There was a time when order tracking was just a bullet point in the to-do list of businesses. But with rising customer expectations and increasing competition, it soon became a key process to gain competitive advantage. When you and your customers have a clear idea about the whereabouts of an order, you optimize logistics management and ensure customers’ satisfied post-purchase experience.

However, you can enjoy these benefits only if you pick the right order tracking software. With the market already flooded with hundreds of platforms, each claiming to be the best, how do you pick the best tool? That’s a million-dollar question. In this guide, we will answer this question by comparing the top 10 order tracking software in an unbiased way and help you arrive at a decision. 

Overview of Top 10 Best Order Tracking Software

Here is a table capturing how the top 10 order tracking software in 2024 are rated in various review platforms, along with the information on whether they offer a free trial or not.

SoftwareG2 RatingCapterra RatingFree TrialLink to Website
Parcel Panel55Website
Overview of Top 10 Best Order Tracking Software

Details of Top 10 Best Order Tracking Software [2024]

Here is a detailed overview of all the above tools, capturing all the key information required to make an informed decision.

1. TrackingMore

TrackingMore is the world’s best order tracking software, which integrates with over 1,200 global carriers and allows for the addition of new carriers to meet specific business needs. Its intelligent tracking system can accurately identify carriers based on the input tracking number format. The tracking information is categorized into 8 main statuses and 28 sub-statuses, ensuring that every movement of your package is transparently tracked, recorded.

The TrackingMore shipment dashboard is highly customizable, offering users the ability to manage and track their shipments easily. It supports various carriers, provides real-time updates, and includes a multitude of filters like courier selection, date, status, and more for tailored shipment monitoring. You can add any label to record the specific situation for each order as well. 

The TrackingMore shipment dashboard offers several methods for importing tracking numbers, enhancing flexibility for different business needs:

  • Manual Entry: Users can input tracking numbers individually, which is ideal for low-volume shipments.
  • CSV Import: For bulk operations, users can upload a CSV file with multiple tracking numbers and related information.
  • API Integration: High-volume businesses can integrate their systems with the TrackingMore API to automate the import of tracking numbers directly from their sales or inventory management systems.
  • Web Import: This option allows for importing real-time tracking details directly from e-commerce platforms or web-based systems.

You can set up a webhook URL in your system to receive shipping updates, enabling you to promptly address any delivery issues. Additionally, TrackingMore provides branded tracking pages and automatic shipment notifications for your customers, involving them throughout the post-purchase process, which enhances their experience and fosters loyalty.

PricingFree – $0/month (For 50 Shipments)
Basic – $11/month (For 200 Shipments)
Pro – $74/month (For 2,000 shipments)
Enterprise – Custom (For 100,000+ shipments)
Supported Carriers1,200+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

2. Aftership

Aftership is an eCommerce order tracking software that offers a variety of services besides tracking, including returns, shipping management, and shipping protection. The Aftership order tracking dashboard connected with different eCommerce stores that offers real-time shipment updates, ensuring seamless synchronization of shipping details without the need for complex setup procedures. 

PricingEssentials – $11/month (For 100 Shipments)
Pro – $119/month (For 200 Shipments)
Premium – $239/month (For 2,000 Shipments)
Enterprise – Custom (For 25,000+ Shipments)
Supported Carriers1,100+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

3. ParcelLab

ParcelLab is one of the best order management software that offers a personalized order tracking function with an aim to boost reconversion and reduce the number of WISMO calls. It provides dynamic email notifications covering milestones of your package. You can embed personalized and contextual content within these emails and redirect the user back to the website, ultimately increasing the number of touchpoints per order. You can also get access to live data covering outbound orders, including problematic ones, so that you can proactively take the necessary countermeasures and prevent them from hampering the perception of your brand. 

PricingContact the sales team for pricing details
Supported Carriers210+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

4. Route

Route offers a unique tracking experience for your customers so that your brand always stays on top of their minds. The platform supports multiple notification channels such as email, SMS, web, and push notifications so that you can automatically push package updates to your customers in their preferred channel. Route also integrates with some of the top eCommerce service providers such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc. This way, you need not develop complex code to integrate the two platforms. 

PricingBasic – $0 per month
Pro – $349 per month
Custom – Customized plan
Supported Carriers2,000+ 
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

5. Narvar

Narvar is not only a full-fledged order manager platform that, apart from tracking, also handles returns, exchanges, and notifications for you. One of the interesting and unique aspects of this platform is its Shipment Performance Monitoring capability. This feature allows companies to track delivery times, monitor carrier performance, and analyze transit patterns in real-time. With this data, businesses can identify bottlenecks, anticipate delivery issues, and take proactive measures to enhance their delivery reliability and customer satisfaction. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the AI-powered delivery promise dates. It uses multiple ML models to provide accurate delivery estimates to your customers, improving purchase confidence. 

