CSV Upload

Track multiple shipments by importing shipment tracking numbers via CSV.

Users can track shipments in bulk by uploading a CSV file in Trackingmore backend. Later, our system will auto refresh shpments from Express company every 3 hours and 6 hours from Postal Services.  Click to download a sample CSV upload file.

How to upload a CSV file?
(1) Sign up at 
(2) Log onto the backstage and enter "Trackings" panel, click "+ Add New" button.
(3) Download full CSV sample file and fill in your tracking numbers and courier code.
(4) Save the file and upload it to trackingmore system.

Please note that the first row (the header) of the csv file cannot be changed. You must keep it as it is.

How to fill in CSV file?

original courier code: This is a compulsory field you must fill in the first column of your csv file. Check how to fulfill this column at courier code.   

tracking_number: Tracking number of your shipment (compulsory field)    

logistic_channel: Your specific remark about a courier. You can also enter any of your customized content that you want it to be exported for analysis.

customer_email: This is your customer email address. You can fill in this column if you want to send notifications to your customer, use comma for multiple emails.

order_id: The order id of your shipment, it will show on the tracking page. you can also add it in the notification message using {order_id}  

title: Product title. You can also add it in the notification message using {title} 

customer_name: This is your customer name. You can also add it in the notification message using {customer_name}

Cellphone number: This is your customer phone number to receive SMS, use comma for multiple phones.

tracking_postal_code:  Only for a few couriers, they need we provide a postal code to get the tracking results. Usually you don't need to fill this line.

tracking_ship_date:  Only for a few couriers, such as deutsche post, they need us to provide a ship date to get the tracking results. Usually you don't need to fill in this line. But you can always fill in this column so that you can export the ship date of your order when doing analysis.

tracking_destination_country: Only for a few couriers, such as postnl international 3s, they need we provide the destination country code(two letters)

1. The courier code and tracking number are compulsory fields. The other rows are optional rows.

2. Please remember to keep the header untouched.

3. Please make sure the cells format is text before editing the CSV, sometimes the tracking number will be truncated.

4. Please don't change the format of the CSV file which you download.

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