Colissimo Tracking API and Integration

Connect and track packages from 1,255+ carriers including Colissimo, with TrackingMore’s powerful API

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Colissimo Package Tracking Solution for Businesses

Colissimo Package Tracking Solution for Businesses

Track Your Parcels Anywhere Across the Globe

By using TrackingMore’s powerful API, you can conveniently track packages from over 1,255+ carriers worldwide from a single dashboard.

Save time and money from just one tracking solution

Incorporate TrackingMore’s tracking API into your shipment and quickly gain an end-to-end status view of all your Colissimo packages while simultaneously speeding up your operations with a bird’s eye view on your shipments.

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Tracking API Built for Developers

TrackingMore API allows developers to add package tracking functions easily. Use Trackingmore API for:

  • Real Time Tracking

    Get real time tracking info of multi-carriers in one integration

  • Transparent Tracking Experience

    Provide shipment tracking experience like Amazon

  • Colissimo Webhook Notifications

    Push notifications of package updates with webhook

  • Intelligent Carrier Detection

    Auto-detect the courier according to the tracking number format

  • Multiple Programming Language Support

    Use multiple advanced programming languages to patch our API.

  • Delivery Exception Verification

    Verify delivery exception before it is too late

TrackingMore also allows you to implement tracking webhooks, so that you can automate notifications for all your shipment milestones.

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1  "meta":{
2 "code":200,
3 "type": "Success",
4 "message": "Success"
5 },
6 "data": {
7 "origin_info": [{
8 "id": "b9533f736b05d563c71231cdd79b2a57"
9 "tracking_number": "1939155131"
10 "carrier_code": "colissimo"
11 "status": "transit"
12 "original_country": "China"
13 "destination_country": "United States"
14 "itemTimeLength": 2
15 "weblink": ""
16 "phone": null
17 "trackinfo": [{
18 "Date": "2017-03-08 04: 22: 00"
19 "StatusDescription": "Departed Facility in HONG KONG-HONG KONG",
20 "Details": "Departed Facility in HONG KONG-HONG KONG, HONG KONG-HONG KONG,2017-03-08 04:22:00"
21 },{
22 "Date": "2017-03-06 15:28:00"
23 "StatusDescription": "Shipment picked up",
25 }]
26 }]

Colissimo Tracking API vs TrackingMore Tracking API

Features Colissimo tracking API TrackingMore tracking API
Carrier tracking method
Tracking API
Notification -
Webhook -
Multi-carrier API - (1,255+ carriers supported)
Customer support
24/7 Free Technical Support - -
Public API Documentation -
Instant API Access - (Github API also available)
Programming languages
NET Library -
Go Library -
Java Library -
Node.js Module -
PHP Library -
Python Module -
Ruby Gem -

Industry leaders trust TrackingMore API

TrackingMore customers across industries are transforming their businesses with the API integration.

Online Retail
Logistics & 3PL

Solution for online retail industry

Provide a completely seamless branded buyer's journey with TrackingMore. Our platform is designed to make online retail operations fast and more efficient so that your customers can have the perfect post-purchase experience.

  • Reduce WISMO calls
  • Provide branded experiences
  • Cut down operational costs

"TrackingMore's tracking API has everything we need to relieve our customer team of the pressure caused by tons of WISMO requests, while fulfilling our customers' needs for higher shipment visibility."
– Min Chen, Senior Supply Chain Analyst, Shein


Efficiency improved


WISMO calls reduced

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Solution for online marketplaces

Simplify package tracking and bring transparency to your online marketplace. Optimize your platform by integrating TrackingMore’s powerful tracking API as a connecting bridge between sellers and buyers. Build trust and exceed expectations.

  • Increase seller satisfaction
  • Build buyer trust
  • Achieve comprehensive order visibility

Kaufland, a prominent German hypermarket chain with over 1,400 stores, has seen innovation in its order tracking operations and an enhancement in team efficiency through the integration of the TrackingMore API.


Decrease in order tracking time


Rise in repeat customers

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Solution for dropshippers and dropshipping services

Partner up with TrackingMore and get a comprehensive, end-to-end shipment visibility for you. Establish a strong supplier network and boost customer satisfaction by providing transparent and real-time order tracking services to your customers.

  • Increase delivery efficiency
  • Ensure supplier reliability
  • Boost customer satisfaction

"Based on the logistics tracking issues faced by merchants and their customers, we started using TrackingMore’s tracking API."
– Billy Zhu, Product Manager, Dropshipman.


Refund rate


Orders fulfilled

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Solution for logistics & 3PL fulfillment services

Manage order and optimize fulfillment processes with TrackingMore’s intuitive tracking API. Our platform is created to streamline all your order tracking needs, from quickly identifying shipment exceptions to shortening fulfillment turnaround times by spotting shipping bottlenecks.

  • Boost logistics efficiency
  • Gain end-to-end shipment visibility
  • Optimize shipping routes
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Passport Shipping is an international carrier for 3PLs, handling millions of packages worldwide. After integrating TrackingMore API, Passport streamlined its holiday season traffic ultimately increasing its CSAT scores by 6%.


Increase in OTD rates


Reduction in problem resolution time

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Solution for e-commerce marketing

Integrate TrackingMore tracking API into your company’s MarTech stack and find more smarter marketing opportunities. Connect delivery data to your marketing automation systems and trigger personalized campaigns based on shipment status.

