonial postal service. In 1975, The Australian Postal Communication replaced the abolished Postmaster-General Department. Fourteen years later, in 1989, it assumed its current name and was incorporated as a government-owned entity.

Today, Australia Post handles domestic and international postal and mail services. The courier has evolved its practices to cater to online businesses with digital advances, including a mobile app. The 2022 financial year ended with Australia Post reporting a total revenue of A$8.97 billion.

Australia Post Shipping Tracking

AusPost lists numerous services on its website dedicated to fulfilling any personal or business parcel and mailing needs. Below is a further breakdown of each service and its tracking function.


Australia Post’s parcel-sending service enables people to send and receive mail across all addresses within Australia. It is further divided into two distinct categories.

  • Parcel Post

Parcel Post is a regular service that ships packages across Australia in 2+ business days. This carbon-neutral service is ideal for packages valued at A$5100 and below. It offers insurance coverage with compensation, and packages can be tracked for free via the Australia Post parcel tracking tool.

  • Express Post

This option is the fastest delivery service for domestic parcels to all Australian addresses in 1+ business day. Choose between flat rate packaging or prepaid satchels and boxes as suits your needs and track the package’s progress through the Australia Post Express tracking function. For next business day delivery, post the package via the Express Post next business day delivery network, also called Express Post guarantee available only on weekdays.

Domestic Letter Service

Australia Post offers a Domestic Letter Service that facilitates the delivery of letters to all locations in Australia. The table below shows each service option and what to expect.

Domestic Letter Service


Delivery Time (Business Days)



  • Most cost-effective letter delivery service

Same state: 2-4 Business Days

Interstate: 3-6 Business Days



  • Quick letter delivery service than Regular

Same state: up to 2 Business Days

Interstate: up to 4 Business Days



  • Premium letter delivery service




  • Suitable for valuable letters 
  • Can be combined with any other letter delivery services
  • Proof of posting 
  • Signature on delivery

Depends on the letter delivery service chosen

Optional Email and SMS tracking


AusPost understands and appreciates businesses' crucial role in growing the economy and transforming lives. For this reason, the company offers domestic and international shipping services suitable for small and big businesses.

  • Domestic Shipping

Shipping to customers across Australia is easier with this service, which includes several tiers to meet your business and customer service needs.

Domestic Business Shipping Service


Delivery Times 


Standard Delivery

  • Carbon-neutral option
  • Parcel delivery to all of Australia
  • Optional signature on delivery

Estimated delivery in 2+ business days


Express Delivery

  • Covers Express Post's next business day delivery network 
  • Optional signature on delivery

Next business day


Same-day Metro Delivery

  • Delivery within specified metropolitan areas in Australian cities

Same-day delivery

from 1+ hours to 4.5 hours

*Afterhours and weekend delivery available to eligible customers

Live web tracking

  • International Shipping

Thanks to Australia Post's partner network, this worldwide parcel shipping service allows businesses to ship to over 220+ destinations globally. This service offers dedicated customer support and market-leading Australia Post global tracking to help businesses provide an exceptional post-purchase experience to customers.

International Business Shipping


Estimated Delivery Times



  • Carbon-neutral international shipping 
  • Ideal for items up to $100 in value 
  • Signature on delivery option available

2-4 business days



  • Fast global shipping 
  • Suited for urgent letters, documents, and parcels 
  • Signature on delivery option

3-8 business days



  • International business shipping service 
  • Available at 800+ Post Offices 
  • Includes signature on delivery 
  • Parcel monitoring via Australia Post international tracking

6-12 business days


Economy Air

  • Cost-effective air parcel delivery

15+ business days


Economy Sea

  • Most affordable international business shipping 
  • suitable for bulk, non-time-sensitive items

2-3 months


How To Track My Australia Post Package

Tracking the status of your AusPost package is a simple-to-do process that only requires a tracking ID to accomplish. Below are elaborate steps to track your Australia Post package using various methods.

  • Via Official Website

Australia Post tracking page

Australia Post’s primary website provides a convenient way to check the status of any AusPost package from the homepage through the following steps.

