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6 Must-Try Holiday Marketing Tactics

Who’s not excited about the holiday? Everyone’s busy planning a nice trip with friends while others search for the perfect gift for their loved ones and for themselves. Businesses turn that into an opportunity to create wonderful offers to customers. Discounts here, promos there, and everything else that would make a happy customer becomes available.  Online businesses are not exempt. Physical and online stores are the same way that both grab that chance on holidays to earn more than the usual. Whether you are a business owner yourself or a customer who’s always on the watch for a sale/promo, a holiday is something to look forward to.Ecommerce is not an exemption and the big question is, “how do I get them to buy my product over the others in the market?” Likewise, as the demand increases during this season, the harder the competition becomes and you have to keep up by learning about the most effective holiday marketing strategy.

Top Holiday Marketing Tactics

Because the World Wide Web is such a huge platform, there can be hundreds of tactics that online stores can try. But, to make it easier for you to figure out which one will work best for your business, here is a list of the top 6 tactics going on in the market today.

  • Send greeting cards and gifts to all customers

Nothing beats a thoughtfully written card attached to a gift-wrapped nicely on Christmas day or other special occasions. That is the simplest, yet most heartfelt form of showing your appreciation to someone. Marketing your product would be highly preferred if you would relate it to a current celebration. For instance, one order of coffee for delivery comes with free bread on the side. After the order has been received, a message will pop up, greeting your customer with a happy holiday.

  • Special discounts for loyal customers of the store

Holidays get more exciting because of the 3-day sale for up to 50% off on selected items that various shops offer during a holiday. Loyal Amazon Prime Card users can get a 5% discount when they use it in gas stations, drugstores, or restaurants. Those discounts will save them more money to use also for other purchases. Make your offer the best deal ever! 

  • Create a sense of urgency with discount countdowns

Phrases like “Hurry up!”, “Grab yours today!”, etc. are some of the persuading lines of shops nowadays. A discount with an expiration date helps make customers believe that it’s the right time to make a purchase, or else, it will be too late for big savings. Amazon’s Today’s Deal is a limited-time offer, updated daily for customers to see new items that are on sale. 

  • Bundle related product sales

Regular customers often remember the prices of goods really well and they can tell if they can save some from products they will buy in bulk. Bundles never fail to attract buyers, creating an illusion of being budget-friendly. has a Bulk Discount and Sales Manager app which allows shoppers to customize the deal and set the limits they prefer to get from any store. Especially on holidays, people need to make their budget exact for all the gifts they need to give away and for the food on their table to share with family.

  • Decorate the store for the holidays

Set the holiday mood in your shop by hanging some new lights, changing the color of the walls, rearranging the shelves, and more. Also, you may try to update what customers see in the signage you post on TV which can be noticed easier. Online businesses should change the posts on their website to let customers know about the promos and discounts they offer during the holiday. You can also use the different social media to post and update like in an email where you can send updated offer messages for customers who need it or deserve it.

  • Offer free shipping

Offering something free to customers as free shipping is always a good thing. Like, who doesn’t like to save some money on the things you really want, right? Free shipping offers are perfect for the holidays since customers order various things for gifts for their loved ones. If they can skip the shipping fee, they can also skip paying an expensive amount. At, you can create your own discount code for a free shipping offer. 

Why Use a Holiday Marketing Strategy

Use the holiday rush to work on your benefit. See it as an opportunity you could not miss as they happen each year. A successful holiday marketing strategy can bring your business several benefits. Other more important reasons why your online business needs a holiday marketing strategy are listed below.

  1. Brand awareness becomes better. Customer follows becomes easier to achieve when it’s Christmas time or during Halloween and other holidays. Marketing is more effective when you know what they need based on the current holiday celebrated by your target customers which later on increases your sales.
  2. Higher demand and a greater sense of urgency. Holidays are not only a time for celebrations but it is also a time for spending and it’s normal for everyone. It’s automatic for us to allot money for the holidays because we have to buy extra things like more food, new clothes, new gadgets, and gifts for our loved ones. Creating your own unique holiday marketing strategy is, thus, the way to go.
  3. Easier launching of new products and promotions. When thinking about the right time and day to introduce a new product, choosing any of the holidays within the year is definitely a great choice. But, more so if you combine it with a holiday promo.
  4. Provides a chance to be more creative. With your desire to catch up with the competition, your creativity will be unlocked naturally. You’ll be forced to think out of the box and make your offer the best among the rest. 
  5. Growing your business faster. Creating the right marketing campaign for a specific holiday guarantees to retain existing customers and invite a new ones. The coming holidays are like a call for all businesses, both physical and online, to hurry up and come up with a unique strategy.