PricingContact the sales team for pricing details
Supported Carriers300+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

6. ReturnGo

ReturnGo is a returns and exchange management platform that provides a seamless return and exchange experience for you and your customers. You can define returns and exchange workflows, automate the entire refund processes, and make data-driven decisions through AI-driven return analytics. Order tracking and shipment notifications are supported as well.

PricingPremium – $121 per month
Pro – $297 per month
Enterprise – Customized plan
To perform tracking, you need to purchase the Tracking Add-on.
Supported Carriers50+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

7. Parcel Panel

Parcel Panel is an order tracking tool designed specifically for e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WooCommerce. Based on these popular e-commerce systems, Parcel Panel provides a seamless integration that allows merchants to offer real-time parcel tracking capabilities directly from their online stores. Additionally, Smart analytics, the analytics module of Parcel Panel, is extremely useful if you wish to analyze delivery performance and understand how it is impacting customer engagement. 

ParametersParcel Panel
PricingFree plan – $0/month (For 20 Shipments)
Essential – $9/month (For 200 Shipments)
Professional – $49/month (For 2,000 Shipments)
Enterprise – $399/month  (For 25,000 Shipments)
Supported Carriers1,200+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

8. Cargoson

Cargoson is a transport management software with a focus on sustainability. If you are a brand looking to reduce your carbon emissions, this platform can help as it precalculates carbon emissions for every shipment so that you can make a data-backed logistics decision. The platform offers direct EDI/API integration with major carriers and if your carrier is not integrable, they are free to add it for you.

PricingRetail – €99 per month
Industry – €299 per month
Corporation – €499 per month
Custom – Customized plan
Supported Carriers1,000+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

9. Shippo

Known for its shipping API, Shippo also offers a simple web application dedicated to eCommerce brands and small businesses. Unlike other tools in this list, this platform has a limited focus on tracking and instead is more known for its shipping solutions. So, if you are looking to ship internationally and want to compare rates between different carriers, this could be your go-to choice. But if you are looking for a dedicated tracking platform with a lot of advanced features, you are better off with other tools like TrackingMore in this list.

PricingStarter – Free plan
Professional – $19 per month
Premier – Customized plan
Supported Carriers40+
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

10. ShipStation

The last tool on our list, ShipStation, is an eCommerce fulfillment platform that takes care of the whole lifecycle of your shipping process, right from importing orders from selling channels to printing discounted postage.  The platform is quite similar to Shippo and offers almost the same feature set.  Select the one that satisfies your needs if you are looking for a shipping solution.

PricingShippingEasy – Free plan (For 25 Shipments)
Starter – $9.99/month (For 50 shipments)
Bronze – $29.99/month (For 500 shipments)
Silver – $59.99/month (For 1,000 shipments)
Gold – $99.99/month (For 2,000 shipments)
Platinum – $149.99/month (For 5,000 shipments)
Enterprise – $229.99/month (For 7,500 shipments)
Supported Carriers79
Branded Tracking Page
Automated Shipping Notification
24/7 Customer Support

How to Choose the Right Order Tracking Software?

Now that you know the list of the top 10 best order tracking softwares, it is time to select one for your business. But before that, here are some simple steps that you can follow to evaluate them in a more thorough fashion – 

Identify Your Needs

Start by assessing your specific business needs. You must ask yourself key questions like:

  • How many orders do I need to track monthly?
  • Do I need a simple tracking tool or a robust tracking system?
  • Is fully customized functionality dispensable?
  • How to maximize the value of tracking software?
  • Can your customers benefit from the software?
  • Will I be integrating it with any of my existing business systems?

Once you answer these questions, it will automatically narrow down your options and you end up focusing only on those solutions that will align with your objectives. While identifying your needs for the order tracking software, your order volume is the key point to figure out, as it will decide the scalability, features, and pricing structure of the software you choose. High-volume businesses may require more robust systems with advanced analytics and integration capabilities, whereas smaller enterprises might benefit from simpler, more cost-effective solutions.

Compare Features

Once you have identified your needs, you need to compare the different features offered by all the tools and how they help in fulfilling your objectives. Start by creating a checklist of must-have and nice-to-have features based on your needs assessment. You can then use it to evaluate each software solution thoroughly. Typically, any good order tracking software will at least offer features like a branded tracking page and automated notifications since these two features are essential for enhancing customer experience and reducing the frequency of customer inquiries about order status.