  1. Visit the Australia Post homepage and navigate to the center.
  2. Enter your tracking ID(s) in the search field. You can enter up to 10 tracking numbers separated by a space or comma.
  3. Click “Track” and wait for the tracking information to be retrieved.

Australia Post tracking status

  • Via the Official Mobile App

The AusPost tracking mobile app is an excellent option for tracking your Australia Post shipment and setting up push notifications on your mobile device. You can use the app as a guest, but setting up notifications requires registering or logging in.

Australia Post mobile app

To track your package, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download and install the AusPost mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and click the circle in the middle of the screen.
  3. Enter your tracking number when prompted, and select the “Add” option.
  4. You can also scan the barcode on your receipt if you posted the parcel.
  5. The tracking information on your package will load in a few seconds. You can only track one package at a time when using the AusPost mobile app. To track another shipment, click the “ADD” button at the top right of the screen after the first search.
  • Via TrackingMore (Powerful Third-party Platform)

TrackingMore Australia Post tracking page

TrackingMore is a powerful third-party multi-carrier platform that can track the status of Australia Post packages worldwide. However, it’s necessary to note that Australia Post Tracking is an exclusive service accessible solely to registered users. To make full use of TrackingMore’s all-encompassing features, we invite you to register and sign up for a free trial today. Unlock the benefits of Australia Post Tracking by creating your account, which enables you to access real-time tracking information for your parcels. With TrackingMore’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities, you can always stay updated on the status and whereabouts of your shipments throughout the shipping journey. Register now and experience seamless parcel tracking like never before.

Why Should I Choose to Track Using TrackingMore Over Australia Post?

Many people sending or receiving packages via Australia Post ask why they should use TrackingMore over the courier’s propriety tracking methods. There are several valid arguments for TrackingMore, starting with its support of over 1100 global couriers. 

Like many global logistics service providers, Australia Post partners with local couriers in different international destinations. Your package is handed over to this last-mile carrier, and as that happens, tracking the parcel becomes challenging. With TrackingMore, you can continuously track the parcel until it reaches its destination without blurred visibility.

TrackingMore also has a carrier auto-detection feature that automatically identifies the name of the courier and what you need to offer is the tracking number of your package. This functionality helps recipients know who is handling their package at any time.

During peak season, the Australia Post tracking feature on its website and the mobile app can experience downtimes due to a surge in traffic. TrackingMore attracts less traffic, meaning the website remains stable and retrieves tracking information at its standard lightning speeds.

Australia Post Tracking Number

The Australia Post tracking number is a unique code designed to identify packages dispatched via Australia Post, both domestically and internationally. 

  • Australia Post Tracking Number Format and Examples

Australia Post tracking numbers are randomly generated when someone creates a shipping label or posts a package. The format of the tracking ID will vary depending on the package’s origin and destination. A standard Australia Post tracking number will have 13-23 characters. These characters can be numeral-only or include alphabets.

For Tracking numbers with alphanumeric characters, the letters will indicate the destination or origin of the package. Examples are shown below.

2 characters + 9 numbers + 2 characters - EB009363617HK (HK indicates Hong Kong as origin)

2 numbers + 3 characters + 18 numbers - 33XHG528660101000935106 

23-character numeral-only tracking number - 99710708174601004300900

Australia Post Tracking Number FAQs

  • How many digits are in an Australia Post tracking number?

Australia Post tracking numbers will consist of 13-23 characters comprised of digits only or containing some alphabets that indicate the package’s origin or destination.

  • How to track parcels without an Australia Post tracking number?

Users cannot track Australia Post packages without a tracking number.

  • How to find the Australia Post tracking number?

The Australia Post tracking number for a package will be sent in the order confirmation or invoice if shopping online. For retailers sending the package, the barcode on the postage receipt will contain the tracking number.

