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    China Post Tracking

    China Post tracking allows end-to-end tracking of packages online. No matter if the shipment is domestic or international, China Post has services for every shipping need with tracking facilities. 

    China Post customers receive a unique combination of tracking numbers for their packages or shipments, which they can use to track the whereabouts of their packages using the China Post tracking API or other third-party service tracking APIs, such as TrackingMore.

    About China Post

    China Post, legally known as China Post Group Corporation, is the official postal service provider of China. It is a Beijing-based state-owned enterprise of the People's Republic of China. It is one of the leading postal service providers in the world, meeting both domestic and international shipping needs on a large scale.

    The company offers a wide range of postal and logistics solutions, including issuing stamps, domestic and international mail delivery, postal express delivery, newspaper distribution, postal remittance services, postal financial services, and so on. This economical postal service is one of the most popular choices for eCommerce product shipping from platforms such as AliExpress, eBay, GearBest, FastTech, and others.

    China Post Tracking Service

    China Post provides the following services to both domestic and international customers.

    Service Categories

    Service List

    Express service

    Domestic Service

    • Domestic Express Mail Service (EMS)

    • Express Parcel Delivery

    • Government Affairs Express

    • Commercial Express

    • Fresh Product Delivery

    • Express Mail Service, e-EMS, Parcel, & Small Packet destined for HongKong, Macao, & Taiwan

    • e-Packet Destined for Hongkong

    International Service

    • International Express Mail Service (EMS)

    • China Express

    • e-Packet

    • Registered Packet

    • Tracked Packet

    • Untracked Packet

    • International Parcel

    • International e-EMS

    • e-Courier 

    • e-Courier Packet

    Financial Service

    • Banking

    • Insurance

    • Money Transfer

    • Remittance Service

    Let’s learn about the services in detail.

    China Post Postal Service

    • China Post Untracked Packet (Ordinary Small Packet Plus)

    The China Post untracked packet service is ideal for shipping items below 2 kg from China to other countries. The shipment is conducted via Air, Surface Air Lifter (SAL), and Surface transportation modes. 

    Weight limit: 2kg for all countries except Saudi Arabia (1kg)

    Size limit: 

    Rectangular packet: 

    • Minimum size (Dimension 14 cm, Width 9cm)

    • Maximum size (Length 60 cm, Length + Width + Height 90 cm)

    Cylindrical Packet:

    • Minimum size (Length 10cm, length plus twice the diameter 17 cm)

    • Maximum size (Dimension 90 cm, length plus twice the diameter 104 cm)

    Delivery time: 

    Air Parcel

    Neighboring countries 7-15 days

    European & Asian countries 10-30 days

    Other regions 15-40 days

    Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel

    30-60 days

    Surface Parcel

    60- 120 days

    • China Post Registered Packet

    This service is more expensive than standard mail with tracking facilities and a compensation guarantee. It is a popular service for shipping accessories, clothes, shoes, and other lightweight items under 2 kg from e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, etc., to 215 countries and regions worldwide.

    The 13-character tracking number starts with a pair of letters (the first letter is R), followed by 9 digits and a pair of letters ‘CN’. 

    Delivery time: 

    Neighboring countries 7-15 days

    European & Asian countries 10-30 days

    Other regions 15-40 days

    • China Post Tracked Packet

    The China Post Tracked Packet is an affordable door-to-door delivery service with full tracking facilities. Small and lightweight items are shipped to 20 countries using various modes of transportation based on the shipping needs of the countries. 

    Countries: UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, France, Norway, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, Morocco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Belarus, Estonia, and Armenia.

    Weight limit: 2kg

    Size limit:

    Rectangular packet

    Minimum size: Length of one side 140 mm, width 90mm

    Maximum size: Length+width+thickness 900mm, longest side 600mm

    Cylindrical Packet

    Minimum size: Sum of length and twice diameter 170 m, Length 100mm

    Maximum size: Sum of length and twice the diameter 1040 mm,  Length 900mm

    • China Post e-Courier Packet

    The China Post e-Courier packet is a cross-border logistics service for commercially shipping e-commerce goods. The service is ideal for shipping small, lightweight goods weighing up to 2 kg. 