Consider Costs

The tool you select must fit your budget. More importantly, it should provide value for the money you are spending on it. Interestingly, many business owners ignore the wasted costs involved in purchasing order tracking software solutions, which shouldn’t be the case. 

For instance, as mentioned before, failing to accurately estimate monthly order volumes can lead to choosing a tracking software solution that is not well-suited to a business’s actual needs. This misalignment might mean paying for an overly complex system with excess capacity and features that remain unused, or conversely, selecting a too-basic system that struggles to handle peak order periods efficiently. Both scenarios can lead to increased operational costs and decreased customer satisfaction, demonstrating the critical importance of accurately projecting and understanding order volumes before making a software purchase.

Customer Support

No order tracking platform is perfect. Glitches and technical issues can come up at any time. But what differentiates the good platforms from the bad ones is the level of support they offer during such times. Order tracking software that offers 24/7 customer support should always be your first choice because the customer support team will be available all the time to resolve your issues instantly and prevent them from ballooning into a major business problem. 

Security and Compliance

When your business is handling customer data, it is important to keep them secure. Any breach can not only result in a loss of customer confidence but can also drag you into legal problems. And that’s why it is important to select a platform that greatly values data security and has adopted all the security measures to keep your data safe. More importantly, it should comply with local regulations and laws so that there are no penalties for your business later on.

Trial Experience

Lastly, many order tracking platforms offer a free trial that you can use effectively to gauge the platform’s capability. Select the platform that offers unrestricted access to all the features and also doesn’t ask for credit card details. This will ensure that, without any financial commitment, you can try out all the features and find out how easy the platform is to set up and use. Even if you are already using order tracking software, periodically exploring other products can be beneficial to ensure you are not missing out on better performance or more competitive pricing that could enhance your operational efficiency and customer service.


To achieve more with less effort, selecting a suitable order tracking software is important. TrackingMore is a powerful order tracking solution for both small and large enterprises known for its reliable, accurate, fast and secure tracking API at a competitive price. 

Consider giving TrackingMore a try to see how it can streamline your shipping processes and enhance customer satisfaction. We offer a free 14-day trial, allowing you to fully explore our features and capabilities without any commitment. Plus, our dedicated customer service team will be at your service all days round.

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Shipment Tracking API

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is order tracking software?

Order tracking software is a digital tool designed to monitor the progress and status of shipments as they move from the seller to the customer. Put simply; businesses and customers can know where the order is, its expected time of delivery, and the possibility of a delay through it.

2. Why do I need order tracking software?

The benefits are plenty. 

  • Firstly, using order tracking software, you can keep your customers informed about the whereabouts of their orders, which can improve their confidence in purchase and the trust they have in your brand. 
  • Secondly, order tracking software helps in managing delivery exceptions before they hamper customer experience. 
  • Finally, it frees up your team as the number of WISMO calls will significantly reduce by adopting order tracking software. 

3. Can order tracking software support multiple carriers?

Absolutely, most of the order tracking software supports multiple carriers so that it can cater to businesses partnering with various carriers. In fact, TrackingMore supports a staggering 1,200+ carriers which covers most parts of the world. 

4. Is order tracking software suitable for small businesses?

Order tracking software for small business is crucial as it enhances order visibility, reducing customer anxiety and improving the likelihood of successful order fulfillment. By quickly addressing any unexpected issues during shipping, businesses can ensure on-time deliveries. Additionally, order tracking improves communication between the business and customers, boosting customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Order tracking software is particularly useful for small businesses that do not have the resources and time to track their shipments manually. An automates shipment tracking so that the team can focus on other mission-critical activities of the business. 

5. How much does order tracking software cost?

The cost of order tracking software is primarily based on the volume of order queries. Providers offer subscription plans with varying query allowances, and additional fees are charged for queries that exceed the plan limits. Businesses should select a plan that matches their typical order volume and consider potential overages to ensure cost efficiency. It’s noted that higher-tier subscription plans provide more advanced and comprehensive features as well.

6. How does order tracking software integrate with other business systems?

There are tools that offer plug-and-play integration where you can connect the two platforms in a few simple clicks. But for large enterprises, order tracking API is typically more robust, allowing for deeper customization and integration with existing systems to handle high volumes of orders and complex logistical requirements.

The TrackingMore team shares insights on logistics tracking technology, industry trends, and e-commerce logistics solutions to help businesses streamline shipment tracking and enhance customer post-purchase experience.

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