TrackingMore API

API Parameter Description

API Response Data

messageMeta status description
idA random data generated by Trackingmore to identify a tracking
tracking_numberPackage tracking number
carrier_codeCourier code
statusPackage status
created_atTime a tracking number was added
updated_atLatest time a tracking number was auto tracked.
order_create_timeTime an order was created
titleProduct title
order_idOrder ID
commentYour remark to a shipment
customer_nameCustomer name
customer_emailCustomer email
original_countryOrigin country name
singed_byRecipient name
lastEventLatest tracking info
lastUpdateTimeScan time of latest tracking info
destination_countryDestination country name
itemTimeLengthTransportation time of a shipment
stayTimeLengthTotal days no update since the time last tracking info appeared
origin_infoTracking info from origin courier
ItemReceivedTime of a first tracking info appeared
ItemDispatchedTime of departure from outward office of exchange
DepartfromAirportTime of arrival at airport
ArrivalfromAbroadTime of arrival at destination country
CustomsClearanceTime a package was handed over to customs
DestinationArrivedTime of arrival at delivery office
weblinkCourier official website link
phoneCourier phone number
trackinfoDetails of package tracking info
DateScan time of a specific piece of tracking info
StatusDescriptionMain contents of a specific piece of tracking info
DetailsLocation of a specific piece of tracking info being scanned
destination_infoTracking info from destination courier

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