Australia Post Tracking Status

When you track an Australia Post package using the tracking ID, AusPost’s tracking feature on the website or the mobile app will return information with varying tracking statuses. Understanding what these statuses mean will help you track your order more efficiently and know which stage it is in. The table below breaks down the meanings of different tracking statuses for Australia Post shipments.

Tracking Status


Shipping information received by Australia Post

The online retailer has sent your order details to Australia Post for processing.

Shipping information approved by Australia Post

After reviewing the information sent by the online seller, Australia Post has verified it all checks out and approved it.

Being packed by sender

The sender has shared shipping information with Australia Post and is currently packaging the parcel before handing it to AusPost.

Picked up from the sender

The package has been picked up by an AusPost driver from the sender’s address.

Received item from sender (outbound)

The sender has posted the package with Australia Post.

It’s on its way

The package has started its journey to your destination.

Received by Australia Post for transportation to processing facility

An Australia Post driver has received the package and is transporting it to a local sorting facility.

Item processed at facility

The package has been scanned at the local sorting facility.

In transit to next facility in Brisbane QLD

The Australia Post package is moving from one local facility to another in Brisbane, Queensland.


The Australia Post parcel has been moved to another sorting facility.

Arrived at facility

The AusPost sorting facility received and logged the package into its systems.

Cleared and awaiting international departure

The package has passed through customs and is ready to be shipped to its international destination.

International arrival - awaiting clearance

The shipment has arrived at customs in the destination country and is awaiting further processing.

It’s coming today

The package will be delivered to your delivery location today.

Onboard for delivery

The parcel has been loaded on an AusPost or last-mile partner vehicle for transporting to the delivery location.


The delivery has been delayed because of adverse weather or any other exception. Australia Post will deliver within five days after the estimated delivery date.

Attempted delivery

Australia Post tried to deliver the package but could not for various reasons, including the inaccessibility of the delivery location.

Dropped off at a Post Office

The AusPost package has been left at the local Post Office, ready for pickup.

Awaiting collection

The package is ready for collection by the recipient.

Leave in a safe place requested by receiver

The recipient has requested the Australia Post package to be left in a safe place around their home.


The package has been signed off to the recipient or picked up from a safe storage locker or local Post Office.

Australia Post Tracking API

Australia Post has a tracking API solution that online retailers can implement on their websites to provide their customers with a way to track the status of their packages. However, the API solution only tracks AusPost packages, limiting customers' visibility into the shipping process whenever a last-mile logistics partner takes charge of the package.

A third-party multi-carrier tracking API like TrackingMore is a better alternative that ensures recipients can track the statuses of their Australia Post packages even when handled by multiple logistics companies.

Why Should I Use TrackingMore API Instead?

TrackingMore’s API is a powerful tracking technology that supports more than 1100 global carriers. This API has an excellent uptime of 99.9%, which delivers reliable stability, ensuring that customers can track their packages without outages. Moreover, its scalable pricing plan makes it a more cost-effective alternative that will grow with your business and meet increasing order-tracking needs. With TrackingMore, you can customize the tracking experience with a branded tracking page and promote other products on your online store. Give TrackingMore a run risk-free by signing up for a free trial.

Australia Post Tracking FAQs

  • How long does Australia Post keep tracking information?

Australia Post keeps the tracking information for any package for a maximum of 13 months only. After the expiry of this period, the package cannot be tracked on Australia Post.

  • Why is Australia Post tracking not updating?

Tracking information for an Australia Post package fails to update because of a technical issue. Whenever such a situation happens, AusPost will only update the most recent and relevant tracking notifications instead of outdated tracking updates. AusPost delivers delayed parcels within five days of the expected delivery date but in case this extends, please contact Australia Post within 10 days to start an investigation.

How to Contact Australia Post Customer Support

Customer service is a core pillar of Australia Post. The company offers several methods to contact their support team for any of your package tracking needs. Below are the contact methods to use.

Contact Method



Online inquiry form 


Live Chat

Click on Chat Bubble



Australia: 13 POST(13 7678)

Overseas: +61 3 8847 9045

8 am-6 pm Mon-Fri (Except national public holidays)

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