Почта Нидерландов Отслеживание

Отслеживание посылок Почта Нидерландов и почтовых отправлений по трек-номеру, Как правильно писать адрес, почтовый индекс, узнать где посылка, связаться с Почтой Нидерландов.​


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Mette Aasted Nielsen


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una settimana senza informazioni:RU883061245NL

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Yo me llega mi paquete y hace más de 15 días que lo pedi

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Just got off the phone with my local post and my parcel has arrived. I thought it would be delivered to my house address but I need to go get it there. So thank you for atleast sending my parcel. To anyone reading check in with your post or area code where you put the delivered destination or call cape mail for more information. From South Africa, Cape Town

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My parcel not yet received they are scammer steal money we need to expose them I am surprised how Facebook entertain such suppliers

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my package arrived at its destination in kigali, I received it all my congratulations, good job, thank you

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i really don’t know what to say about you guys if you’re scams or criminals because I can see a lot of people complaining about same thing I am complaining about. Why have our details and place for delivery if you know you can’t deliver safely to destination.

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Just wanna know if I gonna receive my order and when??

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pacco smarrito fate cagare merde

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Did not receive product then blaimed me not being able to pick it up from post .

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Yiu wai


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Ms me

Tracking code RU914562495NL never received since 19 July poor service please improve and i am still waiting No No No !!!!! With out any explanation it has arrived in the destination it's about a month know until when yhoooo

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Bonjour, je ne trouve aucune trace de mon colis envoyé des pays bas vers la France numéro de suivi 4795754434 Pouvez vous m’aider svp ? Merci

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Bjr je viens vers vous parce que j ai pas encore reçu mon colis qui devait être livré en france .39 rue des doucettes 95140 Garges-les-Gonesse.merci cordialement

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Very good service, ordered on 9 Feb received my package today

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2 weeks from China to Poland, like it

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Please I didn\'t get my order RU745764078NL it\'s my track number help please

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From China to Poland not exceed 21 days, it is not bad.

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I took 38 days to receive only half Of my order. I won\'t order from here again.

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