As we approach our 10th anniversary, we’ve rolled out a new brand identity, a redesigned website, and significant service enhancements. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, TrackingMore’s dedication to being the leading multi-carrier shipment tracking API service provider necessitates rebranding. Meanwhile, this also demonstrates our continuous innovation and steadfast commitment to state-of-the-art technology and world-class customer services

Aiming to Offer the Best Multi-Carrier Shipment Tracking API Services

Since its establishment in 2014, TrackingMore has been at the forefront of enterprise-grade shipment tracking solutions. Offering reliable and secure enterprise-grade tracking solutions is at the heart of our business. Over the years, we’ve accumulated extensive experience servicing over 10,000 enterprises across a variety of industries.

“The past decade has witnessed our consistent effort in providing customers with stable and secure data services and empowering them to overcome many challenges. With a profound understanding of the importance of high-quality and secure experiences, we always underline data compliance and integrity at all levels of operations. Furthermore, by gradually implementing AI and other advanced technologies in developing solutions and useful tools, including estimated delivery dates (EDD) and auto carrier detection, we have greatly improved our data services and capabilities to assist customers in supply chain optimization,” remarked Clooney Wang, founder and CEO at TrackingMore.

TrackingMore has decided to prioritize the development of its tracking API functionality and establish its reputation with excellent API performance, service quality, and data security. Meanwhile, TrackingMore will take the lead by establishing industry standards and elevating them to new heights.

Our new strategy is omnipresent in the redesigned website, which emphasizes our shipment tracking API services while exemplifying our company strengths and trustworthiness. API-only packages and huge discounts for customers who settle on annual plans are also available now. To help customers achieve their business goals more easily, we’ve attracted more talents to technical support and customer success teams than ever before.

A Fresh Look for a New Milestone in Development

“The rebranding marks a complete transformation of our previous brand identity,” pointed out Clooney Wang. “After founding TrackingMore, the brand perception was not my initial focus – as a coding-teacher-turned entrepreneur, I was new to marketing and sales. Nevertheless, as we develop closer relationships with our customers and evaluate our previous achievements, we realize the importance of a distinct brand identity. This year, we have an excellent opportunity to make great improvements.”


The revamped website has a sleek black theme and a more geeky logo, projecting a tech-savvy image that resonates with the direct audiences of our tracking API services – product managers and developers. The use of a gradient text color transitioning from white to gunmetal signifies technological excellence and advancements, aligning with TrackingMore’s new positioning.

The rebranding marks a new start for our business. This year, we aim to promote further globalization and fully implement omnichannel marketing to increase brand awareness. We’ll also take advantage of each opportunity to introduce our trusted shipment tracking solutions to more companies seeking effective ways to transform order tracking and improve their post-purchase experiences.

New Shipping Services Powered by Data-Driven Insights

Based on big data in logistics, we’ve launched “Shipping from China” services. This is one of our new initiatives this year to help businesses choose the best courier partners to work with and streamline logistics operations by adopting a data-driven approach. Moreover, this can relieve the pressure on their in-house teams, as our shipping services come with free end-to-end shipment tracking.

Our new shipping services will undoubtedly allow us to deepen cooperation with our carrier partners and further improve the capabilities of our tracking API services so businesses can depend on TrackingMore as the single source of truth to deliver world-class post-purchase experiences and increase customer lifetime value.

A Rosy Future Ahead

Clooney Wang, our CEO, boosts morale, “We’re doing something remarkable. Considering all the TrackingMore-powered Track and Trace tools for shoppers worldwide and our tracking volume this year, if our system responds 1 second faster, we can help save valuable time of 200 years.”

Since the launch of our multi-carrier tracking API and business portal, TrackingMore has been innovating and prioritizing customer needs. We’re confident that through rebranding, our company can distinguish itself from the competition, gain new momentum, and promote the prosperity of businesses globally.

About TrackingMore

TrackingMore is a leading shipment tracking platform specializing in enterprise-grade shipment tracking API solutions since 2014. We have an extensive and ever-growing network of 1,200+ carriers worldwide. Over 10K enterprises across diverse industries, including Shein, DJI, AliExpress, DP World, and YunExpress, trust TrackingMore to offer real-time tracking updates and streamline operations.

TrackingMore is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of automated shipment tracking technology to empower businesses worldwide with stable and reliable tracking services.

The TrackingMore team shares insights on logistics tracking technology, industry trends, and e-commerce logistics solutions to help businesses streamline shipment tracking and enhance customer post-purchase experience.

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