  • Optimize customer journeys
  • Improve consumer targeting
  • Provide branded experiences

Bamko is a full-service promotional merchandising agency. TrackingMore helped Bamko achieve a 15% boost in customer retention, ultimately increasing the potency of its customers' brands.


On-time delivery rate


Reduction in data reconciliation time

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Solution for tech and IT services

TrackingMore’s powerful API is engineered for fast and stable integration into your tech ecosystem. Streamline your operational workflows and use data-driven tracking insights to provide exceptional services to your customers.

  • Fast and stable integration
  • Reduce delivery disruptions
  • Optimize workflow times

Denali is a global IT solutions leader that integrated TrackingMore’s API to provide a streamlined experience to its customers in the logistics industry. As a result, Denali saw its customer retention rise to 79%.


Customer retention rate


Reduction in operational costs

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Solution for financial services

Ensure reliable and fast shipment verification and records with TrackingMore’s reliable tracking API. Gain secure, transparent order visibility in high-risk transactions and analyze tracking data to continually improve fraud prevention model.

  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks
  • Verify shipments
  • Secure transactions

Tabby is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) financial service provider that integrated TrackingMore to combat transparency issues, resulting in a drastic decrease in customer-merchant conflicts and scam rates.


Reduced scamming instances


Lower merchant-buyer conflicts

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¿Por qué elegir la API de seguimiento de TrackingMore?

Access to 1,255+ Carriers

Take advantage of our global network of 1,255+ carriers from a single and transparent dashboard. Save cost in one integration.

99.9%+ API Uptime

TrackingMore ensures unparalleled reliability and uninterrupted tracking capabilities with 99.9%+ API uptime, so you can always stay worry-free.

Auto-Detect Carriers

TrackingMore’s intelligent system accurately recognizes carriers from the tracking number format and auto-corrects incorrect input.

Enterprise-grade Security

We are ISO-27001 certified, the world’s best-known standard for information security and privacy standards, so you can be well-assured of your data integrity. 

Fast API Integration

Quickly implement TrackingMore's tracking API with our developer-friendly API documents. Support multiple programming languages.

24/7 Customer Support

Our industry-leading global support team is available 24/7 to assist and ensure your operations continue smoothly at all times.

FAQs of Colissimo Tracking API

Colissimo Tracking API, offered by Colissimo Tracking Web, provides shipping customers with comprehensive access to all known events in a parcel's journey at the time of the call. This service returns detailed data linked to the parcel, including descriptions of pick-up points for out-of-home deliveries, TimeLine eligibility services, and various tracking events.

TrackingMore API is a tool that lets businesses integrate shipment tracking info into their systems. It supports real-time updates from multiple global carriers, providing accurate and timely package status information. The API's scalability for large tracking volumes makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

TrackingMore API offers tracking information from 1,255 carriers worldwide, unlike Colissimo, which is limited to its own logistics network. This allows companies using the TrackingMore API to efficiently manage and track shipments on a global scale, leveraging the strengths of multiple carriers to optimize their logistics operations.

Absolutely! TrackingMore offers a "Create a tracking" API, which is a real-time tracking API designed to provide immediate tracking results. By simply importing the tracking numbers and sending an API request, you can obtain instant tracking information without needing to use the “Get results” API.

TrackingMore API offers significant value to your business by:

  1. Improving Operational Efficiency: Streamlines tracking processes, reducing manual effort and freeing up resources for other tasks.
  2. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Provides customers with accurate, real-time tracking updates, building trust and reducing inquiries about shipment statuses.
  3. Reducing Costs: Consolidates multiple carrier tracking into a single system, cutting down on the costs associated with maintaining multiple tracking solutions.
  4. Enabling Better Decision Making: Aggregates data from various carriers, providing insights that help optimize your logistics strategy and improve delivery performance.

TrackingMore API is widely regarded as the best shipment tracking API, offering numerous key features and benefits:

  • Universal Courier Support: TrackingMore API supports a vast number of couriers globally, enabling users to track shipments from nearly any courier service. This extensive shipping network makes it highly versatile and beneficial for businesses with international shipping needs.
  • Real-Time Tracking: The API provides real-time tracking information, allowing users to receive minute-by-minute updates on their shipments' status. This functionality is crucial for maintaining transparency and ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Accurate Tracking Information:  TrackingMore provides precise and reliable tracking updates divided into 8 main statuses and 28 sub-statuses. This accuracy helps businesses maintain high levels of trust with their customers and reduces the risk of miscommunication or lost packages.
  • Scalability: Highly scalable, the API can handle a large volume of tracking requests, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes—from small e-commerce stores to large enterprises with extensive logistics operations.

To integrate the TrackingMore API, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the TrackingMore website and log in.
  • Retrieve your API key from the 'Developer' section in your account.
  • Review the API documentation on TrackingMore's website.
  • Use TrackingMore's sandbox environment for testing your API integration.
  • Download and utilize the SDK from TrackingMore's GitHub page for integration.

If you need assistance, contact TrackingMore’s customer support for guidance.

Yes. TrackingMore invites you to explore its service with a complimentary 14-day trial, allowing you to firsthand experience the benefits it offers. For an in-depth look at our advanced features and to review our package pricing, please click here to find more information and begin your journey with TrackingMore.

Start tracking Colissimo packages with TrackingMore API today

Looking to automate shipment updates or improve your delivery efficiency? With TrackingMore's powerful API, you'll have all the tools at your fingertips to transform your customer's post-purchase journey.

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Start tracking Colissimo packages with TrackingMore API today
Start tracking Colissimo packages with TrackingMore API today