    The features of this service include-

    ✔Tracking facility

    ✔Reasonable price

    ✔Customs clearance

    ✔Compensation and refund coverage

    Countries: UK, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy

    Size limit:

    Rectangular packet

    Minimum size: Length of one side 140 mm, width 90mm

    Maximum size: Length+width+thickness 900mm, longest side 600mm

    Cylindrical Packet

    Minimum size: Length 100mm, sum of twice the diameter & length 170mm

    Maximum size: Length 900mm, sum of the length and twice the diameter 1040mm

    • China Post Large Package Tracking

    This is an affordable service for large international shipments, with both tracking and no tracking features. The large package regular mail service is the cheapest with no tracking feature, and the large package registered mail service is slightly more expensive than the other with a tracking facility.

    The 13-character tracking number begins with the letters 'CP' and ends with the letters 'CN,' with 9 digits in between. 

    Weight limit: More than 2 kg - below 30 kg. (In some countries, the maximum allowed weight is 15 kg, 20 kg, or 40 kg)

    Size limit:

    Minimum size: Length 0.24m  width 0.16m

    Maximum size: 

    • For 20 kg, Dimension less than 1.05 meters & length + circumference less than 2 meters.

    • For 30 kg, Dimension less than 1.5 meters & length + circumference less than 3 meters.

    Delivery time: 

    Air Parcel

    Neighboring countries 5-10 days

    Europe & America (developed countries) 7–15 Days

    South American countries 10-20 Days

    Africa & other countries 15–30 Days

    Surface Air Lift (SAL) Parcel

    15–20 Days

    Surface Parcel

    30-60 days

    China EMS Tracking

    China Post Express Mail Service (EMS) is the fastest delivery solution provided by China Post. The China Post EMS service includes different categories of services that meet the delivery needs of both small and large shipments inside China and around the world.

    The services include tracking features that ensure the transparency of the shipment by providing real-time shipment updates to the customers.

    The following are the China EMS services along with their details.

    • International EMS tracking 

    China Post International EMS (Express Mail Service) is a fast and reliable shipping service for urgent deliveries of letters, documents, financial bills, and packages with a real-time tracking facility. The service offers shipment coverage for more than 200 countries and regions, as well as up to 2,000 cities inside China.

    The 13-character tracking number begins with two letters (first letter E), followed by 9 digits, and ends with two letters ‘CS’ or ‘CN’. 

    Weight limit:

    Philippines, Argentina, Bangladesh: 20 kg

    UK, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Thailand: 30 kg

    USA, Macau, Nepal, UAE: 31.5 kg

    Hong Kong, Malaysia: 40 kg

    Delivery time:

    Southeast Asia and South Asia regions: 3 days

    Australia: 4 days

    American & European countries: 5 days. 

    Note: Remote areas may require an additional 2 days

    • China International Express tracking

    The China International Express service offers shipping to more than 200 regions and countries worldwide. Packages are assigned 13-character tracking numbers starting with ‘CT’, followed by 9 digits, and ending with ‘CN’. 

    Depending on the weight limit, service model, and shipping time, it has various categories. 

    Global Express Service: It is one of the subcategories of China International Express Service offering the fastest door-to-door delivery service to over 220 regions and countries.  

    Economy Express Service: It is another subcategory of China International Express Service offering door-to-door delivery of over 45 kg with a tracking facility.

    • ePacket/EUB

    China Post ePacket, also known as EUB (Youbao, E邮宝)  is a fast and affordable shipping service for e-commerce goods under 2 kg. This service meets the shipping needs between mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and 39 other countries. The 13-character ePacket tracking number begins with two letters (the first is L), followed by 9 digits, and ends with CN. 

    Weight limit: Less than 2 kg but has exceptions.

    Russia: 3 kg

    UK & Israel: 5 kg

    Delivery time: 

    Mexico: 20 business days

    Russia, Ukraine & Saudi Arabia: 7- 20 business days

    Other countries: 7 - 30 business days

    • e-EMS

    e-EMS is another fast and convenient shipping service for international e-commerce merchants. This service is available in 50 countries and regions. The unique feature of this service is that it charges for every 50 gm of shipment weight. 

