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The automated 2go text message was sent to me early this morning so I stayed home all day long but no delivery arrived. It's a waste of time.

i hate it

i hateeee 2gooo service!!!!!! so slowwww!!! i think snails are more faster than ur delivery!

takes time

very slow delivery!!! takes 2-3 weeks!!

Bad service

I was waiting for my package to deliver it yeaterday but i found out that the package was delivered already to the wrong person and address. Wtf!

Undelivered package

Pls ... nadelay ng husto yang parcel n yan.. pang regalo sa christmas ng mga inaanak ko... tapos n ang pasko... wala akong na recieved n package

I really appreciate their service

I really appreciate their service and the fact that they reached out to me made it incredibly easy to ensure I received my package today after I was gone and missed them yesterday.

Order Delivery

As per tracking status, my order of mighty hose was loaded June 26 and was delivered June 27, 2018 at 0625H in Bulacan. However, the same is yet to be received by me as buyer. What happened. The customer service of shop TV has not yet given an update as of the moment.

2GO is helpful !

I think 2GO is very helpful, I use their website to track my parcel status,where I can get very detail logistics. 2GO offering me real -time information, so I can well know where exactly my parcel is. So I can save my time and energy to wait my parcel,which is really helpful!


I looked forward the new shoes because I wanted to wear it to attend a party with my friends. Luckily, 2Go delivered my shoes so fast. I am so happy it arrived on time. good mood~~

Very knowledgeable

The courier guys at my country brand are very knowledgeable.
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