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API & Webhook Questions

1. What are the differences between ordinary API and real-time API?
Ordinary API: the data you get may not be the latest info from courier official website. Generally, the delayed time will be 0-6 hours.      
Real-time API: the data you get is the latest info from courier official website. But it is not as stable as ordinary API.

2. What is the API Request Rate Limit?
Real-time tracking: each account, maximum 3 requests per second.    
List all trackings: each account, maximum 1 request per second with up to 2000 trackings.

3. How much time will be delayed for ordinary API?
Our system will auto refresh shpments from Express company every 3 hours and 6 hours from Postal Services. So generally, the delayed time will be 0-6 hours.

4. How to call an ordinary API?
Firstly: Call
POST /trackings/post to create a tracking project.
Secondly: Call
GET /trackings/get to track the number.    

5. What are the restrictions of real-time API?    

There are two restrictions.

(1) One shipment can be tracked per second. 

(2) A same shipment can only be tracked once within two hours. 

6. "4015 error" prompt. The value of carrier_code is invalid.

Note: when this appears, check if the parameter passing use json format. If not, please change into json format. 

7. Why there is "Invalid API key" or "API key has been deleted" when calling API?

Please make sure your API key has been added to header information.

8. What can I do if there is a "4031 error", the request was successful but the response is empty.

Please try POST /trackings/post and then GET /trackings/get.

9. Can I call trackingmore API via C# language?
Yes, you can. Besides, we also support other languages like java, python, .net, golang and etc.. Temporarily, the SDK can not be supported.

10. Why did not I receive webhook data?

If you did not receive webhook data, please make sure you have triggered the webhook settings here: Please also note webhook data will only be sent when there is a updated tracking info. Therefore, if  only "delivered" status is triggered, you will receive webhook data only when package is delivered. Please also remember not to set any verfication when receiving data. Still question? Please email at [email protected]

Last update:22 Jun 2020
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