    Delivery time:

    Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan: 5-10 days

    USA, UK, Australia: 10-20 days

    Canada, Ukraine, Brazil: 10-25 days

    South Africa: 15-25 days

    China Post Amazon Tracking

    China Post offers several services that serve as shipping solutions for eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon. Whether Amazon merchants need to meet the shipping demand for small or large parcel shipping, China Post has a solution for every situation. 

    Amazon merchants can use the small packet and e-packet services for shipping small and lightweight goods. For meeting faster delivery needs, EMS services are the best. For shipping large and heavy goods, China Post has a large international package service. 

    And the best part is that all of these services have tracking facilities. As a result, transparency of the services will be maintained, as well as it will provide the customers with peace of mind.

    China Post Tracking in the USA

    China Post delivers in the United States through a partnership with the country's local postal service, USPS (United States Postal Service). China Post ships the packages from China to the USA after completing all the necessary formalities, such as export security screening, customs clearance, etc., and sends the shipment via air freight or ocean freight.  

    When the shipment arrives in the United States, it is once again examined for import customs clearance. After completing the formalities at the port or airport, the shipments are handed over to the USPS for local delivery. As the shipments are registered at the USPS, customers can track their China Post packages on the USPS website. 

    Why bother going from one website to another to track your package when TrackingMore can offer a one-stop tracking service? 

    How to track China Post Packages

    You need your shipment tracking number to track China Post packages. The tracking number can be used in the China Post tracking tool to see the whereabouts of the shipment. You can also use the tracking number on a third-party tracking website such as TrackingMore to get accurate tracking information.

    The following is a detailed guide on how to track China Post shipments.

    • Via the China Post's official website

    China Post tracking page

    Step 1: First, go to the China Postal Express & Logistics website. The website is in Chinese by default. Click the option ‘English’ from the menu to access the English version of the website.

    Step 2: At the bottom of the page there is a tracking field. Enter your tracking number in the tracking box and click the search icon.

    Step 3: A puzzle box will appear. Solve the puzzle.

    Now, a page will appear with detailed tracking information.

    China Post tracking status

    • Via TrackingMore

    TrackingMore is a third-party tracking service with over 1100 logistics service providers on its network. Having access to such a large network of tracking APIs allows for seamless shipment tracking of multiple carriers from a single platform.

    Step 1: Go to the TrackingMore official website and click the option ‘Carrier’ from the menu. 

    Step 2: On the ‘Carriers’ page, type ‘China Post’ in the carrier search bar and click on the carrier.

    Step 3: Enter your tracking number in the tracking box and click the “Track” button.

    Now, the tracking dashboard will appear on your screen with your package's shipping details.

    TrackingMore China Post tracking status

    Note: You can also go to TrackingMore's ePacket tracking page or China EMS tracking page to track the packages.

    Why should I choose to track using TrackingMore over China Post?

    China Post provides a reliable tracking tool that allows customers to track their package from the time it is dispatched from the sender to the time it is delivered to the receiver. However, it has some limitations, for which a powerful third-party tracking service like TrackingMore can be useful.

    TrackingMore is one of the leading third-party tracking services, with a global network of over 1100 carriers. This vast integration of tracking APIs is helpful for tracking shipments when China Post acts as a third-party Logistics Service Provider (LSP). Usually, third-party LSPs may need to switch courier services. In such cases, the China Post tracking system may not show the overall tracking details.

    On this note, TrackingMore has access to multiple data sources that provide complete shipment visibility. Its other features that give customers a smooth and convenient tracking experience include auto carrier detection, a friendly user interface, fast website performance, 24/7 support, and many more.

    China Post Tracking Number

    China Post assigns a unique combination of tracking numbers to every package or shipment booked at China Post for delivery. This tracking number acts as the shipment's identifier, allowing the sender, receiver, and courier service to track the shipment in real time. 

    The tracking number is provided on the shipping label, confirmation email, or text message from the sender. The China Post tracking number consists of 13 alphanumeric characters. Depending on the service, the tracking number begins with a pair of letters (the first letter being R, U, L, or E), followed by 9 numeric digits, and ends with a pair of letters ‘CN’. 

