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What is Tracking Page for?

Trackingmore allows you to generate your own Tracking Page in a few minutes. In this page, you can add your shop logo, contact information, hot-selling products and so on. You can also send the link of this customized tracking page to your customers, then they can track their packages in it.


1. It's beneficial for merchants who want to generate its own tracking website without having its own official website.

2. example website:, search result page example (self-adaptation for mobile users is supported)

3. You can use track number, name, and order number to track the numbers that you've added in your account. The telephone number and name need to be completed when uploading CSV.

4. It only takes 2 minutes to generate a tracking page on your own.

How to generate your own Tracking Page?

Step 1 Log in

Step 2 Click "Notification" → “Tracking Page"

Step 3 Upload Your "Logo" → Input your "Tracking Page URL" & "Store Name" → Select "Tracking Criteria"

*Note: the domain you fulfill should be 5~15 letters or numbers.

Step 4 You can add other information according to your needs and click "Save".

Tracking Page

Newly-added Features  Updated in Feb 28, 2019

1. Favicon
The default favicon is the logo you upload. But you can upload your own unique favicon if you have one.

2. Hide Top Grey Banner
You can decide to hide or show our default banner on both computer and mobile.

3. Choose the button color
This option allows you to choose the most suitable color of the "Track" button that fits your store.

4. Hide keywords
Enter the words that you'd like to filter in the tracking information which will be presented to your customer. The word is case insensitive and please use comma to split the words.

Click the link above the "Save" button on the bottom. Then you can edit your tracking page through HTML & CSS.