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The biggest benefit to connect AliExpress shop to TrackingMore is that merchant can check AliExpress order status and order info all in one place without hire extra developer or go to courier official website. Merchants do not need to understand programming. All they need to do is follow below steps to completing AliExpress binding process and waiting for orders automatically imported and tracked by TrackingMore system.

AliExpress Connector Process

Step 1: Login to TrackingMore account. If you do not have one, sign up here.

Step 2: Go to AliExpress Connector page at TrackingMore backstage and click "Connect AliExpress" button to enter AliExpress Service Marketplace. Check below picture.


Step 3: Login to your AliExpress shop. If you have already logged in, please skip this step.

Step 4: Click "Agree and Pay" button. Check below picture.


Step 5: Cilck "My Service". Check below picture.


Step 6: Click "Use". Check below picture.


About AliExpress Connector Payment

Firstly, you need to pay 0.01 to AliExpress platform and get it's authorization to use this APP. Please kindly check step 4.

Secondly, you are able to use this app and synchronize your orders by completing step 6.

Thirdly, please choose a pricing plan that suits your needs and purchase here.