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there’s any information about this parcel Cp003717767ke Plz

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These people adore money, my order placed with express came in just 2 days, my other order had no express option on the harvey norman website, they lied about my estimate and now it is taking 30 days for an order that is in a facility 20 minutes from my house, never ever ever ordering from post again, lying money chasing cheats. I hope your business goes bankrupt.

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Hello guys, my parcel coming from , and it is still in awaiting clearance . Few months back same thing happens with me, there was no scanning after awaiting clearance but after 13/14days i recieved notification that my item is out for delivry and i recieved. 1 year ago same thing happen but only difference was i recieved item with no furthur scanning. Same guy sending me my parcel and always this happens with scanning. I need to know HOW MANY DAYS normally customs take to send you seizer letter if being seized? My friend recieved seizer letter on 9th day which gives me little relaxation that may be my parcel not being seized only ems/ aus code missed or not working well. 2) is this type of situation is very common? 3) how long international delivry takes these days to arrived in melboune from the day awaiting clearance? Plz help me with this. Plz answer how long it takes for customs to send seizer letter. Thanks guy i am waiting for reply from lot of peoples and share experiences. I am little worried because parcel is just under 900$

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超級久 等到發病了啦

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Sean White

Auspost prices increased today at a time when their service delivery times are getting longer. Overpriced and definitely inefficient.

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A fantastic example of why privatisation is killing Australia. I had urgent medical tests I needed to send out. I got express postage which promised next day delivery. The post is literally on the same street as my house. The morons at the post read my "From:" section on the back, as the address I wanted to send the package to. It was on the bottom of the package, read "From" in prominent lettering, and was an address on the same street as the post , but their tiny little pea brains thought for some reason that THAT was the address I wanted to post to. The next day it arrives on my doorstep. I tell the delivery guy, who can barely speak english "No, it needs to go to this address on the front. The one that says "Send to this address" in big letters. See?" He said "Okay" and yanked the package out of my hand. I said "Are you taking it there? This is urgent. It says urgent and medical on the side, see? I need to know. Are you taking it there?" And he said "Okay". I asked for the package back because I did NOT trust that at all, and he left with the package. Package was marked undeliverable and I immediately call Auspost. I explain that it's part of an urgent medical test. The test itself was $500, which I could not afford to take a second one of, and had to be done over mail due to the pandemic. The longer it took to be sent, the worse my condition could get as it would not be treated until I had results. The auspost employee on the phone said it was not given to the "to" address but instead marked undeliverable and marked to be destroyed. It was in a warehouse somewhere but I was told not to worry, they'd find it. The person said they would make a case for me online and call the warehouse after hanging up with me and get them to find it. The next day I called back, having not heard back. I got a new person on the phone. They said there was no case for me online but they would make one and they promised that the warehouse workers would look for my package THAT day. I again stressed that it was urgent. I called every 1-3 days after that and every time I was told some combination of "We didn't know you had this issue, we know now, we will look for it." After a month, by which time my symptoms had worsened and I still had been completely unable to access medical care, I called again and refused to get off the phone and told them to call the warehouse on another phone while I was still on the line so I could make sure they were actually looking for it this time. I was on the phone for a total of two hours and they found my package that day. It was sent to the testing facility by the next day and I was told by staff at the facility that if it'd taken any longer the samples would have ended up unusable. Absolutely useless, ridiculous, and such unnecessary pain on my end due to medical reasons for over a month. They didn't do anything until I essentially forced them to do their jobs, and there was incompetence all the way down the chain from the illiterate post workers, to the idiot delivery man, to the countless useless auspost customer centre employees. 0/10, wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

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Very good service

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An airmail letter from Canada to Adelaide, sent well before Christmas, took 28 days (of it, judging by stamp, it lingered 5 days in Australia). Another letter from Canada took 35 days. Congrats, at least the letters have arrived. Not so a parcel send from Prague, CZ, on 4. 11. It is 20-1 today and parcel nowhere.

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Alex is extremely helpful and makes the complex simple.

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29 revesby street maddington 6109 now 12 pm tomorrow

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I don\'t have a problem with Aust. Post, so far have recieved all packages so far, some are a bit late, but better late than never.

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Laura M

I sent an extremely large parcel of Xmas gifts from Erina post NSW on 18th Nov and it arrived on 21st Nov at its destination in London UK local time. I am blown away with how quickly the parcel was delivered. I was tracking it with the number given on my receipt from Australia Post and just as it showed status delivered on this site I received a text message from my sister in London to say that she’d received my parcel. Great service!!

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Highly recommend . Moving is smooth delivered with service-minded staff and fast delivery

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In Australia, I would only use Australia post. It is a trusted brand and worth to try.

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Hadi Mudhi

I trust, respect and love the Australian post. My experience of 18 years in Australia.

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I will definitely use this shipping carrier again and recommend to my friends. Good stuff is worth to spread.

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Thought I\'d have to pay a lot more to get my parcel delivered quickly. Was super cheap and only took 2 days.

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