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Tracking E-commerce Orders: Enhance Customer Post-Purchase Experience

Customers are the assets of every business. Sales professionals must try their level best to satisfy customers for them to come back again to their organization.The concept of after sales service is as important as sales. While it does not generate any revenue for the company, it surely does increase the goodwill of the organization in the market and amongst the customers.

Why pay attention to the customer’s after-sales experience?

When you generate a successful transaction, the relationship between you and your customer does not end here, the experience of the customer after placing an order is particularly important, because it is related to whether the customer will come back to your store. It’s easy to overlook the customer post-purchase experience, but it’s undeniably an important factor in e-commerce business.

The post-sales phase is a largely untapped marketing channel that increases customer engagement and satisfaction. Unfortunately, from a seller’s perspective, taking advantage of the aftermarket experience isn’t as easy as it sounds because it’s controlled by third-party shipping companies.

Worker from startup dropshipping company preparing sticker for the package.

From the moment a customer browses a product on the site to place an order, sellers have exclusive control over the customer experience they provide. However, after the package is handed over to the courier company, there will be a lot of uncertainty. Customers lack visibility of their packages, but they want to know exactly when their packages will arrive, so for customers, there will be a bad experience.

A large part of the postpurchase experience comes down to the reliability and predictability of order management. If the seller can provide the whole process logistics status information of the package and the estimated delivery date after the customer places the order, it can greatly establish the trust relationship with the customer.

The importance of order tracking in the after-sales experience

Failure to provide transparency on the status of customer order packages results in:

  • Increased customer inquiries around questions such as “Where is my package?”;
  • Not conducive to the establishment of customer brand loyalty;
  • After placing an order, customers will track the package 6-8 times on average, which is the most anxious stage for customers;
  • Negative reviews on social media can damage your brand’s reputation;
  • Long periods of inability for customers to know the status of their packages can increase customer frustration.

So now you understand how important realtime package visibility is to your business, smart sellers should learn to control their customers’ most anxious moments after purchasing and engage with them to build their brand loyalty. If you have a logistics tracking gadget, you can solve this problem to a large extent.

If you have a tool that tracks the status of your shipments in real-time, you can:

  • [Effectively reduce your customer service volume by 78%]: The number of buyer contacts is small, and the whole process of logistics tracking can be seen to help reduce the time you spend on answering questions about distribution and logistics.
  • [Reduce order defects]: The order rate of untracked shipments is 1.7 times that of tracked shipments. Reducing order defects can greatly improve customer satisfaction and enhance the repurchase rate.
  • [Improve seller feedback rating]: According to the feedback from buyers, being able to track the package is one of the main reasons for the positive feedback they give, and the favorable rate is one of the important indicators for the store.
  • [Reduce Lost Shipment Costs]: Tracking can significantly reduce the costs associated with lost shipments. If the package is lost in transit, you can find the lost location based on the tracking information, and then determine the responsibility.
  • [Increase Conversion Rate]: If you provide tracking service for 98% of your shipments, and the on-time delivery rate is 97%, then you can shorten the promised preparation and shipping time. This has been proven to increase conversion rates and revenue.

Young woman are preparing a package for delivery to clients. Online clothing store

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When your store has TrackingMore, the customer’s parcel logistics status can be updated in real time. Track logistics information throughout the process, fully display the logistics trajectory of each channel, monitor the logistics status in real time, and the query accuracy rate is 99.9%.

Supports batch import of tracking number query using excel form, a maximum of 10,000 tracking numbers can be imported at a time, and the package is automatically divided into 7 states: not available for query, in transit, awaiting pick-up upon arrival, possible exception, delivery failure, successful receipt, transportation too long. It is convenient for sellers to know the status of the packages they send out, and it greatly saves the time of manual checking.

2: Branded Tracking Page

Build fully customizable branded order tracking pages for your customers to increase recall and sales for your brand. The brand tracking page contains all the necessary information about the package, such as carrier and service information, shipping and delivery dates, the current status and location of the package, and the latest updates about the package, which greatly enhances the buyer’s experience.

Allow customers to track their orders through the branded tracking page instead of the carrier’s website. TrackingMore provides rich functions such as customizing the website LOGO and setting the LOGO to point to, which greatly enhances the brand exposure and promotes users to repurchase and increase purchases.

3: Shipments Notification

When your goods are delivered, TrackingMore will push logistics information in the background, so that the buyer will be automatically notified of the status of the package, so that the buyer can grasp the status of the package in real time, which can effectively reduce your customer service inquiries and reduce buyer complaints.

Real-time monitoring of logistics status enables timely detection of abnormal shipments and notification to sellers and customers, which facilitates sellers to provide after-sales services in a timely manner, enhances buyers’ trust, and in a sense, can make your business healthier.

4: Comprehensive data analysis

TrackingMoe can provide you with actionable insights through your post-purchase experience and logistics performance, and get actionable advice on after-sales service and shipping processes. Evaluate the delivery rate, delivery time and delivery situation to optimize logistics services and provide better logistics services to customers.

Final Words

Building brand loyalty in e-commerce is no longer just about securing the best product or the lowest price; it’s also about whether customers have a satisfying after-sale experience. The after-sale experience is one of the hottest topics in e-commerce right now, but the risks of address errors, unforeseen delays, and delivery failures can lead customers to have a bad experience and choose to shop elsewhere.

One of the good after-sale experience is to make your package visible to customers at any time, TrackingMore can easily help you solve this problem, add TrackingMore to your store, provide an unforgettable after-sale experience, and significantly increase customer loyalty to your brand.