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My sandals arrived yesterday, very disappointed in them they will fit someone with chubby feet, the straps are far to loose on the top , I have waited since may, will never by anything on FACEBOOK again one very annoyed lady. I want to send them back but can not find any information about return address.like all the people on hear they want post until you give 5 stars!!!!!

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Bought a mobile to tv lead in may still waiting for it seems to be on the slow train from China has been stuck in Kazakhstan since the 25 the of June 2020 wouldn\'t buy through these pop up adverts again will just look on Amazon for a similar items at least I will get and sooner very disappointing gave 5 stars as otherwise it doesn\'t post apparently 1 star really.

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Recieved shorts. Great. Guess delays were due to CVID19. Understandable delay

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31 days in transit,sitting in China all days long.Rubbish!!!

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Never again will I order from Face book i have no idea where my sandals are ordered 5 weeks ago my expectations of these being any good after reading reviews is nil

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44days in transit arrived today.Correct size and comfortable to wear but cheaply made.Stitching coming undone after l hours wear

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don\'t buy from these people, rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!

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Not worth the 4 star but it\'s the only way to get your review seen. You know a company is dodgy when you can\'t post lower star ratings. Totally dishonest but hardly surprising!!!! The product itself is very nice but sadly because of the appalling length of delivery, I won\'t buy from them again. 6 weeks. Shocking service!!!

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TBH I never thought it would arrive after realising where it was coming from and reading the reviews on here.....but 5wks from the day I ordered it I got it - its been on its travels all round the world looking at the tracker, I will be very careful in the future on ordering through Facebook adverts.

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Terrible delivery service ! Why don’t you let people know their items could take longer than 3 weeks to arrive. I’m still waiting,meanwhile you’ve had my money ! I wanted to only give 1 star but my comment won’t be printed unless I give more.!

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fred f

waiting since 6 June where is my stuff (sun glasses) it will be winter before they arrive if they do arrive that is, had to put 5 stars on as comment is not posted if less

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fed up

Only deserve zero stars but given more to get post accepted. For goodness sake. How dare they offer things for sale when they are going to take months to arrive. I saw the ad on Facebook so they should take some steps to remove these ads. The days for delivery on tracking keep going up and my sandles still aren\'t even the country!!!

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Long wait

Been wanting since 1st of may for my parcel, each time I track my order it goes up another day, went from 5days to 32 days now, shocking service

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where oh where has my parcel gone? oh where oh where can it be? Is it in China? Or Belarus? Please deliver my parcel to me!!

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My sandals have become train spotters !

The 5 stars are purely for the amusing comments that everyone has written. My sandals have been to places I’ve never heard of. Got an email From Hermes just now to say they’re on their way but in theory they’re still in Poland. I think they’ve made friends with lots of other shoes on their way. Ordered them beginning of May. I’ll let you know if they arrive

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Still waiting 35 days after dispatch. Shocking

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Seeing a review stating that only 4/5 * get published, I adopting the same strategy.I DO NOT recommend anyone to but from someone using this delivery service According to the tracker, the consignment containing my parcel has been in Poland for 2 weeks (arrived 26 June), but upon contacting them they cannot give me ANY idea as to when I might see it. I\'m not happy and have requested a refund from the merchant.

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Sand also ordered 12 May and arrived today - 8 July. Very interesting to see journey these have taken! Ordered in UK size 7 and they fit fine. They are not leather but the advert (kiwinew) did not say they were. Good for the price.

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Anche un po lungo di attesa e arrivato grazie!

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I have waited 31 days my parcel says it\'s in Poland really!!! i\"m not holding much hope of getting it

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