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Still Waiting for my Sunglasses

WanB I know is the shipping company. But 56 days to be shipping a product is a long time! This isn’t 1900, it doesn’t need to be coming by a steamboat!! Very unhappy with the lack of information and inability to contact a real live human at WanB or Wish! Hopefully I am pleasantly surprised in the next week with a package from WanB.

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I ordered from Deelotus via favebook in China and was advised it was UK warehouse. Ordered on 13th May and tracked continuously. They went everywhere and stopped in Poland! i had given up and believed it was a scam contacted company I ordered from and no reply! looked at a lot of reviews and decided I had lost my money! shocked today they actually arrived! 26th June and I am happy with them so maybe just hang in there!

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Impress-Mall I had my doubts but after 41 days in transit they’ve arrived, two pairs of canvas trainer that fit

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After a 6 week wait my sandals arrived this morning and they are lovely.Thank you.

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My sandals arrived today after 41 days in transit, a long time I know but there is a global pandemic ongoing. Very comfy.

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After a long wait my order came today I ordered 2 pairs of shoes which I must say I very pleased with I ordered them on the 22nd April and it now 25th June worth waiting for better late than never

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This took 43 days to reach me and I know its taken a long time but it came from Wuhan and there\'s been a worldwide pandemic which people seem to have not taken into account. I am pleased with my purchase and always had faith that it would be delivered. Thank you.

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Live and learn

Read the other reviews and put 5 stars to ensure it’s posted. definitely not one star. First time I’ve bought via Facebook only did it out of boredom in lockdown. will never fall for that again. Pandemic aside the communication is dire.£20 could have gone to a worthy cause not some cheap con artist

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Mrs Happy

Yes, I waited 40 days for my solar water fountain, but, I kept track of it and had a little giggle at all those moaning about waiting so long ! If you want something quickly dont order online from china ! I foe one am very happy with my purchase and had every faith it would arrive.....eventually

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Only order from China if you are prepared to wait over 2 months for delivery. I won\'t be ordering anything else again thats advertised on Facebook.

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Finally received my parcel today via Hermes after 39 days. Thanks to Wanb Express they have let me know where the parcel was, although some delays in updating. It seems that several suppliers have been mentioned in reviews. It is apparent that there is little point in complaining to the supplier, by the sounds of it negative reviews are removed. Use Trust Pilot or any other review sites to get the message out about the appalling service. Hopefully everyone will get their parcel eventually!

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Angry nan

Waited 4 months for shoes to travel half way around the world. Arrived 10 minutes ago and next part of the journey is much quicker, 2 minutes to the bin with all the other rubbish. Disgusting product!

Daha Fazlasını Göster

I have learnt that you need to give 5 stars to get review published. I would give a zero rating if I am honest money was taken for my goods on17th May its now 25th June and goods still not here. disgusting service

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Tony c

Having ordered what looked like a really beautiful pair of leather sandles for my girlfriend at the end of march, I have been patiently waiting, going through a range of emotions as I\'ve watched my shoes make their way very slowly around the world. I had long since given up any hope of actually getting them, but things come to those that wait, (notice I didn\'t say good things!!!) for this morning my sandles finally arrived. All I can say is, shocking plastic rubbish, poor quality, horrendous styling, and to top it all off, 5 sizes out!!!! Never again Face book!!!

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After waiting 53 days for goods to arrive, I must admit I\'m pleasantly surprised. Suede like clogs look good and are very comfortable, great fit. Had my doubts I\'d ever see them. Hang on in there guys!!

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Silly sandals

Been waiting since May no sandals yet hope I’ve not been scammed

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My sandals arrived today delivered by Hermes X very pleased with them perfect fit taken 35 days but we are in a world pandemic X patience people not a scam China is a long way X please note this is a honest review and I don\'t need to use foul language X keep well and safe X hope your stuff arrives soon X

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order placed 6 june STILL WAITING for delivery , will never use this company again

Daha Fazlasını Göster
Disgruntled customer

Probably be winter by the time these sandals arrive, they better be worth the wait. Never buy from this company again.

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Never order from this firm you don\'t recieve goods

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