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Trackingmore bietet viele Funktionen, nicht nur die Funktionen wie automatische Belgium Post Sendungsverfolgung, Sendungsverfolgung in großen Menge, automatische Benachrichtigung, sondern bieten Belgium Post Sendungsverfolgung API Erkündigen Schnittstelle. Sie hat mit Plattform wie ebay, aliexpress, magento usw verbunden, bieten verschiedene Sprache Service. Sie ist ein alle in einem Weltweit Paketverfolgungs Experte.


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Has called 3 times to the costumer service after registered parcels has not been delivered after 20 days. Two time the same women has answered without any help, third time she let her colleague pick up the phone (since Bpost is tracing your phone number, so they know if you are calling the second or the third time). The man also came with no answer at all, only saying that "it is indeed weird that the package hasn't been delivered" yet. I do not understand why such people can work in the costumer service with zero knowledge how to help and give service. Parcel is still missing and no answers are given

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Package has been on its way for 2 months!!! Still no news after many calls everytime the answer is wait a couple of days or we will start an investigation. Send the return adres a couple of times without change. Very dissapointed and still waiting for my shipped package

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Please send give my package

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Bpost claimed to have delivered my parcel but it never arrived. I can only conclude that it must have been stolen.

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Thomas Vincent

Worse postal service ever, I got construction work in front of my place so they have to walk 50 meters instead of being able to park in front of the building but yes the building is accessible. So those lazy-ass workers don't deliver the package and state "address inaccessible" which is bullshit. Latest cases was that they then decided to send back 2 of our packages this week to the sender rather than drop it at the B-Post , for absolutely no reasons. 2/3 of our packages are not delivered to our place and they usually wait 3 days before dropping it to the B-Post . Funny how people can't do the job they are hired for. If you can order from a site that uses Post-NL, they actually are professionnal.

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Patricia Gallagher

I would like to share my wonderful,friendly and professional service given to me by Sandra Kabuya of Bposte, Rue Anspach. Her service was exceptional and went beyond the necessary to help me with a problem I had with my mobile apps. Thank you Sandra. You're the best!!

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Frais de douane incompréhensibles, retard de livraison de 1 semaine( alors que ca aurait du prendre max 5 jours en tout et pour tout). 2 jours à me faire poireauté en disant que le colis arrive sans arriver pour au final devoir aller le chercher moi même à leur poste. Merci la poste, foutu monopole à la con qui fait que vous faites 0 efforts

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Ich warte schon seit dem 16.07. auf ein Päckchen aus Litauen. Laut Versender von heute ist es diesem BPD nicht gelungen meinen Zustellort zu finden. Das habe ich noch von keinem Poszusteller gehört.

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Mustafa Arslan

beste, ik heb een pakket opgestuurd naar Duitsland, maar verkeerde adresnummer genoteerd. in plaats van 16 heb ik nummer 7 opgeschreven. adres: fritz kortner bogen 16 moet het zijn, nu licht de pakket bij afhaalpunt maar weet niet hoe ze de pakket moeten afhalen. mijn emaildres: [email protected] / wil heel graag geholpen worden, mvg, Mustafa Arslan

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Colis envoyé en temps et en heur par le vendeur . Et mon colis es toujours au centre de tri depuis le 5 Janvier 2021. Ces honteux une attente aussi lomgue. En ce jour colis toujours au centre de tri.

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Coque en Rre

Bei einem Produkt, welches 7,49 Euro (inkl. Porto) kostet und aus China geliefert wird sind 7 Wochen Lieferzeit voll ok.

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Bonjour, en cette période difficile, je voudrais remercier les facteurs et livreurs sur Berloz (Waremme), pour leur sourire, politesse et très bons service. Bon courage à vous et MERCI

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Bonjour, mon colis est entré dans le bpost customs clearance le 4 septembre 2020. Dans le détail du suivi du colis, il manquerait une facture pour la douane. Pouvez-vous me dire où en est le colis et si l\'expéditeur doit vous envoyer une facture ? Je n\'ai recu aucune demande de la douane ni de bpost. Merci de votre réponse.

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After seeing all the bad review here I had to make my review for some outblance as my experience has been good. Especially I had a good experience with Bpost when ordering stuff online. They even send you a mail when it would be expected to arrive when the good has been sorted.

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After seeing all the negative reviews I got scared for a moment. Bpost delivered the package in United States in 6 days, it took Banggood 2 weeks to deliver it to Bpost. The delay is caused by Banggood and the 2 weeks of delivery from China to Belgium in which we have no news where our package is.

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Rapide et sérieux.Le suivi postal sur internet est pratique !

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love it. I received my order quickly. can\'t wait to open my box.

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love it. I received my order quickly. can\'t wait to open my box.

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