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No Email/SMS Notifications Records

There are two main reasons that there is no record for auto email notifications.

1. Check if you select and submit the status to trigger our notifications feature correctly here.

2. Please notice that the notifications won't be sent immediately after you set it up.

We have five email templates for five statuses: Transit, Out for Delivery, Delivered, Failed Attempt and Exception. When the status has been changed into the selected "status" you choose to send email notifications, auto-emails will be sent(triggered).
For example, once you select sending notifications, like "Transit". The emails of transit will be sent when "not found" packages have become "in transit". It's the same for "Out for Delivery", "Delivered", "Failed Attempt" and "Exception".

Unsent Records

Email Notifications

1.The email is rejected by the customer.

2.The email address doesn't exist.

3.Wrong email address format.

SMS Notifications

1.Wrong phone number format.

2.SMS notifications won't be sent from 10pm to 8am local time to avoid disturbing your customers.

If you didn't find any reasons above, please contact us and state your situation detailtedly. One of our customer service representatives will reply to you within 3 business days.