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Track your Atlas Air Cargo effortlessly by Air Waybill Number. Get real-time updates of shipment statuses with Atlas Air Cargo tracking.

Atlas Air Cargo

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Track your Atlas Air Cargo effortlessly by Air Waybill Number. Get real-time updates of shipment statuses with Atlas Air Cargo tracking.


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Atlas Air Cargo Tracking

The steady growth of the e-commerce industry and global trade have dramatically increased the need for reliable air cargo services. Air cargo tracking is also becoming key as more companies attempt to get goods to their customers and access supplies for their production on time.

From providing real-time visibility to shippers and consignees to helping identify anomalies, essential in reducing theft, loss, and tampering, to increasing customer satisfaction. The importance of air freight tracking cannot be downplayed.

Atlas Air Cargo has positioned itself as a critical party in air cargo transport, facilitating business and individual connections domestically and internationally. Learn how to conduct Atlas Air Cargo tracking effectively.

How to Track Atlas Air Cargo?

Tracking Atlas Air Cargo is possible through the track and trace tool on the official Atlas Air Cargo website or via a reliable third-party platform like TrackingMore.

  • Visit Atlas Air Cargo’s Official Website

The Atlas Air Cargo official website hosts a cargo tracking tool that enables shippers and recipients alike to track the movement of the cargo. To use this tracking option to know the whereabouts of your Atlas Air Cargo cargo, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Atlas Air Cargo official website through any browser of your choice.
  2. Locate the cargo tracking tool on the homepage or scroll through the website’s menu.
  3. Type in your cargo’s air waybill number and click the track button to start tracking.
  4. Wait for a second to retrieve the cargo’s tracking details and display them on the screen.
  • Via TrackingMore

TrackingMore simplifies the tracking of Atlas Air Cargo cargo to any destination worldwide. You can give this robust tracking platform a try with the following simple procedure.

  1. Open the TrackingMore website.
  2. Click the dropdown button next to ‘Features’ and scroll down to select ‘Air waybill tracking’.
  3. Enter your air waybill tracking number in the search field on the new page and click the ‘Track’ button.
  4. Or you can redirect from the TrackingMore air cargo tracking page to the Atlas Air Cargo individual tracking page by clicking on the right option from the list of air cargo carriers below the tracking box.
  5. TrackingMore will show you the current shipping status of your air cargo as well as a full tracking report.

Air Cargo Tracking API

How does Atlas Air Cargo Tracking Work?

Atlas Air Cargo tracking follows a simple but critical workflow, ensuring the timely delivery of accurate shipment updates, fostering peace of mind among all stakeholders involved.

  • Booking and Loading

The shipper contacts Atlas Air Cargo to book space for their air cargo after transacting with the recipient. Once the items have been booked, the shipper will load them onto a truck and deliver them to the warehouse or request a pickup.

  • Shipping Information Entry and Air Waybill (AWB) Generation

The Atlas Air Cargo checks the shipment delivered to its warehouse and records information about it, including the item's weight, size, value, and destination. Once this data is captured in the carrier’s system, the process to finalize the shipping arrangements, including any necessary payments, is initiated, and the air waybill is generated. The AWB will contain the air waybill number (tracking number) for tracking the cargo as it journeys to the consignee’s destination.

  • Real-Time Tracking

The shipper and recipient get the AWB number (on the AWB for the shipper, and SMS or email confirmation for the recipient) and start receiving tracking updates as soon as the item starts shipping or when information is available. Using the Atlas Air Cargo online tracking portal or TrackingMore tracking platform, the shipper and recipient can follow the cargo’s journey in real time.

  • Arrival, Customs Clearance, and Delivery

When the shipment arrives in the destination country, it has to go through customs clearance before the last-mile delivery. The air waybill comes in handy here again as it is used by customs officials to identify items in the shipment and determine payable duty before the cargo is allowed entry into the country.

If the cargo satisfies all customs requirements, the clearance is done and the cargo released. Depending on whether Atlas Air Cargo operates in the destination country, one of its agents at the airport will pick up the cargo or it will be handed over to a logistics partner in that jurisdiction. From here, the cargo will start its delivery journey, either directly to the recipient or after a few stopovers at processing hubs.

  • Delivered and Status Updates

The Atlas Air Cargo agent will deliver the cargo to the consignee as per the instructions stated in the air waybill. On receiving the shipment, the consignee signs the air waybill which confirms receipt of the goods in the expected condition. Both the shipper and consignee will receive a final status update confirming the delivery has been successful.

Throughout the Atlas Air Cargo tracking process, the shipper and recipient can expect to receive the following status updates.

Tracking Status



The cargo is being tracked and you can expect an update as soon as one is available.


Atlas Air Cargo has received the shipment information from the shipper and is awaiting pickup of the goods to be delivered to the Atlas Air Cargo’s warehouse.


Atlas Air Cargo has received the shipment at its warehouse and will process it before its journey begins shortly.


The Atlas Air Cargo cargo is en route to its destination.


The shipment has arrived in the destination country.


  • Why use TrackingMore for tracking Atlas Air Cargo?

TrackingMore offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for tracking cargo across multiple airlines, including Atlas Air Cargo. Our platform provides instant updates, making it easy to manage and monitor your shipment's status.

  • What types of Atlas Air Cargo tracking notifications can I receive through TrackingMore?

TrackingMore delivers extensive notification services, including real-time updates when cargo is dispatched, reaches checkpoints, and is finally delivered, ensuring you miss no critical information.

  • What unique benefits does TrackingMore offer for tracking Atlas Air Cargo?

Beyond real-time tracking, TrackingMore also supports batch tracking, allowing you to monitor the status of multiple shipments simultaneously, significantly improving logistics management efficiency.

  • If I encounter issues while tracking Atlas Air Cargo through TrackingMore, how can I get help?

TrackingMore has a dedicated customer support team ready to answer any questions. You can reach us through our online chat support through the chat window in the bottom right corner.

Atlas Air Cargo Tracking API

The TrackingMore Air Cargo Tracking API is designed to help you integrate 85 airline cargo information into your business system, empowering you to track multiple air cargo shipments from various airlines in one centralized platform. Moreover, with webhook notifications, you will be updated on the latest tracking events as they happen without the need for manual monitoring. 

Elevate your operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the tracking of multiple air cargos with TrackingMore. Sign up for an account today to get a 14-day free trial.

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