    Here are a few examples of China Post tracking numbers.

    - Registered Small Packet: RS 793 057 830 CN

    - Untracked Packet: UN2508Zc53670CN

    - China Post International Large Package: CP 846 105 639 CN

    - China Post EMS (Express Mail Service): EZ 270 461 057 CN or EZ 592 051 063 CS

    - China International Express: CT 846 109 452 CN

    - China EMS ePacket (EUB): LK 190 427 894 CN

    China Post Tracking Status

    Tracking Status


    Package Received

    China Post office has received the package or shipment.

    Depature from Local Sorting Center

    The package or shipment has been processed and has left the local sorting center.

    (Origin Country) Item Presented to Customs

    The package or shipment is at customs for export inspection.

    (Origin Country) Item Returned from Customs 

    The package or shipment has passed the export customs examination.

    (Origin Country) Dispatched from Office of Exchange

    The office of exchange has dispatched the package or shipment to the next transit point.

    (Origin Country) Arrival at Regional Sorting Center

    The regional sorting center has received the package or shipment for further processing.

    (Origin Country) Departure from Regional Sorting Center

    The package or shipment has left the regional sorting center after being processed.

    (Origin Country) Handed over to the Carrirer

    The package or shipment has been given to the carrier for delivery to the destination country.

    Received by the carrier

    The carrier has received the shipment or package.

    Flight Departure

    The flight carrying the package or shipment has taken off and is on its way to its destination.

    Arrival at the Destination

    The package or shipment has reached the destination country.

    Arrival at Processing Center

    The package or shipment has reached the processing center to be processed for the next step of the shipping process.

    (Destination country) Item Presented to Customs

    The Package or shipment is in the customs of the destination country for import examination.

    Arrival at Transit Sorting Center

    The Package or shipment is currently at the transit sorting center.

    (Destination country) Arrival at Delivery Office

    The Package or shipment has reached the delivery office of the destination country.

    Out for Delivery

    The Package or shipment is scheduled for Delivery and on its way to the destination.


    The Package or shipment has been delivered successfully to the recipient.

    China Post Tracking API

    While the China Post tracking API allows tracking for both domestic and international packages, opting for TrackingMore API offers numerous additional benefits and advantages.

    The TrackingMore API offers:

    • Comprehensive global tracking coverage

    • Support for multiple programming languages

    • Reliable API uptime of 99.9%

    • Round-the-clock technical support

    Sign up for a free trial today and enjoy a hassle-free tracking experience!

    FAQs on China Post Tracking

    • Is China Post legit? 

    China Post is a legitimate and reliable postal service. It is one of the largest postal services in the world, offering International shipping services with tracking features. China Post tracking shows an accurate and up-to-date shipment progress report, giving customers peace of mind and ensuring service transparency.

    • How to tell a fake China Post tracking number?

    Your China Post tracking number is fake if the number does not follow the tracking number format, i.e., it contains more or less than 13 digits, or the ending letters are not ‘CN’. 

    Also, if your tracking number has the correct format but does not show any shipping records, it has the possibility of being fake. Although there are other justifiable explanations for not showing a shipping record, if the seller does not respond or gives excuses in response, you could be certain that your tracking number is fake.

    • Does China Post deliver to the door?

    China Post provides door-to-door service to over 200 destinations around the world. However, the door-to-door service is limited to specific services, including Small Packet (Registered Packet & Untracked Packet) and China International Express (Global Express Service & Economy Express Service).

    • Does China Post work on weekends?

    No, China Post does not work on weekends. The working schedule is Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. +8 GMT.

    How to contact China Post

    Mailing Address

    No. A3 Jinrong Street,

    Xicheng District,

    Beijing, China

    Zip code: 100808

    Customer Service Number

    +86 10 11183 (Press 8 for service in English).

    From 08:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. +8 GMT (Except Saturday, Sunday & major Chinese holidays)

    Email Address

    [email protected] 

    If you do not receive assistance from China Post, TrackingMore is available to assist you in resolving your tracking issues.

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