TrackingMore API

API 调用接口 

Manage your trackings

URI Method Description
POST /trackings/post POST 创建单个运单号
GET /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} GET 列出单个运单号物流信息
PUT /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} PUT 修改单个运单号附加信息。如:订单号,商品标题,快递状态等。
DELETE /trackings/{carrier_code}/{tracking_number} DELETE 删除单个运单号
POST /trackings/batch POST 创建多个运单号
GET /trackings/get GET 获取多个单号的物流信息
POST /trackings/updatemore POST 修改多个运单号附加信息。如:订单号,商品标题,快递状态等。
POST /trackings/delete POST 删除多个运单号
POST /trackings/realtime POST 获取单个运单号实时物流信息
POST /trackings/update POST 修改运输商简码
GET /trackings/getuserinfo GET 查询用户剩余额度
GET /trackings/getstatusnumber GET 获取各个状态的包裹数量
POST /trackings/notupdate POST 设置部分单号不再更新
POST /trackings/remote POST 查询收货地址是否偏远
POST /trackings/costtime POST 获取快递时效结果
POST /trackings/aircargo POST 获取航空运单编号的跟踪结果


Request E.g.



  • Content-Type: application/json
    Trackingmore-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY


title (optional)商品标题
logistics_channel (optional)物流渠道
customer_name (optional)客户名称.
customer_email (optional)客户邮箱.
customer_phone (optional)客户电话号码.
order_id (optional)订单号.
destination_code (optional) 目标国家/地区代码 (两个字符).查看国际国家二字代码
archived (optional)Modify whether a single number is archived by passing a true/false string.
status (optional)Change status.You can only change the state value to 4, 7 or 8. 4 means delivered, 7 means exception, 8 means return to the original status.

Request Body

  • {
    	"title": "new title",
    	"logistics_channel": "4PX挂号小包",
    	"customer_name": "sandy",
    	"customer_email": "[email protected]",
    	"order_id": "986574521568",
    	"destination_code": "CN",
    	"archived": "true",
    	"status": 7
  • Reponse Body

    	"meta": {
    		"code": 200,
    		"type": "Success",
    		"message": "Success"
    	"data": {
    		"id": "3d300c6f34a6a9711166cc44e4cc096a",
    		"tracking_number": "402934299065",
    		"carrier_code": "sto",
    		"created_at": "2018-04-18T14:34:30+08:00",
    		"updated_at": "2018-04-18T14:32:27+08:00",
    		"customer_email": "[email protected]",
    		"customer_name": "sandy",
    		"order_id": "986574521568",
    		"title": "new title",
    		"destination_code": "CN",
    		"customer_phone": "+86123456789",
    		"archived": "true",
    		"status": "7",
    		"logistics_channel": "4PX挂号小包"